How To Tell If Someone Deleted Their Instagram

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✎ Key Takes:

» You can determine if someone deleted their Instagram by checking your bookmarked profiles; encountering an error when attempting to open a profile might suggest a username change, deletion, or deactivation.
» When suspecting a block, it’s important to differentiate between a potential block and a profile deactivation on Instagram.

How To Tell If Someone Deleted Their Instagram:

If you’re curious about whether someone has deleted their profile or blocked you on Instagram, you can use several techniques to distinguish between the two scenarios. By observing certain indicators, you can determine whether you’ve been blocked or if the person has simply deactivated their profile on Instagram. Let’s explore these indications together.

1. Check the Profile of that Person

Begin your investigation by examining the profile of the individual who may have blocked you or whose Instagram account status you’re uncertain about. Access your Instagram account, copy the person’s profile URL, and open their profile either via the web or your mobile device.

If the person has deleted or deactivated their profile, you’ll encounter a message stating ‘Sorry, that page isn’t available.’ Conversely, if you’ve been blocked, the profile will display zero posts, accompanied by a ‘User Not Found’ error message.

2. Verify with Filter of Changed Username

If the person has recently changed their username on their Instagram profile, you won’t be able to locate them using the previous URL. If you’re uncertain whether you’ve been blocked or not, view the profile from your ‘Following’ list on your Instagram profile.

If you can still locate them on the list, the error you encountered was likely due to the username change. However, if you cannot find them on your following list and their profile is inaccessible when you’re logged out, it indicates that the person has deactivated their Instagram account.

3. Look at the profile without an account

To determine whether a profile exists, you’ll need to check it from your desktop or mobile browser without being logged into an account. Ensure you’re logged out, then copy the profile URL and open it in your browser.

If the profile appears after typing and hitting the URL, it indicates that neither the person deactivated their account nor changed their username; instead, they may have blocked you on Instagram, preventing you from seeing their profile.

On the other hand, if you receive a message stating ‘Sorry, this page isn’t available,’ it suggests that the person has deactivated their Instagram profile.

4. Finding out the hashtags

Another indicator to consider is searching for hashtags on Instagram. If you can locate the profile through the hashtags it was using, but the page doesn’t open when you attempt to access it, it suggests that the person who blocked you has deleted their profile.

In both scenarios, you can investigate further by accessing the hashtags link from a friend’s profile or through an incognito window in your browser.

If you can view posts with the hashtags from your friend’s Instagram profile, it strongly implies that the person has blocked you. However, if the same hashtags aren’t visible when using a different account or your friend’s account, it indicates that the person has deactivated their profile.

If you encounter another profile with the same name, it could imply that the person has created a new Instagram account. It’s important to note that Instagram doesn’t permit merging accounts.

5. Check your Saved list for Media

If you previously had multiple posts from someone else on your Instagram account but now they’re not visible on your list, it suggests that the person either deleted the posts or blocked you on Instagram, resulting in the removal of their posts from your account.

If you saved the bookmark of a post, you can attempt to access the post using that URL without being logged into an account. If you can view the post, it indicates that the person blocked you on Instagram, causing the removal of your saved post.

6. Ask your Friends to Investigate

Another option is to check the profile from a friend’s account if you know someone who has mutual followers. You can ask that person to send you the profile of the individual you suspect has blocked you.

If your friend can send you the link or find the profile, it’s sufficient to confirm whether the person has indeed blocked you. This explains why the profile was inaccessible from your account but accessible to your friend, who was able to view all the content on the profile.

How To Know If Someone Deactivated Instagram Account:

You will notice these things below:

1. DP Goes Blank

Frequently, when users deactivate their accounts, others may erroneously believe they’ve been blocked. Here’s how to verify whether the person has deactivated their account:

Check the chat section for their profile picture. If you notice that their messages are missing and their display picture isn’t visible, it indicates that the person has deactivated their Instagram account.

🔴 Check:

◘ Open the Instagram application. Ensure that you’re connected to a WiFi network or have your data connection turned on.

◘ Log in to your Instagram account. Click on the message icon located at the top right corner of the homepage.

◘ You’ll see the chat list of your account. Open the chat of the user and check if the profile picture (DP) is visible.

◘ If the profile picture appears blank and gray, it indicates that the user has deactivated their account.

2. Profile Shows User Not Found

You should also check the profile page of the user by clicking on their username at the top of the chat screen. This allows you to see if you can view the content on their profile page. If you encounter the message “User Not Found” on the profile page, along with a blank display picture icon and no posts, it indicates that the user is no longer on Instagram.

Since the user has deactivated their account, you’re unable to access the posts and display pictures that were previously available on their profile.

🔴 Check:

◘ Open the Instagram application and log in to your account.

◘ Navigate to the message section and open the chat page of the user.

◘ Then, click on the username to access the profile page.

◘ Verify if it displays “User Not Found” or not.

3. Sent Messages Return Error & Fails

You can also attempt to send messages to the user to determine if they are deactivated or not. When you try to send messages to a deactivated account, they won’t go through because the account is no longer available to receive them.

Instead, you’ll receive error messages indicating that the message or picture failed to send. Additionally, if you’ve been blocked, you won’t be able to type or send messages to the user. This is a key distinction between blocked and deactivated accounts.

🔴 Check:

◘ Open the Instagram application after enabling mobile data or connecting to a WiFi network.

◘ Log into your Instagram account and navigate to the chat section. Click on the chat to open the chat screen.

◘ Type your message in the message box and click on the send button.

If you receive an error message and the message fails to send, it indicates that the account is deactivated.

4. All His Posts You Saved Are Gone

You should check the Saved section of Instagram to determine if all the saved posts from the user are still present or not.

When someone deactivates their account, their posts or pictures become inaccessible on Instagram, causing all saved posts from their profile to vanish from your Saved section. These posts will disappear without any notification.

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