Amazon Monthly Payments Not Showing Up – Fixed

Amazon Monthly Payments Not Showing Up – Fixed

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Your Quick Answer:

To make a purchase with monthly payments on, you’ll need either the Store Card (in partnership with Synchrony Bank) or the Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Credit Card (in partnership with Chase Bank).

Eligibility for’s monthly payment option requires the specified credit cards. However, this offer is limited to certain products listed on and is subject to change.

While Cash on Delivery (COD) and credit cards are common payment methods on Amazon, the chance to secure discounts and utilize a monthly payment system without interest is an enticing opportunity.

? Note: Our recent inquiry with Amazon confirms that the ‘Monthly Payments’ option is still available, albeit subject to specific criteria.

With promotional financing, individuals pay for the item in five installments, but this option is limited to certain products on Amazon.

Amazon 5 Monthly Payments (UK) Not Showing Up:

Firstly, if you’ve already utilized the offer for a specific product category or Amazon device family, you won’t be able to avail of it again.

??‍♂️ To check if the 5 monthly payments option applies to a specific product, look for the “Monthly Payments” section on the product detail page. This section displays the monthly payment amount and the required number of payments. Absence of this section indicates the product may not qualify for the 5 monthly payments offer.

▸ The availability of the 5 monthly payments option may vary among customers. Amazon assesses eligibility considering factors like credit score and purchase history. If the option isn’t visible, you may not currently qualify for the offer.

▸ If you’re still unable to locate the 5 monthly payments option, consider contacting Amazon customer service for further assistance.

Why Is Amazon Monthly Payments Option Not Showing Up:

These might be the reasons for this:

1. Not Available For All Product categories

Not all products listed on are eligible for the monthly payment feature. This option is limited to select products or specific categories available on Amazon.

Furthermore, only certain mentioned credit cards are accepted for the monthly payment option. Refer to the instructions on the page to understand the accepted credit card options.

If you cannot locate the monthly payment option, revisit the product details or checkout page as it’s not universally available for all product types.

2. Your Account is Not Eligible

Not all Amazon accounts qualify for monthly payments. If you’re unable to access the monthly payment option on while making a purchase, it suggests that your account might not meet the criteria for this feature.

For instance, if your account is less than a year old, you won’t be offered the monthly payment option on the website. Additionally, eligibility for this feature requires residency in the United States.

Moreover, your linked credit card must be active. The availability of the monthly payment option on also hinges on your clean payment history without any instances of fraud or fake orders.

3. Amazon Disable It on Your Account

Amazon reserves the authority to deactivate accounts, assessing their eligibility based on provided account information. However, the eligibility criteria are subject to periodic alterations.

Hence, while the offer might be accessible for a period, Amazon retains the discretion to withdraw the offer from your account. This authority is specified in’s terms and conditions. The availability of the Amazon monthly payment offer is periodically limited on many accounts, and it might be disabled after some time. Its return is not guaranteed and is contingent upon Amazon’s discretion.

4. Not Available in Some Countries

The Amazon monthly payment option isn’t universally accessible across all countries worldwide. Eligibility for this feature requires citizenship in the United States of America for your account.

Additionally, it’s available in several other countries including the United Kingdom, Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Japan, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, and Switzerland.

However, if you reside in other regions around the globe, the Amazon monthly payment option may not be available as a payment method.

What Are Amazon Monthly Payments & How To Become Eligible:

Let’s delve into an elaborate explanation of what monthly payments entail and the eligibility criteria required to utilize this service on

Upon seeking clarification, the Amazon gift card department responded to the query regarding:

? What Does Amazon’s Monthly Payment Entail?

Amazon provides users with the opportunity to obtain interest-free items through monthly payments, primarily for Amazon device families (such as Kindle, Amazon Fire TV, and Alexa-enabled devices) or specific product categories. Each customer is limited to one enrollment per category.

You have Amazon’s 5 monthly payments for items:

Initial PaymentShipment Date
First Payment30th Day from the Shipment Date
Second Payment60th Day from the Shipment Date
Third Payment90th Day from the Shipment Date
Fourth Payment120th Day from the Shipment Date

How To Become Eligible For Amazon Monthly Payments:

Not all credit cards qualify for the Amazon monthly payments, but a few options exist that are straightforward to maintain and can be utilized for this offer.

To meet the qualifications for this option on, adherence to specific activities is necessary:

Step 1: Your Amazon account must be at least one year old, and you must reside in the US.

Step 2: Maintain an active credit card with an expiry date not less than 140 days from the item’s shipment date.

Step 3: Ensure a pristine history to be eligible for the monthly payment option.

Step 4: Possess an enabled Store Card Visa credit card for the desired purchase.

Step 5: Maintain a clean record not only in’s history but also in product purchase history to access this offer. While there are no interest or processing fees on these purchases, taxes on the products vary depending on State LAW.

 On Which Products: You can avail yourself No Interest:

The application of interest rates is determined by the banks partnered with Amazon, while your Amazon credit or account history influences the eligibility for interest-free installments for a particular order.

Products listed on must meet eligibility criteria for the monthly payment option, automatically determined by Amazon’s algorithm for users. If eligible, you can proceed with the purchase using the Amazon Store Card, dividing payments into four installments with the initial payment upon shipping.

However, each category or Amazon device family allows only one enrollment option. Consequently, purchasing two products from the same category within your account is not permitted.

Buy Products from with interest-free Monthly Payments

If you’re aiming to acquire an item using Amazon Monthly Payments and meet the eligibility criteria, you can indeed purchase items from the Amazon product category.

The process for purchasing an Amazon item using the monthly payment option involves three simple steps, provided you have an Amazon store card eligible for interest-free monthly payments with an expiry of 140+ days.

To purchase an Amazon item from a single product category:

? Steps to Follow:

Step 1: Add the desired item to your cart and proceed to checkout.

Step 2: On the payment page, select Store Card as your payment option.

Step 3: The payment options will display Special Financing or equal monthly payments (whichever applies). Choose accordingly to complete the purchase.

Step 4: If the cart qualifies for multiple promotional financing, it will be automatically displayed on the final payment page. Select the preferred payment duration from the options available during purchase.

Within a single product category, you can only purchase one item using the Monthly Payment option from your account.

To qualify as per Amazon’s Terms and Conditions, you must be a US resident with an Amazon account of at least one year. The Amazon device family, including Firestick, Kindle, and others, also offers the Monthly Payment option for purchase.

 ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ for Amazon U.K. Users:

Amazon in the UK recently introduced a ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ option, allowing users to make purchases and defer payment until the following month, accessible on the checkout page.

This option permits users to purchase any product within a category and defer the charge to the next month, exclusively available for Amazon UK users. Qualified Amazon UK users can make their next month’s payment with no initial payment for the purchase.

In contrast, promotional financing requires an initial payment, but the remainder is deducted from subsequent months without interest fees.

To seize this opportunity, select a product from any Amazon product category. If you’re a US resident, you can choose the Amazon Monthly Payments option, provided you’re eligible for the product in Amazon’s inventory.

 Is these payment plans still exist on Amazon?

If you opt for the Amazon monthly payment option today, you’ll encounter a five-stage payment process for purchasing a product:

? Steps to Follow:

Step 1: Make the initial payment automatically determined on the payment page for the item.

Step 2: Pay the first installment of the product’s cost 30 days after the product’s shipment date.

Step 3: 60 days after the product’s shipment, make the second installment payment, dividing the product’s cost into the second installment.

Step 4: After 90 days from the product’s shipment, proceed with the third payment cycle, matching the previous two installments.

Step 5: The fourth and final payment cycle, scheduled 120 days after the shipment, concludes the payments. Upon completing this fourth installment, your product is fully paid off, and you’ve successfully utilized this offer without incurring any interest fees.

Amazon AfterPay:

Amazon AfterPay is a similar feature presented under a different name. This option aligns with the ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ feature available for Amazon UK users, offering no initial payment requirement. However, US users opting for Amazon monthly payments through promotional financing need to make an initial payment. The remaining product cost is divided into four installments payable in the subsequent months.

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