How To Turn Off Replay On Snapchat

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To disable replay on Snapchat, once someone has viewed your story for the first time, you can prevent them from seeing it again by excluding them from a custom list.

If you prefer certain users not to replay your stories on Snapchat, you can block them directly to prevent this. Blocking them will not only restrict them from replaying your stories but also from viewing your snaps and sending replies.

Deleting the story before 24 hours elapse will also prevent viewers from replaying it.

How To Turn Off Replay On Snapchat:

Snapchat permits users to replay stories they’ve previously viewed multiple times until they expire.

Yet, employing certain tricks to adjust privacy settings can prevent individuals from replaying a story on Snapchat.

Here are some useful methods to prevent story replays:

1. Using Snapchat+ Tool

You have the option to utilize Snapchat+, a premium version of the original Snapchat app, to prevent recipients from replaying the snaps you’ve sent them.

🔴 Steps To Use:

Step 1: First, open the Snapchat app.

Step 2: Log in to your account.

Step 3: Click on the Bitmoji icon to navigate to the profile page.

Step 4: Select the settings icon.

Step 5: Click on Snapchat+ and subscribe to it.

Step 6: Go to the chat section of Snapchat+ by tapping on the message icon.

Step 7: Open a specific chat with any user and send snaps to them.

Step 8: Press and hold the snap you’ve sent, then select “Delete after viewing.”

Step 9: After the receiver views it, the snap will vanish from both sides’ chat screens.

2. From Settings

You have the option to deactivate snap replay from the chat settings within your Snapchat account.

By configuring the settings to delete your chats immediately after they’re viewed, once the recipient plays a snap you’ve sent, they won’t be able to replay it, as the snap will promptly vanish from both ends.

🔴 Steps To Use:

Step 1: Launch the Snapchat application.

Step 2: Log in to your Snapchat account.

Step 3: Swipe right from the camera screen.

Step 4: Select the chat of the user whose chat you want to delete after viewing.

Step 5: Tap on the profile bitmoji icon of the user from the top panel.

Step 6: Tap on the three dots icon on the next page and select chat settings.

Step 7: Choose “Delete Chats” and then select the “After Viewing” option.

3. Disallow People from Replaying Story

On Snapchat, you have control over the privacy settings for who can view your stories. Users can choose to make their stories public, limit them to friends only, or customize the list of people who can’t see their stories.

Once a user has viewed your story for the first time and you’ve placed them on the custom list, they won’t be able to replay the story. Additionally, they’ll be prevented from viewing your future stories.

Here are the steps to exclude people from seeing your story:

Step 1: Open Snapchat.

Step 2: Go to your profile page and click on the Settings icon.

Step 3: Click on “View My Story” and then select “Custom.”

Step 4: Tick mark the circle next to the users you want to exclude from seeing your stories, then click on “Block.

4. Block the Person

If you wish to prevent someone from replaying your stories, you can block them immediately after they’ve viewed your story for the first time. Once blocked on Snapchat, they won’t have access to your existing or future stories.

Unfortunately, Snapchat doesn’t offer a direct method to prevent someone from replaying your story multiple times. You can only control the audience who can view your story.

🔴 Steps to Block Someone:

Step 1: Open Snapchat.

Step 2: Click on your Bitmoji icon to enter the profile page.

Step 3: Scroll down and click on “My Friends.”

Step 4: From the “My Friends” list, search for the user you want to block, then click and hold their name.

Step 5: Click on “More” and select “Block.

5. Setting Who Can Contact You

Snapchat allows you to control who can contact you through the platform, including sending snaps, chats, and making calls.

If you prefer not to receive messages or replies from unknown users not on your friend list, you can choose the “My Friends” option.

Selecting the “Everyone” option enables the public to send you snaps, messages, and view and reply to your stories if they’re set to public.

To prevent this, set your Contact Me privacy to “My Friends,” ensuring only your friends can contact you and view your stories.

Additionally, set your View My Story privacy to “Friends only” if you don’t want strangers to see your stories. Setting it to “Everyone” makes it visible to the public, so setting it to “Friends only” helps maintain privacy.

Steps to set privacy for who can contact you on Snapchat:

Step 1: Open the Snapchat application.

Step 2: Access your profile page.

Step 3: Click on the Settings icon and scroll down.

Step 4: Select “Contact Me.”

Step 5: Set the privacy to “My Friends.” This ensures only users on your friend list can reply to your stories and send messages and snaps on Snapchat to you.

6. Delete the Story initially after it is Viewed

If you wish to prevent people from replaying your Snapchat stories repeatedly, you can delete them after they’ve been viewed for the first time.

Snapchat allows you to post stories and control their audience, but there’s no direct option to disable story replays.

To accomplish this, check the viewers’ list to ensure your intended audience has seen it, then promptly delete the story.

Once deleted after the initial viewing, it cannot be replayed, limiting viewers to a single play.

Since Snapchat stories expire after twenty-four hours, deleting them before this timeframe is essential to prevent replaying.

🔴 Steps to delete stories on Snapchat:

Step 1: Open the Snapchat application.

Step 2: Click on your Bitmoji image at the top left corner of the camera screen, which should now display your uploaded Story image.

Step 3: Under “My Story,” select your story and swipe up to view the viewers’ list.

Step 4: Tap on the Bin icon at the bottom of the screen, then select “Delete.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Why Can’t I Replay a Snap?

You can’t view a snap more than twice within the Snapchat application. Once you’ve viewed a snap, you’ll see the ‘Hold to replay’ button on the chat screen, allowing you to replay the snap once.

However, after you’ve replayed the snap twice, it will expire immediately, preventing further replays. However, viewing the snap in airplane mode may allow you to replay it multiple times.

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