Why does one AirPod die faster? Can you fix it?

Why does one AirPod die faster? Can you fix it?

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The stem of each AirPod houses a 93 milliwatt-hour battery. Over time, lithium-ion batteries are known to degrade. However, the AirPods’ process is accelerated due to their small battery size and frequent charging using the case. However, if you notice that only one of your AirPods is draining faster, be it left or right, then this could be an issue.

Here are a few reasons and quick fixes to solve the issue of one of your AirPods draining faster:

Reason 1 – Frequently using ‘the’ one AirPod

For starters, it is possible that this is occurring because you are regularly utilizing only one of the earphones over an extended period of time. As a result, the battery of one earbud will degrade more quickly than the battery of the other earbud, which is not regularly used.

If you only use one earbud at a time, make sure that you alternate between the two earbuds so that the battery of one does not degrade more quickly than the battery of the other.

Reason 2 – Mechanism of the Mic

Another possibility is that the Mic is malfunctioning. It is the nature of AirPod’s operation that it makes use of the microphone from the first AirPod that is removed from the charging case.

When both AirPods are completely charged and the right AirPod is initially removed from your pocket, your microphone will be immediately activated. However, because the right AirPod is performing more ‘work,’ the battery of the right AirPod will drain more quickly than that of the left AirPod.

In the event that you constantly use the microphone on one of your AirPods to the disadvantage of the other, the battery life of the AirPod with the microphone will degrade more quickly than the other, and this could be the reason why one of your AirPods drains more quickly.

Reason 3 – Manufacturing Defect

Finally, a manufacturing flaw can possibly be the cause of this problem. A large number of customers have expressed dissatisfaction with the AirPods because one or both of the earbuds die so soon.

If you have a new AirPod and are experiencing this problem, you should contact Apple support as well as the retailer where you purchased it to have the problem investigated. If Apple discovers that the battery is draining as a consequence of a manufacturing defect, it will almost always replace the device at no charge.


How to fix one of your AirPods battery draining faster?

Here are 7 fixes you can try to solve the problem of one AirPod battery draining faster than the other.

Solution 1: Drain the AirPod and Charge them

The first step to resolving this issue is to use the AirPods until they are completely depleted, then place them back into the charging case and recharge them. You can also do this for both AirPods if they are rapidly emptying.

Solution 2: Reset the AirPod

If draining and recharging the AirPods does not resolve the problem, you may need to reset them. Follow the instructions below to reset the AirPod:

  • Close the charging case and place the AirPod inside.
  • A round button may be seen on the back of the charging cover. Hold the button down for 10 to 15 seconds, or until you see a white light blinking. The white light indicates that the AirPods have been successfully reset.
  • Reconnect the AirPods to your iPhone or another sound source.

Solution 3: Disconnect the AirPod and Connect it Back

If the first two options don’t work, try removing and reconnecting the AirPods from the iPhone and fixing them again.

Remember that disconnecting the AirPod from your iPhone disconnects the AirPod from all of your paired Apple devices, including the iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch, whereas disconnecting the AirPod from either of the watches, iPad, or Mac only disconnects the AirPod from that single device and not from all of the Apple devices.

  • Follow the steps below to complete this procedure:
  • Remove the AirPod:
  • Navigate to your iPhone’s settings.
  • Tap the Bluetooth button.
  • Find and tap the I enclosed in a circle beside your AirPods in my Devices.
  • Select the “Forget this Device” option.
  • Confirm your action by pressing the Forget Device button.
  • How to Reconnect the AirPod:
  • Place the AirPods inside the charging case and fully charge them.
  • On the Control Center pop-up that displays, tap ‘Connect.’
  • Once connected, verify that both devices are operational.

Solution 4: Set the Same Setting for both AirPods

If the settings on each AirPod are not same, the one performing main functions such as microphone, Siri, and so on will die sooner than the other. Follow the procedures below to guarantee that there is a balance between the two AirPods:

  • Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  • Select Bluetooth.
  • Choose the I icon next to your AirPod’s name.
  • Scroll down to the AirPod section and then pick ‘Left.’
  • You will be presented with five questions. Choose ‘Play/Pause for double-tap on the left AirPods.’
  • Return to the AIrPod option page and select ‘Right.’ You will be presented with five questions. Choose ‘Play/Pause for double-tap on the right AirPods.’

Solution 5: Turn off ‘Automatic Ear detection

The automated ear detection feature of AirPod recognises when you remove the gadget from your ear, allowing it to cease playing. If you use this function and utilize just one AirPod on a regular basis, the battery life will be severely reduced. To disable this, follow the instructions below:

  • Go to the Settings app.
  • Select Bluetooth.
  • Tap the I icon next to your AirPod’s name.
  • Scroll down to the ‘Automatic Ear Detection’ section and deactivate it.

Solution 6: Clean the AirPods and the AirPod Case

Dirt can sometimes contribute to this issue, and cleaning the AirPod may be all that is required to resolve it. Follow the procedures below to fully clean the AirPod:

  • Remove the AirPods from their case.
  • Take a Q-tip and use it to clean the interior of the casing.
  • Blow air into the Case now.
  • Using a Q-tip, clean the AirPods’ button.
  • Close the cover and place the AirPods back inside the case. Wait 30 seconds before opening the lid.
  • Hold the setup button down while the lid is open until the amber light flashes.
  • Connect the AirPods to a power source and charge them completely.

Solution 7: Replace the AirPod Battery

You need to replace the battery if you’ve done all of the above and it still doesn’t function, which indicates that the battery is nearing the end of its life. If your AirPod is still covered by warranty, you can receive a replacement battery for $49 through the insurance.

However, if you don’t have insurance, you’ll have to pay $69 for each battery replacement. You should therefore replace the more quickly depleted of your two AirPods if you can afford to do so or the slower draining one if you can’t.

To avoid receiving a damaged or phony battery, only shop at legitimate retailers when purchasing a replacement. Alternatively, if both AirPods are draining faster, you should consider replacing the AirPods themselves rather than spending so much money on a new battery.


How to Improve AirPods Battery Life?

You can lose functionality and battery life if you damage your AirPods because they are compact and have a small battery. The battery life of your AirPods can be extended by adopting a few excellent practices. Follow these tips to extend the life of your AirPods.

1.   Always store AirPods in their case.

Keep your AirPods in their charging case when not in use to extend their battery life to up to 24 hours. This way, they’ll be ready to go whenever you need them.

2.   Don’t fidget with the AirPods case.

The AirPods’ Bluetooth connectivity is one of its best features. Every time you open the case near one of your iOS devices, the AirPods Bluetooth is engaged and drawing power from its battery. Prevent this by only removing the AirPods case when you intend to use them. Checking the battery level is also possible without removing the device from your bag or pocket. Other methods of determining the remaining battery life of your AirPods may be found right here.

3.   Keep your AirPods safe from extreme temperature and direct sunlight.

Using your AirPods in settings that are too hot or too cold can damage the batteries. Maintaining the integrity of your equipment is important, therefore keep it out of direct sunlight when it is not in use. Keep the case and AirPods away from places that are usually cold or hot.

4.   Turn off Smart features such as Automatic Ear Detection and noise cancellation.

Turn off Smart functions such as Automatic Ear Detection and Noise Cancellation, and then restart the app. Are you having problems with your AirPods? You can simply save battery life on your AirPods by turning off features that aren’t needed on a regular basis. This includes Automatic Ear Detection, which switches the audio from your connected device to AirPods when you put them in your ears. You’ll be able to save a little more battery life with your AirPods if you turn off the auto-play/pause feature.

5.   Use one AirPod at a time.

Use one AirPod while charging the other, and you’ll have all day battery power. This may not be the best way to listen, but it will only take half the battery power at a time when you do it this way.

After learning how long AirPods battery life is and how to maximize the listening and talking time you get from your AirPods, you should be able to extend the life of your AirPods! They will last for a long time if you just remember to keep them clean and safe as well!

6.   Keep your AirPods dry and clean.

Both AirPods Pro and the new AirPods are sweat-proof and water-resistant to a certain extent, but they are not waterproof. Keep your AirPods dry, and make sure to clean them well if they get wet or dirty.

However, both AirPods Pro and the new AirPods are sweatproof and water-resistant to a limited extent, but they are not watertight. Keep your AirPods dry, and if they become wet or dirty, thoroughly clean them.

7.   Repair faulty AirPods with Apple Care.

Using Apple Care, you can get replacements for any malfunctioning AirPods. Older or damaged AirPods may not be salvageable, but that doesn’t mean you must purchase a new set of AirPods; instead, you can purchase a single replacement AirPod. A single pair of AirPod Pros costs $89, while a single pair of AirPods costs $69. Even if your AirPods are no longer under warranty, you’ll have to pay the same out-of-pocket or just $29 if you have AppleCare+.

If the battery in your AirPod or Charging Case is less than 80% of its original capacity, you can have them serviced by sending them in. If you don’t have AppleCare+, this will cost you $49 for each AirPod or AirPod Pro. To achieve this, you must use the official Apple Support site.



How Long Do Airpod Batteries Last?

Battery drain rates are affected by the state of charge in your instance. Your AirPods won’t run out of juice if your case still has some juice left in it. Because the rate of charging is faster than the rate of battery depletion, your AirPods will actually increase battery power.

However, your AirPods will run out of battery power if the case you’re using doesn’t still have any charge in it. However, the cover for your AirPods does have a feature that reduces the pace of battery depletion. When the AirPods are in the case, Apple designed the case to put them into ultra-low power mode.

As a result of the sensors embedded into the shell, the AirPods use up battery power at a far slower rate than when they are not.

Does Overcharging AirPods hurt the battery?

As a result of the technology in AirPods, users won’t have to worry about their AirPods becoming overcharged.

There is no need to worry about overcharging if you leave your AirPods plugged in overnight. They’ll be fully charged when you wake up the next morning, even if you leave them charging on your nightstand.

What is the average battery life of AirPods?

Battery life of AirPods depends on how much they are used. AirPods can last up to five hours on a full charge if you are only using them for music listening.

Three hours of speaking time with your AirPods is reasonable if that’s all you do with them. AirPods should last three to five hours on a full charge if you alternate between listening to music and conversing on them.

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