How To Tell If Someone Bought TikTok Followers

How To Tell If Someone Bought TikTok Followers

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✎ Key Takes:

» Identifying bought TikTok followers involves checking for random usernames lacking meaningful content in their followers’ list. Fake accounts often display no posts or utilize celebrity profile pictures.
» Assessing comments on suspicious accounts and relying on intuition can reveal purchased followers. Unrelated or generic comments often indicate that the person has artificially boosted their follower count.

How To Tell If Someone Bought TikTok Followers:

To know if the followers are bought for an account, just look out at these things:

1. Look at All Posts Likes

To spot potentially purchased followers, visit the suspected account, check each post, and compare the number of likes. Significant discrepancies in likes among posts strongly suggest bought followers.

Likewise, if the likes originate from usernames comprising nonsensical combinations of words and numbers or display profile pictures of celebrities, it signifies fake accounts and hints at follower purchasing.

In summary, inconsistencies in likes across posts and likes from accounts with random usernames serve as clear indicators of an account that might have acquired followers artificially.

2. Look at Fake Account Followers As well

When examining the profile of a suspected user, navigate to their followers’ list and scrutinize the usernames.

If you encounter a suspicious username, click on it to access their followers and following lists.

A notable discrepancy often exists between the number of followers and the accounts followed.

Specifically, if an account has minimal (or nearly no) followers but follows numerous users, it’s indicative of a fake account. This scenario implies that the earlier scrutinized account might have purchased these followers.

3. Read the comments Fake accounts Post

When viewing a suspected user’s post, examine the comments underneath. You might observe unusual usernames that appear illegitimate and comments that are entirely unrelated to the post.

These comments could also seem highly generic, featuring repeated use of identical emojis and the same generic comments reiterated multiple times. Such patterns strongly suggest that the user has purchased followers to inflate account engagement.

How To Tell If Someone Has Fake Followers On TikTok:

Follow the steps below to tell if someone has fake followers:

Step 1: First, Find the Followers on the Account 

To identify someone with fake followers, begin by launching the TikTok app on your phone from the home screen. Next, tap the profile icon located in the bottom right corner of the screen within the menu bar.

Once in the profile section, access the followers by selecting the “Followers” option. This displays a list of usernames of individuals following your TikTok account. Pick a username and navigate to their followers’ list.

Step 2: Find Out Some Facts on Profile

Keep an eye on these elements to verify:

🔴 Profile Photo:

An effective way to discern between a legitimate and fake account is by assessing the profile photo. Legitimate users typically use images of themselves, pets, or group photos.

Conversely, fake accounts avoid real images and opt for celebrity photos, bitmojis, or images sourced from platforms like Pinterest. Some fake accounts might even lack a profile photo entirely.

So, encountering an account with a profile picture sourced from Google strongly suggests it might be fake.

🔴 Account Posts:

When assessing an account that raises doubts, check for posted content. Fake accounts often lack any posts since they aren’t actively maintaining a social presence. However, new accounts might also have no posts initially.

🔴 Username Characteristics:

Fake accounts tend to possess usernames devoid of meaning. These usernames consist of a jumble of characters and numbers, forming no coherent words or names.

Hence, spotting usernames comprising random combinations of numbers and alphabets indicates the likelihood of encountering a fake account.

Step 3. Decide if these are the Fake Accounts

Determining whether an account is fake requires considering multiple indicators. Individually, profile picture, post visibility, or username might not provide an accurate assessment. However, when observed together or in pairs, they offer a more definitive idea.

For instance, an account with a nonsensical username and no posted content strongly suggests it’s fake. Similarly, if an account displays a celebrity profile picture while lacking both posts and a meaningful username, it likely signifies a fake account.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How to see fake followers on TikTok?

Regrettably, TikTok doesn’t offer a direct method to detect fake followers. Nonetheless, certain indications can signal potential fake accounts, including profiles with minimal or no content, a substantial follower count coupled with low engagement (few likes, comments, shares), and usernames that appear suspicious or unrelated.

2. Can someone buy my followers on TikTok?

Indeed, it’s possible for someone to purchase followers for a TikTok account. However, engaging in this practice violates TikTok’s terms of service, potentially leading to repercussions such as account suspension or removal.

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