How To Cast WhatsApp Video Call On Firestick

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✎ Key Takes:

» To initiate a WhatsApp video call on Firestick, make sure both your mobile device and Firestick are connected to the same Wi-Fi network, then access the screen mirroring option on your Firestick.
» Utilize the screen mirroring feature, ensuring your mobile device is linked to the same network as your Firestick, for a smooth WhatsApp video call casting process.

How To Cast WhatsApp Video Call On Firestick:

If you wish to use WhatsApp Messenger directly on your Firestick, you can achieve this by installing the TVLauncher 3 on your Firestick and then downloading WhatsApp onto it.

To use WhatsApp on your Firestick:

Step 1: Connect your Firestick to the internet and install WhatsApp on it.

Step 2: Install the TVLauncher 3 on your Firestick TV to display WhatsApp.

Step 3: Once both apps are installed, you can operate WhatsApp directly from your Firestick.

Step 4: Register your WhatsApp account to manage it independently.

However, if your WhatsApp account is on another device, you can still access it on your Firestick using the WhatsApp Web feature. For this, you’ll need an additional browser like Google Chrome to view WhatsApp messages.

Please note that while using the WhatsApp Web feature, internet connection is required on both your devices. However, for direct use on Firestick, internet connection is not mandatory.

How To Cast Mobile Screen To Firestick:

Before you begin, ensure that you have adjusted all settings as instructed, including connecting to the same wireless network. Ultimately, you must connect to the correct Firestick device from your mobile to successfully complete the screen casting process.

1. Using Screen Mirroring

Casting your mobile screen to Firestick via the screen mirroring option is a top-notch choice, offering seamless connectivity. While there are multiple methods available, this built-in feature stands out as the ideal starting point for screen casting from your mobile to Firestick.

To cast your mobile screen to Firestick:

Step 1: Navigate to the Firestick Home and press the ‘Home’ button on your Firestick remote for 3-5 seconds.

Step 2: This action will prompt the ‘Mirroring’ option to appear on your Firestick. Select it to view the available wireless device names.

Step 3: Once you locate the desired device name, connect to it from your mobile device by accessing the mobile casting option.

Step 4: Choose the appropriate device to cast the screen and tap on it to initiate the connection with the Firestick TV device. Once connected, your screen is mirrored.

Finally, open WhatsApp or any other desired apps on your mobile, and the screen will begin casting on your Firestick TV.

Please note that the process may vary slightly for different devices or between iPhone and Android. However, the general steps for screen casting remain consistent across all mobile platforms, including Android and iOS.

2. Use Anydesk for casting

If you find yourself needing to cast your mobile screen from a distance or when connecting to the same network isn’t feasible, Anydesk provides a convenient solution by effortlessly casting your mobile screen to Firestick TV.

This process combines two different methods—installing apps like TVLauncher 3 and then Anydesk—into one streamlined process for casting the screen to Firestick.

To cast your mobile screen to Firestick using Anydesk, follow these steps:

Step 1: Access the Apps section and search for TVLauncher 3 to install it on your Firestick TV. Once installed, it will appear in the apps section.

Step 2: Next, locate and install Anydesk on your Firestick. Remember, Anydesk must be installed on both devices, meaning you’ll need to install it on your mobile device to cast the screen through it.

Step 3: Once the setup is complete, retrieve the Anydesk ID from your mobile device (as you’ll be casting the mobile screen, you need the mobile Anydesk ID on Firestick). Enter this ID into the Anydesk app on Firestick to establish the connection. Once connected, screen casting will commence.

Note: Both devices must remain connected to the internet throughout the screen casting process from your mobile to Firestick TV.

What Do You Need to Cast Mobile Screen to Firestick:

Casting your screen to Firestick TV is straightforward, but you’ll need a few prerequisites to mirror the screen successfully.

Here are the key requirements for casting your mobile screen to your Firestick:

1️⃣ Ensure both your mobile device and Firestick are connected to the same WiFi network when attempting to connect to Firestick from your mobile.

2️⃣ If you intend to use WhatsApp directly on Firestick, you’ll need to utilize the TVLauncher 3 app.

3️⃣ Another option for screen casting is using Anydesk, which requires installation on both devices. On Firestick, you can find Anydesk within the TVLauncher 3 App.

Simply ensure these apps are installed and ready, or connect to the correct SSID, before proceeding with the steps outlined below. Once you have these prerequisites in place, you can begin the screen casting process.

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