Sorry Couldn’t Find In Snapchat: Means > Blocked Or Else

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✎ Key Takes:

» Detecting if someone has blocked you on Snapchat involves sending snaps or messages to all your friends and observing profiles where your messages remain undelivered.

» Another sign to look out for is the absence of snap streaks or unexpected decreases in the count. A blocked user may stop sending snaps, leading to the reset of the streak to zero.

Sorry Couldn’t Find In Snapchat: Means > Blocked Or Else

Several possibilities may explain this situation:

► Incorrect username: Ensure that you have entered the correct username, as even a minor typo can prevent you from locating the user.

► Changed username: If the user has altered their username, you won’t be able to find them using their old one.

► Deleted account: If the user has deleted their Snapchat account, they will no longer be discoverable.

► Blocked by the user: Being blocked by a user on Snapchat means you won’t be able to find them in the app or add them as a friend.

► If you locate the account, a blue “Add Friend” button will be visible on the user’s profile. Clicking on this button should result in a successful addition. However, if you see the message “Sorry! Couldn’t find (username),” it indicates that the account has blocked you, preventing it from being added to your Snapchat friend list.

Make sure to enter the correct username when searching for a Snapchat profile to ensure accurate profile scanning, as an incorrect username won’t lead to the identification of the actual profile.

Why Does It Say Sorry Couldn’t Find On Snapchat:

These are the following reasons:

1. Incorrect Username or Spelling

If you receive the message “Sorry, couldn’t find on Snapchat,” it might indicate that the username was entered incorrectly or contains a spelling error. This message is shown when the entered username doesn’t correspond to any active Snapchat accounts.

If you come across this message, take a moment to review the username for any spelling mistakes and ensure its accuracy. Additionally, confirm whether the individual you’re searching for on Snapchat has shared the correct username with you.

2. Privacy Settings or Blocked Account

The occurrence of this message could be attributed to the individual’s privacy settings or the possibility that they have blocked you on Snapchat. Privacy settings may restrict certain users from finding and adding someone on Snapchat.

These settings can hinder you from locating their account or sending friend requests. It’s important to respect their privacy preferences and acknowledge that they may have chosen to limit the visibility of their account.

3. Account Deactivation or Suspension

If the account you’re searching for is not located, it could be deactivated or suspended by Snapchat. In such cases, the account may no longer be active or available on the platform.

Account deactivation or suspension can result from various reasons, including a breach of Snapchat’s community guidelines. If you suspect an error or require additional assistance, consider reaching out to Snapchat support for clarification or further assistance.

4. Temporary Glitch or Server Issue

The appearance of the message “Sorry, couldn’t find on Snapchat” might be a result of a temporary glitch or server problem on Snapchat’s end. This can impact the search functionality, leading to the temporary inaccessibility or non-availability of certain accounts.

If you face this problem, it’s advisable to wait for some time and attempt the search again later. Ensure that you have a stable internet connection and that your Snapchat app is updated during this process.

How To See Who Blocked You On Snapchat:

Here are the different ways by which you can find out the names of the people who might have blocked you on Snapchat.

1. Send Messages to Friends

To determine the Snapchat friend who has blocked you, you can employ a method involving sending snaps or messages to your entire friend list on Snapchat.

When a friend blocks you on Snapchat, your snaps will no longer reach that user. To identify the blocked user, start by clicking on a snap and sending it to all your Snapchat friends. Then, navigate through the chat screen, checking each profile to find the one displaying “Pending” in grey, indicating that your snap couldn’t be delivered.

The profiles with the blue arrow mark next to “Delivered” have not blocked you. By identifying the one with the “Pending” sign, you can determine the name of the user who has blocked you.

If you prefer, you can use messages instead of snaps. In this case, wait for the user to reply. If a profile does not respond to your message, it might be an indication that the user has blocked you.

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Open the Snapchat application.

Step 2: Navigate to the Camera screen and click on a snap. Then, select the yellow “Send To” button.

Step 3: On the next page, consecutively tick mark all the circles next to your friends’ names. Afterward, click on the blue “Send” icon.

Step 4: Your snaps will be sent to all your friends.

Step 5: Scroll down the chat screen and identify the profile marked as “Pending” instead of “Delivered” to discover the name of the user who has blocked you.

2. Check Snap Streak Record

When a streak abruptly breaks because your Snapchat partner hasn’t responded to your snap, it could be an indication that the user has blocked you. To identify the profile that has blocked you, pay attention to accounts with which you have an active snap streak.

Snap streaks with other profiles can only persist if you exchange daily snaps and receive replies. If you notice that a specific profile’s snap streak drops suddenly to zero, it suggests the user may have ceased responding and blocked your account.

Once someone blocks you on Snapchat, they can no longer send you messages or snaps. Consequently, the user stops replying to your snaps, leading to the snap streak count resetting to zero.

To confirm if you’ve been blocked, send a snap to the user whose streak has reset to zero. If the snap remains “Pending” without getting delivered, it indicates that the user has blocked you.

When blocked on Snapchat, the account is removed from your friend list, preventing any further communication unless the user chooses to unblock you. Consequently, the previously collected snap streak is lost and cannot be regained.

3. Check for Errors

It’s important to understand that when someone blocks you on Snapchat, you lose the ability to send messages to that user. In the process of identifying the account that has blocked you, begin by sending messages to all friends on your Snapchat list.

You’ll observe that for a particular profile, attempting to send a message will result in an error message stating “Unable to send messages.” This occurrence indicates that the account owner has blocked you on Snapchat.

🔴 Steps to Follow:

Step 1: Open the Snapchat application.

Step 2: Swipe right from the camera screen to access the chat section.

Step 3: The names of your Snapchat friends will be listed individually.

Step 4: Initiate messaging by selecting the first name.

Step 5: Message all your friends to identify the profile associated with the error message.

In instances where someone blocks you on Snapchat, their chat may automatically be removed from the chat section. Scroll down to locate the missing chat and determine which user has blocked you. This will help you identify the account in question.

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