How To Check If You’re Shadowbanned On TikTok

How To Check If You’re Shadowbanned On TikTok

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To determine if TikTok has placed a shadowban on your account, search for your videos and check if they appear in the search results. If your content doesn’t show up, your account might be shadowbanned.

A sudden decrease in video views or a halt in gaining new followers could indicate a shadowban on your account.

When shadowbanned, your videos won’t be visible on the TikTok feed for others.

To resolve a shadowban, remove any inappropriate content and refrain from spamming behavior in your posts.

Utilize Hootsuite’s TikTok shadowban checker tool for further insight into your account’s shadowban status.

How To Check If You’re Shadowbanned On TikTok:

You can try the following tools:

1. Using Hootsuite

Discovering Shadowban Status with Hootsuite:

  1. Open Hootsuite Tool: Follow the link provided.
  2. Sign Up: Click on Sign Up.
  3. Select a Plan: Choose between available plans.
  4. Start Free Trial: Click on Free-30 Day Trial.
  5. Provide Details: Enter your name, email, and password.
  6. Account Creation: Click on Create My Account.
  7. Access Dashboard: You’ll land on the Hootsuite dashboard.
  8. Profile Settings: Click on your profile picture.
  9. Manage Accounts: Access Manage accounts and teams.
  10. Add TikTok Account: Click on + Private account.
  11. Account Setup: Select TikTok Business option.
  12. Login Details: Enter TikTok login credentials.
  13. Continue: Click on Continue.
  14. Analyze Engagement: Review post engagement rates in your account’s Analytics section.

2. Removing Inappropriate Content

Addressing Shadowban through Content Moderation:

To remove a shadowban:

  • Identify and delete inappropriate content violating TikTok guidelines.
  • Content such as harassment, violence, or nudity needs immediate removal.
  • Ensure compliance with TikTok’s community standards to avoid reports leading to shadowbans.

3. Taking a Gap before Posting Again

Strategizing During Shadowban:

  • Utilize the shadowban period to prepare content.
  • Pause posting until the ban is lifted to ensure visibility and engagement.
  • Adapt content to align with TikTok guidelines for future uploads.

4. Using Iconosquare

Utilize Iconosquare for Shadowban Detection:

  1. Access Iconosquare: Follow the provided link.
  2. Start Free Trial: Click on Start 14-day Free Trial.
  3. Account Setup: Create a free account by entering email and password.
  4. Connection: Connect your TikTok account to Iconosquare.
  5. Analytics Check: Review post-engagement rates in the Analytics section.

5. Hypeauditor Tool

Detecting Shadowban with HypeAuditor:

  1. Open HypeAuditor Tool: Access it using the link.
  2. Begin Free Trial: Click on Start free.
  3. Account Type: Choose ‘I am Creator.’
  4. Account Creation: Provide email to create HypeAuditor account.
  5. Dashboard: Access the HypeAuditor dashboard.
  6. Connect TikTok: Log in and connect your TikTok profile.
  7. Engagement Check: View Reports to assess post-engagement rates.

6. Social Blade

Shadowban Check with Social Blade:

  1. Access Social Blade: Visit the tool through the link.
  2. Enter TikTok Username: Input your username in the search box.
  3. Initiate Search: Click on the search icon.
  4. View Engagement Rates: Review displayed post-engagement rates for shadowban assessment.

How To Check If TikTok Account Is Shadowbanned:

You must look for these indications below to find this out:

1. Look At Search Results

Identifying Shadowban through Search:

  1. Visibility Issues: When shadowbanned, your TikTok videos won’t appear in search results or on the For You page.
  2. Engagement Decline: Notice a sudden drop in video engagement or views? It could be a sign of shadowban.
  3. No Direct Notifications: TikTok doesn’t notify you directly about a shadowban, impacting account growth and content engagement.

Understanding Shadowban Impact:

  • Shadowban negatively affects account growth and content engagement.
  • Profile shadowbanned? Your content won’t be found when users search on TikTok.

2. New Followers Gain

Detecting Shadowban through Follower Gain:

  1. Lack of New Followers: If daily posting doesn’t bring new followers, a shadowban might be in effect.
  2. Guideline Violation Trigger: Shadowbans result from repeated violations of TikTok’s guidelines.
  3. Undetected by Users: Users may not immediately notice a shadowban but become suspicious with reduced views and follower gain.

Shadowban Trigger Points:

  • Offensive videos reported by viewers can lead to a shadowban.
  • Violations of guidelines can quietly result in a TikTok shadowban.

3. You’ll not receive likes from others

Recognizing Shadowban through Likes:

  1. Drop in Likes: A significant decrease in likes may indicate a shadowban.
  2. Silent Profile Restriction: Shadowbans silently restrict profiles, hindering views and likes.
  3. Unknown Concept: Many users may not be familiar with the concept of shadowbanning.

Shadowban Causes:

  • Engaging in spam, hate speech, or graphic content may prompt TikTok to shadowban an account.
  • Adhering to account guidelines is crucial to avoiding shadowbanning.

4. On TikTok Feed

Impact on TikTok Feed:

  1. Invisible Videos: Shadowban prevents your videos from appearing on TikTok’s feed.
  2. View Drop: Expect a sudden decline in views as TikTok silently restricts your account.
  3. Violation Consequences: Shadowban may result from circulating fake news, promoting prohibited content, or violating copyright policies.

Avoiding Shadowban Triggers:

  • Steering clear of fake news, nudity, drug promotion, or copyright violations is essential to prevent shadowbans.

5. Comments from others

Engagement Limitation:

  1. Decreased Engagement: Shadowbans limit comments, likes, and shares on your content.
  2. Silent Restrictions: Lack of notifications makes shadowbans confusing and frustrating.
  3. Interaction Hindrance: Restricted accounts hinder interaction with viewers, impacting comments and feedback.

Silent Impact of Shadowban:

  • Drastic drops in likes, comments, and engagement may indicate a TikTok-issued shadowban.
  • Interaction through comments is disrupted, preventing viewers from expressing opinions on your content.

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