If You Block Someone On X (Twitter) Does It Delete Messages

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✎ Key Takes:

» By blocking someone on Twitter, you can make entire conversations vanish from your profile, effectively erasing all interactions with that user.
» When reporting a profile on Twitter, consider utilizing the “Block @username” option, which not only reports the user but also eliminates the entire conversation history upon blocking.

If You Block Someone On X (Twitter) Does It Delete Messages:

Blocking someone on Twitter prevents them from seeing your tweets, following you, or sending you direct messages. However, if you’ve exchanged direct messages with them before blocking, those messages will remain visible in their inbox.

To ensure complete privacy and hide your messages from someone you’ve blocked, it’s crucial to delete any previous conversations you’ve had with them.

To do this, navigate to your Direct Messages, locate the conversation with the person you’ve blocked, and delete it. This action will prevent them from accessing your messages altogether.

Does Blocking Someone On X (Twitter) Delete DMs?

This question often arises when you’re contemplating blocking someone with whom you’ve exchanged messages through DMs.

Blocking someone on Twitter does not automatically delete your DMs with them. The messages will persist in your inbox even after blocking the individual.

However, the blocked person will no longer have access to the conversation or be able to send you new messages.

If you wish to remove the DMs from your inbox after blocking someone, you’ll need to delete them manually. Simply navigate to your Direct Messages, find the conversation with the blocked person, and delete it. This allows you to tidy up your inbox and erase any traces of past conversations.

When You Block Someone On Twitter Do Messages Disappear:

If you encounter someone on Twitter who is bothering you or you simply prefer not to interact with them anymore, blocking them can provide a solution.

▸ When you block someone on Twitter, the messages you’ve exchanged with them won’t vanish from your inbox.

▸ These messages will remain visible to you.

▸ However, the individual you’ve blocked will no longer have access to those messages.

▸ They won’t be able to view any new messages you send or any past conversations you’ve shared.

▸ If you notice that the messages persist after blocking, there’s no cause for concern.

This is standard behavior on Twitter. The messages remain accessible only to you, and the other person can no longer see or interact with them.

What Happens To DMs When You Block Someone On Twitter:

You will notice these changes:

1. Chat With the Person Gets Deleted

After blocking the individual, the messages you’ve exchanged with them will be deleted. Their name will no longer appear in your chat section; the interaction will come to an end.

2. You No Longer Can Find Him

If you’ve blocked someone on Twitter, you won’t be able to find their account. To verify this, log in to your Twitter account using your credentials in the Twitter app.

Next, locate the search icon in the bottom bar and tap on it. In the search box, enter the username of the person, beginning with ‘@’.

You won’t receive any results because you’ve blocked them. This limitation only affects you; others who haven’t blocked them won’t encounter this issue.

3. Your Following Will Go Away

Blocking someone you follow on Twitter will remove their name from your following list.

When you choose to unblock the person, you’ll need to follow them again. Failure to do so will result in them being automatically unfollowed.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Does Deactivating Twitter Delete DMs?

DMs are only deleted automatically after the thirty-day period following deactivation. When you deactivate your Twitter account, it enters a thirty-day deactivation phase during which all your messages and tweets remain intact.

However, once the thirty-day deactivation period elapses, your account is permanently deleted, resulting in the deletion of all previous tweets, messages, and profile information. After deletion, you lose the ability to log in to your account and access your DMs.

If you fail to log in within the 30-day deactivation period, your account will be permanently deleted.

2. How to Delete Twitter DM from both sides?

On Twitter, you do not have the option to delete Direct Messages (DMs) from both sides. While many social media messaging platforms now offer the feature to delete messages from both sender and recipient, Twitter does not provide this capability. You can only delete messages and conversations from your own account, not from the recipient’s account.

If you’ve sent a message that you wish to remove from both sides, it’s important to note that Twitter only allows you to delete it from your side. The other person will still have access to the message unless they delete it themselves. Once a message is sent to you, the sender cannot delete it from your account.

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