How To Rejoin WhatsApp Group

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✎ Key Points:

» To rejoin the WhatsApp group, you can either register with a new mobile number or utilize the existing invite link.
» Alternatively, simply request the Admin to add you again if you were removed by any WhatsApp group admin.
» WhatsApp facilitates users to join any group as long as they possess the invite link.

If you accidentally tapped on ‘Exit Group’…

…you can ask the group admin to add you back, especially if you’re acquainted with them. Since it’s a friend, you can easily reach out to them.

While you can’t generate a WhatsApp group invite link unless you’re the group admin, you can join the group using the invite link through another WhatsApp account.

How To Rejoin WhatsApp Group:

Try the following methods:

1. Ask Other Admins

When you’ve been removed from a group by one admin, reach out to other admins (if any) and request to be re-added.

🔴 Follow these steps to rejoin a group after being removed by the admin:

Step 1: Open the group information, specifically the participants list.

Step 2: Obtain the contact information of the admin(s).

Step 3: Reach out to them via WhatsApp and request any of them to add you back to the group.

That’s all there is to it.

This approach is only feasible if there are other admins available in the WhatsApp group to fulfill your request for re-entry.

2. Without Admin Permission

If you’re the sole admin of a group, it’s advisable to designate another member as an admin before leaving. Alternatively, you can appoint your alternate account as an admin.

You can request any member to share the group invite link so you can rejoin.

If you possess the group invite link and aim to join a group without admin approval, you can create a new account and join the group using the invite link.

🔴 Follow these steps:

To rejoin a WhatsApp group, simply:

Step 1: Obtain the WhatsApp group joining link and click on it to rejoin the group.

Step 2: Ensure that you haven’t previously joined the group with that number. If necessary, use a different WhatsApp number.

Alternatively, request the other admins to reinstate your admin privileges in that specific group.

However, if you have the invite link, you can use it without needing assistance from someone else.

3. Join Using WhatsApp Beta

Another method is to install the WhatsApp beta version on your phone.

Then, request a group member to send you the group link. Click on the link to be added, and then verify it.

By following these steps, you can rejoin the WhatsApp group without requiring admin permission. You can join without the necessity of a direct invitation.

How To Create Group Link In WhatsApp:

Now, many people might wonder what a group link is and how to create one on WhatsApp.

It’s quite simple. Just follow these steps:

🔴 Follow these steps:

Step 1: Navigate to the group info of any group you desire, where you’ll find an option to invite via group link.

Step 2: Click on it and wait for the group link to be generated. Then, share the link with those who wish to join the WhatsApp group or copy it to your email.

You can also utilize the QR code for quick addition to the group without needing an invitation.

If you wish to discontinue or if someone else has already added the person, you can select the option to revoke the link.

Why Can’t You Join A WhatsApp Group:

You may have these reasons:

1. You are Blocked From Group

If you encounter difficulties joining a WhatsApp group, it’s possible that you’ve been blocked from rejoining after leaving the group multiple times.

While it may seem innocuous, repeatedly exiting a group within a short span of time can lead to WhatsApp preventing you from rejoining, even with a valid group link.

Additionally, if you’ve previously reported the group on WhatsApp, it will automatically be blocked from your account. Even if the admin sends a new group link after you’ve left the group following a report, you won’t be able to rejoin.

2.  Once Removed Can’t Join Without Admin Help

If you’ve been removed by a group admin from any WhatsApp group, you won’t be able to rejoin using the previous link. Rejoining will require assistance from the admin.

You can only rejoin if the admin provides a new joining or invite link to the WhatsApp group, or if they directly add you to the group. However, you can’t add yourself back.

In groups with multiple admins, message any of them and request an invitation to join using the link.

3. Accidentally left WhatsApp group

If you’ve unintentionally left a WhatsApp group, rejoining isn’t possible solely because of the accidental departure. The policy remains unchanged. To rejoin, you’ll require a new invite link sent by the admin, as the previous one won’t be functional.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Why can’t I add my friend to a WhatsApp group?

If you’re experiencing difficulty adding someone to a WhatsApp group, there are typically two reasons for this. Either the person has recently left the group and blocked the admins, or they’ve adjusted their settings to prevent anyone from adding them to any WhatsApp group.

WhatsApp introduced a feature in its privacy settings where users can specify who can add them to groups: either “contacts” or “nobody.”

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