How to Make the Most of Your Trip to Jeddah with a Rental Car?

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Popularly known as the Gateway to Mecca, Jeddah is amongst the most lavish Saudi Arabian Port cities. The city is home to some of the remarkable landmarks of artistic, cultural and historical significance. Apart from hosting a large number of pilgrims, it also witnesses tourists with commercial interest. Regardless of the purpose of visit, none of the tourists leave without exploring this amazing port city. Jeddah is a well connected city with different kinds of public transportation. All you have to do is check the timings and routes of the vehicles and plan your trip accordingly. However, most travelers choose Jeddah rent a car keeping in mind the perks and freedom that comes along with it.  

Why Choose a Rental Car in Jeddah?

Jeddah is abundantly blessed with natural bliss and commercially developed to offer you an unforgettable road adventure. Another good reason to rent a car in Jeddah is the easy process and limited number of documents required. Let us see how a rental car can elevate your overall experience in Jeddah:

  • Renting a car in Jeddah allows you to follow and plan your personal itinerary. You are free to plan your trip according to your convenience. 
  • If you are planning for a long stay, the provision of chauffeur service in Jeddah is a superb idea. You can have the rental car for the entire duration of your stay and use it to your maximum benefit.
  • The best perk of having a rental car in Jeddah is the privilege to explore remote locations. The city has a bunch of offbeat places offering some of the breathtaking views. 
  • Why hop from one vehicle to another when you can have a car all to yourself? Traveling in and around Jeddah is more comfortable in a car rather than public transportation. 
  • Lastly, renting a car in Jeddah is a cost-effective option too. Just pay the desired amount once and you are done. On the other hand, while traveling by public transport, you need to keep changing your vehicle and pay every time. 

What are Documents Required to Rent a Car in Jeddah?

Whether you want to opt for monthly rent a car in Jeddah or rent a car on a per day or weekly basis, having all the necessary documents is a must. The list of documents that you need to keep handy are listed below:

  • Driving License 
  • Passport
  • Phone Number
  • Credit Car
  • International Driving Permit
  • Visa Documentation 

Tips for Renting a Car in Jeddah 

The process of renting a car in any country must be done mindfully. Gathering all the first hand information along with a close scrutiny of the car is mandatory. Wondering what other things to keep in mind? Let us find out:

Read Terms and Conditions

You must carefully go through all the terms and conditions set by a car rental company. They might vary from company to company. Some may have restrictions with regard to the distance covered by the rental car per day. Some others may not allow taking their cars outside the city. 

Compare and Select

The most suitable way of choosing the best car is by comparing its features and price range. 

Inspect the Car Thoroughly

Another important step is to conduct a close inspection of the car in and out. If you notice any damage or internal issue, immediately bring it to the attention of the company. Brakes, headlights, engine, etc. must be surely checked. 

From the beautiful coastlines of the Red Sea to the vast deserts, a roadtrip to Jeddah must surely be on your bucket list. Having a rental car is indeed the perfect way to explore Jeddah. You may rent a car in Jeddah from OneClickDrive, the best platform to find the most reliable and affordable cars to suit your preferences.  

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