How To Open My TikTok Following Feed: Are In Order?

How To Open My TikTok Following Feed: Are In Order?

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✎ Key Takes:

» To access your TikTok Following Feed, visit someone else’s profile, tap the follower section, and navigate through the list of followers.
» Utilize a secondary TikTok account to view your followers as a visitor, offering a different perspective on your profile’s engagement.

Are TikTok Followers In Order?

As you scroll through the following list, older followers’ names appear toward the bottom. This indicates those accounts you followed initially, while those followed more recently appear toward the top.

Similarly, in the Followers list, older followers are placed at the bottom, while recent followers appear at the top. However, if your follower count is less than 200, your followers’ list will be organized alphabetically.

How To Open My TikTok Following Feed:

The following list displays the TikTok users you are following. Much like the order of the followers list, those you’ve most recently followed are placed at the top, while the earliest ones you followed appear at the bottom.

1. From TikTok App

The steps remain identical to ‘view your follower’s list,’ with the only difference being at the end where you click on “Following” instead of “Followers”.

Step 1: Open your TikTok

Begin by launching the TikTok app on your device. Enter your Login ID: username & password to access your account.

Step 2: Tap on the “Profile” icon

Locate the “Me” option at the bottom right corner of the initial screen. Tap on this icon, which represents your profile.

Step 3: Next, tap on the “Following” option

On your Profile page, among various options like Following, Followers, and Hearts, select “Following,” positioned first from the left.

Step 4: Scroll down to view your following list

You’ll find a complete list of the people you follow on TikTok. Scroll down to view them one by one.

Checking the lists of followers and followings on TikTok is quite straightforward.

What Can You See from TikTok Analytics:

Explore the following aspects available on TikTok:

✅ Video Views: Track views for individual videos or groups within the past 7 to 28 days.

✅ Follower Count: Monitor changes in your followers over the last 7 to 28 days, noting increases or decreases.

✅ Profile Visits: Assess traffic to your profile—discover how many users have visited your profile within the last 7 to 28 days.

✅ Conversion Metrics: Understand the ratio of viewers to followers and profile visitors with these calculations:

For the percentage of video viewers who become profile visitors: Conversion Rate [Video viewer to profile viewer] = (100 ÷ Video views) × Profile views

To determine how many profile visitors converted into followers: Conversion Rate [Profile visitor to follower] = (100 ÷ Profile views) × Increase in followers”

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How to see someone’s Followers on a TikTok private account?

The follower list of private TikTok accounts remains hidden until you start following the user. To access this information, simply follow the user on TikTok. Once you become a follower, you’ll gain visibility into their Followers list, posts, and other profile details by visiting their profile page.

2. How to see TikTok private account videos without following them?

Accessing private TikTok account videos is restricted unless you follow the user within the TikTok app. Nevertheless, utilizing third-party TikTok profile viewer tools found online enables viewing videos from private TikTok profiles by searching for the user using their TikTok username.

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