How To Find Email Address On Xbox

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✎ Key Points:

To find your Xbox email address, head to Settings via the Guide, choose “System,” then click on “Settings,” and select “Account.” Look for your email ID under “Sign in, security & passkey,” displayed as “Show on Home.”

If you’re trying to locate someone on Xbox, access the Guide, go to the People tab, and select “Find someone.” Enter the person’s name in the search bar, choose the right result, and start a conversation by sending them a message.

How To Find Someone’s Email Address On Xbox:

🔯 Request the Individual to Verify Email from Settings

If someone can’t recall the email linked to their Xbox account, they can quickly locate it via the “Settings” page. Simply navigate to the “System” tab in the top menu bar (leftmost icon), then select “Settings.” Within the “Account” tab, choose “Sign-in, security & passkey.” Lastly, find and click on “Show on Home” to reveal your email address.

How To Find Email Address On Xbox If Forgot:

Try the following methods:

1. From Settings

Follow the below steps:

Step 1: Access Guide > System

To initiate the process of finding your forgotten Xbox email, start by navigating to the Guide using your controller, selecting the middle option. This action will unveil a menu page housing various tabs and options.

At the top of the screen, locate the set of icons and proceed to the last one on the list. This will open up the “System” tab.

Step 2: Navigate to “Settings” > “Account”

Once within the System tab, a range of options will appear. The second among these is labeled “Settings.” Clicking on this will bring forth a new page, filling the entire screen.

Direct your attention to the options tab on the left side of the screen. The second option here is “Account,” which you need to select for account-related modifications.

Step 3: Access “Sign in, security & passkey”

Within the “Account” section, a set of related options will display on the right side of the screen. Among these, focus on the first one labeled “Sign in, security & passkey” and proceed by clicking on it.

If you’ve established a 6-digit passkey, input it here. This action will lead you to the “Sign in, security & passkey” tab.

Step 4: Locate “Show on Home”

Having clicked on “Sign in, security & passkey,” entered your 6-digit passkey, and landed on the corresponding tab, you’ll encounter various options. Here, locate and select “Show on Home.”

Under this section, your initial account email address will be displayed, allowing you to access your Xbox and Microsoft accounts. Congratulations, you’ve successfully retrieved your forgotten email address.

2. Know from Received Email

Step 1: Locate your Xbox account email address by opening the Gmail app on your mobile device’s home screen.

Step 2: Scroll through your Inbox to check for recent emails from Microsoft or Xbox.

Step 3: Use the search function at the top of the screen for a quicker search. Look for emails related to Xbox or Microsoft.

If you don’t find any emails regarding Xbox Live or Microsoft billing in this Gmail account, it might not be linked to your Xbox.

Tip: Switch between accounts by clicking on the profile icon at the top right, resembling a miniature of your profile photo. Select another account for further search.

Note: Repeat the same process for each account until you find an email from Xbox or Microsoft. Once located, this will be your Xbox account’s associated email address.

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