Why Can’t I See Someone’s Highlights On Instagram

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✎ Key Points:

» If you’re unable to view someone’s highlights on Instagram, it’s possible that the person has blocked you from their account.
» This action prevents you from seeing any of their posts or highlights. Another possibility is that they’ve removed you from their account, or their account is set to private.

Why Can’t I See Someone’s Highlights On Instagram:

Many reasons would not let you see the highlights. Let’s check as follows:

1. Person Blocked You

If someone has blocked you on Instagram, you won’t be able to access their account to view their highlights, posts, or stories. Moreover, you won’t even be able to find them on Instagram.

Furthermore, if you’ve previously engaged in conversations or shared content with the person, they will appear as “Instagrammer” in your inbox.

Observing these signs indicates that the person has blocked you. However, if you can still view the person’s account on Instagram but not their highlights, the reason lies elsewhere.

2. Removed You from his Followers

Instagram provides users with a powerful tool to remove individuals from their account.

All the users who follow you are listed under “Followers,” while the accounts you follow are listed under “Following” on the profile page.

Within the followers’ list, users can remove anyone they choose not to share their posts and highlights with. They simply navigate to the followers’ list, locate the desired account, and select “Remove.” Once done, the individual will no longer have access to view their posts and highlights.

If the person has a private account, you’ll see the option to “Follow” on their profile, indicating that they have removed you from their followers list.

3. Account Turned to Private

Often, individuals transition their accounts from public to private. In a public account, one can view posts, stories, and highlights without following the person, whereas in a private account, following is required to access these features both presently and in the future.

However, when a user switches their account from public to private, all individuals must send them a follow request to continue viewing their content. If the request is not accepted, access to their content is restricted, both immediately and in the future.

Therefore, if you previously had access to someone’s highlights but no longer do, it may be because they’ve changed their account to private. You can verify this by visiting their profile; if you see a blue “Follow” button, this may be the reason for the change.

4. Bugs in your Instagram App

If the aforementioned reasons don’t apply, a potential cause for your issue could be a ‘bug’. A bug refers to an error that disrupts the proper functioning of software and applications. Similarly, certain pages on Instagram may fail to open, and content may not be visible due to bugs.

5. Internet Connectivity Issue

If none of the reasons mentioned above apply, the only remaining factor is internet connectivity.

Slow internet speeds can cause difficulties in using Instagram, resulting in an inability to view posts or highlights.

Therefore, try turning off and then on your internet connection to resolve the issue. Once the internet connection stabilizes, Instagram should start functioning properly again.

If someone hides their story on Instagram, Can you see their highlights:

If someone has hidden their Instagram story from you, you won’t be able to view the highlights of those stories either. You’ll only have access to highlights from stories that were visible to you.

Highlighted stories are saved stories on the user’s profile, but this doesn’t change the visibility settings of the original stories that were hidden from you.

On the user’s profile page, you’ll see round icons above their posts section, which represent the story highlights. You can view previous highlighted stories on the profile that were permitted to be seen by you.

However, if certain highlights are inaccessible to you but visible to your other friends, it’s because the user has excluded you from viewing them, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

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