How To See Someone’s Location On Snapchat When In Ghost Mode

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✎ Key Takes:

» In Snapchat’s Ghost Mode, you can view someone’s location by observing their snap stories, which may include tagged locations or by sending a temporary location request.
» If their location isn’t visible on Snapchat, consider exploring other social media platforms. The user might have shared location-tagged content on different platforms, providing potential insights into their whereabouts.

How To See Someone’s Location On Snapchat In Ghost Mode:

There are the following methods that you must try to see someone’s location on Snapchat:

1. Seeing the Snapchat Stories

When someone activates Ghost Mode on Snapchat, their location becomes invisible on the Snap Map. However, if you’re determined to discover the location of a user in Ghost Mode, there are indirect methods you can use to gather information.

If you’re friends with the user on Snapchat, viewing their snap stories might provide clues. Sometimes, users apply filters to their snaps that inadvertently reveal their location where the picture was taken.

Even in Ghost Mode, location details can occasionally slip through in the location tags of snap stories. Thus, checking the user’s stories could unveil their current whereabouts.

If no location tags are evident in the snap stories, you can still attempt to identify the place or venue depicted. A Google search based on those details might reveal the user’s location.

To access snap stories, navigate to the stories section within Snapchat and swipe through the different stories until you find the one you’re seeking.

2. Requesting Location on Snapchat

When someone activates Ghost Mode on Snapchat, you still have the option to request that they share their location with you. This means the user will specifically disclose their location with you via Direct Message (DM), visible only to you and not to anyone else.

While the person remains in Ghost Mode, for a designated period, you’ll have access to the user’s live location on the Snap Map, sent to you through DM.

After sending the location request, it’s entirely the user’s discretion whether they want to share their location with you or not. If they agree, you’ll be privy to their current location. However, if they decline, you’ll need to explore other avenues to obtain this information.

Snapchat offers three duration options when sharing live locations with specific individuals: 15 minutes, 1 hour, or 8 hours. The user must select the duration for which they want to share their live location. Once the chosen time elapses, the shared live location will automatically cease.

🔴 How to Proceed:

Step 1: Open Snapchat.

Step 2: Log in to your account.

Step 3: Navigate to your profile page and select “My Friends.”

Step 4: Locate the friend’s name and click on it.

Step 5: This will open the chat screen. Tap on the friend’s Bitmoji icon situated at the top left of the chat screen.

Step 6: This action will direct you to the user’s profile page.

Step 7: Click on “Share My Live Location.”

Step 8: Confirm your account by selecting the duration you prefer.

3. Seeing Stories on Facebook & Instagram

If the user maintains active accounts on other social media platforms, you can track their uploaded stories to glean insights into their current location. On platforms like Instagram and Facebook, users frequently post stories, often including location tags, along with timestamps.

However, there are instances where these stories aren’t accessible unless you’re connected as friends on Facebook or follow the user on Instagram.

This limitation occurs when the user has a locked or private profile. In such cases, you’ll need to send a friend request or follow request first. Once the user accepts your friend request or approves your follow request, you’ll gain access to view and track their profile.

4. Latest Social Media Post

If location details aren’t available in stories, another approach is to explore the person’s Facebook or Instagram profile to check their latest posts. This indirect method often provides clues regarding a user’s location.

On Facebook, users frequently post pictures with location tags indicating where the photo was taken. This practice allows others to learn about their whereabouts.

Similarly, on Instagram, users can add location tags visible at the top of their post’s picture. This feature aids in identifying the user’s location.

5. Asking the Person Directly

You can reach out to the user on Snapchat and politely inquire about their location, explaining your reasons for wanting to know. A clear and courteous message might persuade the user to share their location details.

If they agree to disclose their location, they might opt to share their live location with you on the snap map as well.

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