How To Find WiFi Password With IP Address

How To Find WiFi Password With IP Address

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“If your device is connected to a wireless network, chances are the WiFi password is already stored on your system. Retrieving saved WiFi passwords is easily achievable on both Android and iPhone.

Whether your device is currently connected or not, it’s possible to access the wireless network password.

For Android users, there’s no need to root the device; two methods exist to view saved WiFi passwords without rooting.

Certain apps might come in handy for Android users. The process remains similar for iPhone (iOS) users.

Overall, these methods are straightforward and simple to follow. On Windows OS, using CMD (command prompt) allows you to find the WiFi key.

On PCs, the process to view saved WiFi passwords without admin access is simpler. In Windows 10 & 7, navigating to Network and Sharing Center settings does the job effortlessly, as does using specific tools.”

How To Find WiFi Password With IP Address:

You can perform these procedures on both iPhone and Android devices.

1. On Router – From IP

? Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Access the Connected WiFi Page
Open the connected WiFi page displaying the SSID. Click on the ‘i’ symbol for information.

Step 2: Find IPv4 Address
Note the IPv4 address and replace the last part with ‘1’. Open this new address in your browser.

Step 3: Access Router Admin Panel
Log in to the router admin panel using the modified address.

Step 4: View Password
Navigate to Wireless basic settings to view the password. Unhide if it’s displayed as ‘****’.

2. On Windows PC

? Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Access Control Panel
Click on Search, find Control Panel from the home screen on your desktop.

Step 2: Navigate Network Settings
Select Network and Internet, then proceed to Network and Sharing Centre.

Step 3: Find Network Information
Click through to View your basic network information and connections.

Step 4: Identify Connected WiFi
Locate and click on the currently connected WiFi.

Step 5: Access WiFi Properties
Click on Wireless Properties after selecting the WiFi name.

Step 6: Reveal Password
Navigate to the Security option to reveal the Network security key, your current password.

Step 7: Display Password
Check the box next to Show characters to reveal the password.

3. On macOS

? Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Identify WiFi Network
Know the name of your WiFi network.

Step 2: Access WiFi Information
Click the WiFi button on the top panel to find your connected network’s name.

Step 3: Open Keychain Access
Search for Keychain Access in the search icon’s results.

Step 4: Search for Router Name
Within Keychain Access, search for your router’s name (WiFi network name).

Step 5: Access Network Information
Click on the result to view details.

Step 6: Reveal Password
Check the box next to Show password for the WiFi network.

Step 7: Security Verification
Enter your MacBook’s username and password for security purposes, then click Allow to proceed.

Step 8: Retrieve WiFi Password
You’ll now be able to see the WiFi password for the connected network.

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