Instagram: Fix Confirm Your Account To Request A Review

Instagram: Fix Confirm Your Account To Request A Review

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Your Quick Answer:

To resolve the issue and request a review for your deactivated Instagram account, complete the “My Instagram Account Has Been Deactivated” form and submit it to Instagram.

You’ll receive a response via email, and the account review process will commence, ultimately leading to account reinstatement.

Instagram typically reviews accounts within less than twenty-four hours, though in some instances, it may take up to 3 weeks for account recovery.

In cases of suspicious or inauthentic activities, users must verify their information to regain access to their Instagram account.

Consider using the Appeal Tool by Techniquehow. Enter your username to identify why your account might require review.

Instagram; Confirm It’s You Before Requesting A Review:

When you encounter an error message during account confirmation, it’s often linked to recent suspicious activity within your account. Instagram upholds clear and equitable policies, aiming for genuine and completely authentic content shared on the platform.

To deter bots and uphold the platform’s trust and integrity, Instagram requires users to confirm their information. This verification process helps identify accounts that lack genuine intentions and aim to mislead followers.

Instances of potential inauthenticity prompt Instagram to request users to confirm their account information, aligning with their commitment to authenticity and transparency within the community.

How To Fix Confirm Your Account To Request A Review Issue:

1. Fill Deactivation Appeal Form

If you’ve received a “Confirm Your Account” warning on Instagram, complete the “My Instagram Account Has Been Deactivated” form within the app. This initiates a review process to confirm your identity, which seems more prevalent in specific geolocations.

Steps to Follow:

  1. Back Up iCloud: Start by backing up your device’s iCloud from Settings for safety.
  2. General Settings: Go to Settings > General.
  3. Erase All Contents and Settings: Select “Erase all Contents and Settings.”
  4. Open Instagram: Open the Instagram app and attempt to log in.
  5. Access Learn More: Upon login failure, click on “Learn More.”
  6. Click “Please Let Us Know”: Choose “Please let us know,” opening the deactivation form.
  7. Fill Details: Enter full name, username, email, and phone number.
  8. Submission Confirmation: After submitting, a confirmation message will appear.
  9. Restart Device: Restart your device.

Wait for Instagram’s response, typically within 24 hours but possibly up to 3 days, frequently checking your email. They might request photos holding a handwritten code for verification. The account review could take a few days, and upon successful review, you’ll receive email confirmation and regain access.

2. Uninstall and Reinstall Instagram

If faced with the “Confirm Your Account” issue, uninstalling and reinstalling Instagram can resolve it, especially when suspicious activity triggers the error.

For Android:

  1. Uninstall: Go to your device’s menu, press and hold the app, and select “Uninstall.”
  2. Reinstall: Visit the Google Play Store to reinstall Instagram.

For iOS:

  1. Uninstall: Press and hold the app, then select “Delete.”
  2. Reinstall: Go to the App Store to download and install Instagram again.

3. Clear Cache

Resolve the issue by clearing the Instagram app’s cache or offloading data.

Steps to Follow [Android]:

  1. Settings: Open Settings.
  2. Application and Permission: Tap on “Application and Permission.”
  3. Manage Apps: Select “Manage apps.”
  4. Instagram: Find and tap on the Instagram app.
  5. Clear Cache: Click on “Internal Storage” then “Clear Cache” to delete Instagram’s cache data.

Steps to Follow [iPhone]:

  1. Settings: Go to Settings.
  2. General: Tap on “General.”
  3. iPhone Storage: Select “iPhone Storage.”
  4. Instagram: Locate the Instagram app.
  5. Offload App: Choose “Offload App” to clear the cache data on iPhone.

 Thanks for providing your info – How Long Does It Take:

Once you’ve successfully submitted your ID information, you’ll receive a “Thanks for Providing Your Info” message, confirming the successful upload and initiating the review process.

The review typically completes within 24 hours in many instances, but it might extend to 1 week or, in rare cases, even a month. During this period, your role is to await a response as Instagram officials manually handle the review forms to decide on reactivating the account.

If three days pass without a response, consider reaching out to Instagram via email to seek assistance with your issue.

Why Does Instagram Ask To Request A Review:

These are might be the following reasons:

1. Violated Community Guidelines

If Instagram requests a review of your account, it’s likely due to a violation of community guidelines, possibly involving inappropriate content on your profile. Instagram removes such content reported by others.

Review requests stem from posts that potentially hurt sentiments or breach Instagram’s guidelines. Reflect on recent posts that might have caused this and ensure future content aligns with Instagram’s standards before sharing.

2. Your Account Has Been Hacked

When your Instagram account gets hacked, Instagram requests a review due to unusual activities. This confirmation is to verify ownership amidst suspicious account behavior.

Hacked accounts exhibit unfamiliar activities and alterations not initiated by the genuine user. Instagram initiates the “Confirm your account to request a review” process to assist in reclaiming the account securely and thwart the hacker’s unauthorized usage. Reviewing the account is a prerequisite for reactivation.

3. Account Disabled

Instagram might prompt you to review your account if it’s been disabled unexpectedly. Aggressive following or unfollowing, spamming messages, improper comments, or violating copyright rules could lead to sudden account disablement.

Activities like excessive following or unfollowing, sending spam messages, posting inappropriate comments, or violating copyright regulations can result in account reports and subsequent disablement. Reviewing your account becomes necessary to reinstate it if any such violations occurred.

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