25+ Snapchat Charms List and Their Meaning

25+ Snapchat Charms List and Their Meaning

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The introduction of Snapchat’s new feature, Charm, might have piqued your interest. While you may have a general concept of what these charms entail, delving into the different types and their respective meanings can enhance your comprehension and utilization. To gain a comprehensive understanding of what a Snapchat charm is, along with a list of charms and their meanings, take a moment to peruse this article. It’s worth noting that while this feature is new, the platform itself is not. Explore these insights to gain a more thorough grasp of the diverse facets of charms as well.

What Is A Snapchat Charm?

Snapchat continually introduces updates to engage and retain its user base. One of its latest features is Snapchat Charms, which serve as delightful additions that users can attach to their friends, symbolizing the uniqueness of their relationships. These Charms effectively convey the users’ shared sentiments and provide insights into how they connect with one another.

The symbols and shapes associated with charms are already familiar to users. Users have the flexibility to select from various options, including friend Emojis, Bitmojis, Display Names, birthdays, and more. Several key insights about charms are worth noting.

Firstly, there’s the group charm option, which adds a creative and humorous dimension to Snapchat groups.

Secondly, privacy considerations are taken seriously. Charms shared between two friends remain private and cannot be viewed by other users. If a friend is blocked or removed, their access to these charms is also revoked.

Lastly, users have the ability to hide or restore charms at their discretion, offering them control over this feature.

Various Snapchat Charms and Their Meaning

Below is a detailed list of Snapchat charms and their meanings to help you better understand their significance:

Friendship-based Charms:

  1. Mutual Bfs (Mutual Best Friends): This charm signifies that two people share the same best friends. It’s represented by a pair of sunglasses, and you can view the list of mutual best friends in a grid format on one screen.
  2. Mutual Besties: This charm indicates that a person is the best friend of both users. While it may initially seem awkward, as it affects the competition for a spot on the friends list, it can be a useful way to reassess and rearrange friends based on different streak levels later.
  3. BFF Charm (Best Friends Forever): The BFF charm represents the enduring friendship between two users and comes in three variations based on the duration of their BFF status. The first variant is for users who have recently become BFFs, the second is a single love symbol indicating a BFF status of more than two weeks, and the third consists of a couple of pink love symbols, signifying a BFF relationship of over two months.
  4. New Friends Charm: This charm is for users who have recently joined Snapchat or made a new friend or best friend. It appears for a brief period and signifies the excitement of new connections.
  5. Snapstreak Charm: This charm relates to Snap streaks and sharing, not the specific number of Snap streaks. It indicates that users have been sharing streaks for an extended period. Losing a Snap streak also results in losing this charm.
  6. In Touch Charm: If two users have been in frequent contact for a couple of years, this charm appears, indicating a strong bond between them. It’s also platform-friendly.
  7. It’s been a Second Charm: This charm appears when users have recently communicated, typically within a week or less. There are no strict guidelines for this charm.
  8. It’s been a Minute Charm: This charm signifies that it’s been some time since users last interacted, typically more than a second but less than an extended period.
  9. It’s been a While Charm: This charm appears when it has been a while since the users last contacted each other, indicating a longer period of no interaction.
  10. Shy Guys Charm: This charm is displayed when two users have connected but haven’t engaged in conversation. It suggests that they may be hesitant to initiate a conversation or interaction.
  11. It’s been Forever Charm: If more than a year has passed since friends last contacted each other, this charm is displayed. It is represented by a solemn face in a photograph.

Snapchat Birthday Charms

  • Birthday Twins Charm: This charm isn’t exclusive to friends who share the exact birthdate; it also extends to those whose birthdays fall within a week of each other. The birth year is not a factor here. The primary purpose is to foster a special connection based on shared birthdates.
  • Half Birthday Twins Charm: For those who don’t have a birthday twin, Snapchat offers an alternative. You can receive the half birthday charm if your birthdays are up to 6 months apart. Just like the previous charm, the birth year of the friends is not taken into account.

Snapchat Astrology Compatibility Charms 

This charm system is entirely subjective and relies on the users’ birthdates. As the name suggests, it’s tied to astrology and the zodiac signs of the users. If you don’t see any of these charms on an account, it means that the year of birth hasn’t been provided. Here are the Snapchat Astrology Compatibility Charms:

Snapchat Birthstone Charm: This charm is often featured in a friend’s profile. Each month corresponds to a different birthstone, and each of these stones is associated with a specific charm. These charms resemble keyrings with a gem attached, and the color of the ring corresponds to the user’s birth month.

Aquarius Charm: This charm signifies qualities like independence, strength, and a value for freedom. Aquarius individuals can also be shy and quiet. It’s associated with birthdays from Jan 20 to Feb 18.

Cancer Charm: Representing the water sign, Cancer embodies compassion, love, and intuitiveness. However, they can also be insecure and pessimistic. This charm corresponds to birthdays from Jun 21 to Jul 23.

Capricorn Charm: Linked to the earth sign, Capricorn symbolizes motivation and task orientation, but they may come across as somewhat arrogant. It’s for individuals born between Dec 22 and Jan 20.

Gemini Charm: Geminis, an air sign, are known for their quick wit, liveliness, and good decision-making skills. This charm is meant for those with birthdays between May 21 and Jun 21.

Leo Charm: Leo, a fire sign, represents energy, stubbornness, passion, and creativity. It corresponds to birthdays from Jul 23 to Aug 22.

Libra Charm: Diplomatic and excellent at working with peers and colleagues, Libras fall between Sep 23 and Oct 23.

Pisces Charm: Representing incredible artistic qualities and a grounded perspective, Pisces individuals have birthdays from Feb 19 to Mar 20.

Sagittarius Charm: Known for their generous and light-hearted nature, Sagittarians celebrate birthdays from Nov 22 to Dec 21.

Scorpio Charm: Scorpios are independent, stubborn, and resourceful, and this charm is associated with birthdays from Oct 23 to Nov 22.

Taurus Charm: Reliable, practical, and strong-willed, Taurus individuals are born between Apr 20 and May 20.

Virgo Charm: Virgos are loyal, modest, and dedicated to their loved ones. Their charm corresponds to birthdays from Aug 23 to Sep 22.

Aries Charm: Lively and courageous but sometimes impatient, this charm represents individuals born between Mar 21 and Apr 19.

Upcoming Birthday Charm: This charm notifies you and your friends about upcoming birthdays, allowing for shared celebrations.

Snapchat Score Charms: These charms are based on the average scores of friends. Here are the various score charms:

  • Newbie or Rookies Charm: Awarded to new Snapchat users with low snap scores, represented by a single star.
  • Sophomores Charm: For those who’ve gained more experience on Snapchat, this charm has two stars.
  • Masters Charm: Users who have mastered Snapchat receive this charm, featuring three stars.
  • Heroes Charm: Four stars represent those who have achieved high scores, denoting their heroic Snapchat performance.
  • Legends Charm: The highest score attainable earns users the Legends Charm, marked by a black badge with five stars.

Snapchat OG’s Charm: This charm is reserved for individuals who have been using Snapchat since 2013. It displays the Snapchat logo with “2013” written beneath it.

Snapchat Employees Only Charm: Exclusive to Snapchat employees, this charm is obtained by working at Snapchat and adding other staff members as friends.

In Summary

you now have a thorough understanding of what Snapchat charms are, their types, and their meanings. They are easily recognizable through their accents and emojis. Explore the above-mentioned charms and set your sights on achieving them to gain special status among your friends and the Snapchat community.

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