How To Find Social Media Accounts By Phone Number

How To Find Social Media Accounts By Phone Number

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How To Find Social Media Accounts By Phone Number:

If you aim to discover someone’s social media profiles using their mobile number, it’s possible. Various methods and tools exist that can assist in locating social media accounts solely through a phone number.

1. Upload the Contacts to Apps

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat offer a feature to upload device contacts. This allows the apps to display accounts associated with those contacts, simplifying user connections on platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

Accounts across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., are frequently linked to phone numbers. By uploading contacts, these apps begin searching for accounts associated with those numbers.

It’s important to note that you must save the phone number in your device before uploading it to social media apps. Only saved contacts are uploaded, not the entire call log. To find accounts linked to a specific contact number, save it on your device, then upload and sync contacts on the social media apps.

2. Using Truecaller and Search

Having the user’s phone number grants access to their name or caller ID via the Truecaller app. Truecaller offers free identification of number owners.

Entering a phone number into Truecaller reveals the person’s name, allowing manual searches for their profiles on social media platforms.

To confirm the profiles, verify the user’s phone number in the About or Information section.

Here’s a breakdown of the method:

🔴 Steps to Take:

  • Download and install the Truecaller app on your device.
  • Open the app and set up an account.
  • Access the dial pad from the Calls section.
  • Enter the phone number.
  • The app displays the caller ID, revealing the owner’s name.
  • Proceed to any social media app and use the name in the search box to find the user.
  • Locate the profile in the search results and access it.
  • Verify the phone number in the account information to ensure the correct profile.

3. Google Search Phone Number

To locate social media accounts using your phone number, conducting a Google search simplifies the process. Paste the number into the search bar to discover associated social media links in the results.

You can access Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter links from the search results to connect with the user. Additionally, details about the owner, including name, address, location, and contact information, might be available in the search results.

Here are the steps to follow:

🔴 Steps to Take:

  • Open a mobile browser and navigate to
  • Input the number into Google’s search bar to locate the user’s social media profiles.
  • Ensure accuracy in entering the phone number for precise profile results.
  • Visit the social media profile links from the search results to connect with the user.

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