How To Restore A Permanently Limited PayPal Account

How To Restore A Permanently Limited PayPal Account

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✎ Key Takes:

To reinstate a permanently limited PayPal account, access the Resolution Center online or send a physical letter to a PayPal executive. Engage in the appeal process by submitting necessary documents to lift limitations and regain spending access. Should you opt to create a new PayPal account after a permanent limitation, transfer funds to your bank account from the old one and address any remaining issues before permanently closing it.

How To Restore Permanently Limited PayPal Account:

You have these things to fix it with:

1. Re-Appeal To PayPal

If your PayPal account faces permanent limitations, a re-application to PayPal is necessary to remove these restrictions, contingent upon proving your identity to them. It’s crucial to articulate your situation clearly, appealing for the removal of these constraints.

Confirmation of your control over the account and absence of fraudulent transactions is pivotal for lifting the limitations. Here are the steps to appeal:

  • Follow this link to access PayPal’s Help Center:
  • Log in to reach PayPal’s Resolution Center.
  • Navigate to Disputes and Account Limits.
  • Select Account Limitations.
  • Upload identity verification like a green card or driver’s license and detail your issue.
  • Submit the appeal form.

2. Write to PayPal Executive: Without ID

An alternate method to appeal to PayPal involves crafting a letter directed to the PayPal executive, requesting the removal of limitations on your account. Ensure accurate attachment of your account details.

This approach proves beneficial if you lack a green card or driver’s license number for identity verification. Dispatch the physical letter via post to the PayPal executive, explicitly outlining your plea to restore your account to regular functionality.

To ensure direct receipt, consider sending a copy of the letter via email to the PayPal executive. This step guarantees direct access to your appeal.

How To Check PayPal Limits:

Each PayPal account adheres to a specific spending limit, which, if surpassed, restricts further money transfers to other PayPal users.

As these limits vary for each user, it’s crucial to verify the preset limit assigned by PayPal before initiating any transactions.

When your account faces limitations, your spending cap is reduced.

Here are the steps to review your limits:

  • Log in to your PayPal account and navigate to My Account.
  • Click on View Limits.
  • Your spending limit will be displayed.

Additionally, check the notification section for any alerts or notifications pertaining to restrictions on your account.

How To Spend Money On A Limited PayPal Account:

When your PayPal account faces limitations due to suspected fraudulent activities or other issues, regular payments and spending become inaccessible. To understand the extent of restrictions or spending limitations, refer to the PayPal notifications section to discern the permitted spending amount or if spending is allowed at all on a restricted account.

In case spending is entirely restricted on a limited account, providing the requested information becomes imperative for account recovery.

Upon furnishing the required information or identity proof, such as your driver’s license or green card number, and appealing to PayPal, account recovery becomes feasible. Subsequently, you regain access to your account balance for spending purposes.

How To Make A New PayPal Account After Being Permanently Limited:

🔴 Steps to Take:

Step 1: Withdraw all funds from your initial PayPal account and proceed to close it.

Step 2: Once the old PayPal account is closed, create a new one.

Step 3: If the old account isn’t permanently closed but you wish to create a new one, use different details for the new PayPal account.

Step 4: In the event of inability to open a new account or permanently close the old one due to permanent limitations on PayPal, consider using a trusted friend’s or family member’s account temporarily.

Step 5: Once the old PayPal account is successfully closed, proceed to open a new account on the platform.

Step 6: Exercise caution to abide by PayPal’s terms and conditions to avoid potential account bans, which could lead to a 180-day fund holding period.

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