Why Does WhatsApp Profile Picture Disappear & Reappear

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✎ Key Takes:

» If someone removes or blocks you on WhatsApp, you can still check if they have a blank profile picture.
» To view the blocked person’s profile picture, you can try using a different phone number or a profile picture copying app.
» If you see the display picture reappear, it indicates that the person may have re-added their photo, changed privacy settings, or unblocked you on WhatsApp.

Why Does Someone’s WhatsApp Picture Disappear And Reappear:

You can know this by checking the following reasons:

1. Removed DP or Re-Added

If you notice a WhatsApp user’s profile picture reappearing after a disappearance, it could be because they removed it temporarily and then re-added it. In such instances, all of their WhatsApp contacts can view the new profile picture except for those who have been blocked.

2. Maybe Changed His Privacy Settings

The reappearance of profile pictures on WhatsApp might also indicate that the account owner adjusted their privacy settings for the profile photo. Initially, they may have set it to be invisible to you by selecting options like ‘Nobody’ or ‘My contacts except…’. However, it’s likely they’ve now changed it to ‘My contacts’ or ‘Everyone’, making it visible to you.

3. Maybe He Has Blocked you & Unblocked You

When you notice someone’s profile reappearing on WhatsApp after disappearing, it could suggest that they had previously blocked you but have since unblocked you. Once unblocked, your messages will be delivered to their WhatsApp inbox.

You’ll see two gray check marks next to your messages, confirming that you’ve been unblocked.

What Does It Mean When Someone’s WhatsApp Picture Goes Blank:

These are the following things you will notice:

1. Person Removed His DP

If you notice a WhatsApp user without a Display Picture, refrain from immediately assuming that you’ve been blocked. It’s possible that the user simply removed their profile photo, resulting in a gray and blank display.

To verify, you can ask another contact to check if they can see the user’s profile picture. If they confirm not seeing any profile picture, you can conclude that the user indeed doesn’t have one. However, if they report seeing a profile picture, it could be due to the following reasons:

2. Your Number Was Removed From His Contacts

It’s possible that the user has a display picture on their WhatsApp profile, but you’re unable to see it because it’s set to be visible only to their contacts. This occurs when the person has removed your WhatsApp number from their phone book or contact list.

Occasionally, contacts may be unintentionally deleted from the phone book, resulting in your inability to see the person’s profile photo as you’re no longer in their contact list.

You can verify this yourself by calling the person or sending them a message on WhatsApp. If they require an introduction or seem unaware of your attempt to contact them, it’s likely that the person has either accidentally or intentionally deleted your phone number.

3. Person might have Changed Privacy Settings

Even if a person changes their profile photo’s privacy settings on WhatsApp, you might not see it, especially if you’ve been excluded. The user may not have removed their profile photo but instead set the privacy setting to ‘Nobody,’ preventing anyone on WhatsApp from viewing it, even if they’re in their contact list. In such a scenario, neither you nor anyone else will be able to see their profile photo.

However, if the privacy setting is set to ‘My Contacts except…’ and you’ve been added to the exceptions list, you won’t be able to view the profile picture. Meanwhile, other users from the contact list who aren’t on the exceptions list will still be able to see the profile picture.

4. The Person Blocked You

The primary reason you might not be able to view someone’s profile picture on WhatsApp is because they have blocked you. In such instances, their profile photo will vanish for you, though others not blocked by them will still see it.

To ascertain if you’ve been blocked, look for other telltale signs. Check their last seen and online status—if these details aren’t visible to you, it’s likely you’ve been blocked.

Another method is to send a message and monitor its delivery. If the message remains undelivered after a significant time, it strongly suggests you’ve been blocked. Additionally, if you’re unable to view their WhatsApp status updates or About information, it’s highly probable that you’ve been blocked.

5. Person’s WhatsApp Account Deactivated or Deleted

When encountering a blank or absent display picture on a WhatsApp profile, it could indicate that the user has either deleted or deactivated their WhatsApp account, without necessarily blocking you.

If an account has been deactivated, you’ll notice that none of your messages are being delivered to the user. Messages will remain stuck at the “Sent” stage, marked with a single gray tick.

Calls to the user will also fail to connect since there’s no active WhatsApp account associated with the number.

While previous chats with the deactivated account will still be visible in your chat list, attempting to locate the user in your WhatsApp contacts will prove futile.

Instead, the contact will appear under the “Invite to WhatsApp” section, as the associated number no longer has an active WhatsApp account.

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