Does Nezuko Become Human?

Does Nezuko Become Human?

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For anime enthusiasts, it’s highly likely that you’ve either already delved into Demon Slayer, added it to your must-watch list, or received enthusiastic recommendations from fellow fans. Demon Slayer stands out as one of the most renowned anime series from the past decade, weaving together elements of tragedy, comedy, horror, thriller, and action into a captivating narrative. It’s celebrated for its impeccably choreographed fight sequences, character design, and a compelling plot. With the announcement of an anime adaptation, its popularity has soared even higher. Thanks to Ufotable’s unwavering dedication, the adaptation showcases some of the most impressive battle scenes in modern anime.

Nezuko Kamado, a charming and endearing young girl, emerges as a character who rivals her older brother, Tanjiro Kamado, in popularity. Unexpectedly, she is transformed into a demon by Muzan, setting the premise for Demon Slayer’s core narrative. The series primarily revolves around Tanjiro’s quest to find a remedy and restore his sister’s humanity. The burning question remains: will Nezuko regain her human form, and to what extent will Tanjiro go to make it happen? So far, the series has kept this outcome under wraps. However, if you’ve explored the manga, you’re already privy to the answers. If you’re eager to know but prefer not to read the manga and can’t wait for the next season, here’s the scoop you’re seeking.


The Kamado family resided in a mountainous region frequently blanketed in heavy snowfall. Tanjiro earned his living as a coal seller, making the arduous trek to a nearby town to vend coal. Nezuko, his younger sister, dutifully assisted their mother in caring for their numerous siblings. The tragic events that befell the Kamado family are widely known. Upon Tanjiro’s return from a coal-selling trip, he discovered the horrifying aftermath of a massacre. His mother and six siblings had been brutally slain, leaving only Nezuko, who had undergone a ghastly transformation into a demon.

In a desperate bid to save Nezuko, Tanjiro sought medical aid, but she viciously attacked him, unmistakably revealing her inhuman nature. Amidst Nezuko’s frenzied assault, Giyuu, a Demon Slayer, moved to eliminate her. However, Tanjiro vehemently prevented Giyuu from harming his sister. In an unexpected turn of events, Nezuko exhibited glimmers of her human self.

Recognizing Tanjiro’s dire situation, Giyuu guided him to Urokodaki, a former Demon Slayer. Urokodaki not only enlightened Tanjiro about the Demon Slayer Corps and the malevolent demons but also unveiled the malevolent orchestrator behind his family’s massacre, a figure named Muzan. Urokodaki played a pivotal role in assisting Tanjiro in embarking on his journey as a Demon Slayer, during which he made it his life’s purpose to restore Nezuko to humanity.

While Tanjiro embarked on the path of becoming a Demon Slayer, Urokodaki assumed responsibility for Nezuko, meticulously training her to abstain from harming humans. As Tanjiro’s mentor, Urokodaki significantly influenced Nezuko’s perception of humans beyond her brother. He employed a method of showing Nezuko a photograph of her family whenever she encountered a human, instilling a profound sense of familial love and affection for all individuals she encountered.

Is it possible for Nezuko to turn human?

While it’s true that humans can undergo a transformation into demons, the reverse process is not possible. Muzan Kibutsuji, the inaugural demon, possessed the unique ability to convert humans into demons. Demons themselves are not a recent development; they have existed for countless years, if not millennia.

Typically, demons are incredibly resilient and can only be dispatched by demon slayers, exposure to sunlight, or specific techniques. Mere hunger does not pose a fatal threat to them. Interestingly, Nezuko is an exception to this rule; she displays immunity to sunlight and possesses an awakened form that grants her a substantial advantage in combat against other demons. Right from the outset, Nezuko has stood apart from her fellow demons. According to Giyuu, demons have a preference for consuming their own family members, finding them to be more delectable.

Contrary to expectations, Giyuu observed Nezuko defending Tanjiro instead of consuming him. This makes the phenomenon of demons reverting to their human form exceedingly rare and virtually unheard of.

During the Asakusa Arc, Tanjiro encountered two demons named Tamayo and Yushiro. Apart from the demon Nezuko, these two were the sole exceptions, unbound by Muzan’s control. Tamayo, a knowledgeable doctor well-versed in both human and demon anatomy, had the unique capability to transform humans into demons, although she had done so only once to Yushiro, and that was during her severe illness.

Notably, Tamayo had never encountered any instance of a demon reverting to their human state. However, she did offer assistance to Nezuko and initiated research into the matter, with the hope that Tanjiro could obtain blood from the Twelve Kizuki, which might hold the key to resolving this enigmatic issue.

Does Nezuko Become Human Again?

Nezuko’s transformation back into a human was a protracted process, unlike Tanjiro’s swift change. The pivotal moment occurred in Chapter 147 of the Infinity Castle Arc when Urokodaki revisited Nezuko in search of her. Prior to this, he had administered Tanayo’s medication with the intent of restoring her to human form. However, Nezuko had not properly taken the medicine, resulting in her falling seriously ill, prompting Urokodaki to care for her.

The manga eventually reveals that Nezuko did, indeed, revert to being a human, thanks to Tamayo’s medicinal expertise. As previously noted, Tamayo was a unique demon who had devoted her entire life to studying both humans and demons. She held the distinction of being the only other individual, apart from Muzan, capable of transforming a human into a demon. To create the curative medicine, she used the blood of the Twelve strongest demons, known as the Kizuki, who served under Muzan.

Throughout the series, Tanjiro tirelessly battled and vanquished the Twelve strongest demons, subsequently procuring samples of their blood for Tamayo. In Chapter 196 of the manga, Tamayo administered the medicine to Nezuko, effecting her transformation back into a human.

What happens after Nezuko takes the medicine? 

In Chapters 200 and 201, a gradual but noticeable transformation occurs as Nezuko begins to revert to her human state. Her memory, both from her human and demon existence, starts to resurface. She regains the ability to think and even begins to speak once more.

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