Why Can’t I See Mutual Followers On Instagram

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✎ Key Takes:

  • Due to Instagram’s privacy settings, you won’t have access to the complete list of mutual followers. Even if an account is private, mutual followers cannot be viewed.
  • To check someone’s mutual followers on Instagram, visit the profile of the user in question and select the “Followers” option next to their profile picture.
  • Within the followers’ list, locate and click on the “Mutual” option on the left side to view mutual followers.

To view mutual followers in list format, click on the “Others” section displayed next to the names of mutual followers.

Why Can’t I See Mutual Followers On Instagram:

These are the following reasons why you can’t see all mutual followers on Instagram:

1. Those Accounts Were Disabled

If someone decides to deactivate their Instagram account due to personal reasons or to minimize distractions, you may only be able to see some of your mutual followers.

2. User Deactivated His Instagram

Instagram offers an account deactivation feature where the deactivated account behaves similarly to a deleted one. However, it differs from deletion as the account can be reactivated within a set time frame. During deactivation, Instagram hides the person’s posts, photos, likes, and entire profile. Consequently, mutual friends cannot be viewed while the profile is hidden.

3. The person has blocked you

On Instagram, if someone blocks you, it effectively renders their account inaccessible to you. Consequently, you won’t be able to see their mutual friends from your account. To verify if the person’s profile still exists, you can create and utilize another Instagram account.

If the profile is accessible from the new account, it indicates that you’ve been blocked. However, if the profile is not found, there’s a likelihood that the person may have either deleted or deactivated their account.

How To See All Mutual Followers On Instagram:

There are a few methods that can fix this issue of seeing all mutual followers on Instagram:

1. See Mutual Followers on Mobile

If you’re curious about the shared followers between you and a friend on Instagram, you can access the Mutual followers list to identify them. This list showcases the accounts followed by both you and another user, revealing your mutual connections.

Accessing the Mutual followers list is possible on both mobile and PC platforms. On mobile devices, you’ll need to utilize the official Instagram application.

To view your shared followers with a specific Instagram user, begin by visiting their profile. From there, navigate to the Mutual list, where you’ll find the common followers followed by both you and the other user.

Here’s how you can view your mutual followers using the Instagram app on your mobile device:

Step 1:
Open the Instagram app on your mobile.

Step 2: Log into your Instagram account using the correct login details.

Step 3: At the bottom panel of the screen, you’ll see different icons. Tap on the Search icon and then search for the desired Instagram account whose mutual followers you want to find out.

Step 4: From the search result, tap on the account to visit it. You’ll see options such as Posts, Followers, Following next to the profile picture.

Step 5: Tap on the Followers option. You’ll be shown the list of followers of that profile.

Step 6: Look for the Mutual option on the left side of the followers’ list. Tap on it to view the list of mutual followers you share with this Instagram account owner.

2. Look at Mutual Followers on PC

You can also check mutual followers you share with another Instagram account owner from a PC by using the official Instagram website. Simply log in to your Instagram account via any web browser.

To check your shared followers with another Instagram user, visit the profile of the user in question. You’ll find the list of mutual followers, which reveals accounts common to both yours and the other user’s profile.

The following steps outline the process:

Step 1: Open a browser on your PC and navigate to the official Instagram website.

Step 2: Log in to your Instagram account to access the mutual followers’ list.

Step 3: Once logged in, locate the search box at the top of the homepage labeled “Search.”

Step 4: Use the search box to find the desired Instagram profile. Click on the profile from the search results to visit it.

Step 5: On the user’s profile page, under the Bio section, you’ll see only a few names of mutual followers displayed.

Step 6: Click on “others” to view the full list of mutual followers. This action will reveal the complete list of mutual followers you share with that Instagram user.

Why Does It Say 3 Mutual Friends But I See 2 On Instagram:

If you’re puzzled about why Instagram indicates that a person has three mutual friends or followers, yet you can only see two, it likely means that the missing user, who isn’t visible in your mutual friends’ list, may have deactivated or deleted their Instagram account.

Instagram still considers them a mutual friend based on their previous connection, even if their account is no longer active.

Another possibility is that the missing user’s account is private. Private accounts restrict visibility, so even though they’re counted as a mutual friend, their presence may not be visible in the mutual friends list.

Nevertheless, you can always contact the missing user directly and ask about their account status, or send them a follow request if their account is private. They may offer clarification or grant you access to their profile if they are active on Instagram.

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