How To Find Out If A Paypal Account Is Still Active

How To Find Out If A Paypal Account Is Still Active

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✎ Key Takes:

» To verify the activity of a PayPal account, attempt signing in; if unsuccessful, click “Forgot Password” and follow the emailed link. » Sending money or requesting payment through a PayPal invoice can confirm its activity; encountering issues might indicate inactivity or closure.

» Be cautious of emails from PayPal if you lack an active account; they could be fraudulent. Ensure you’re signed up to receive money, as inactive accounts face closure after three years of inactivity.

How To Find Out If A PayPal Account Is Still Active:

Various methods exist to determine the status of an old PayPal account—below, discover the different techniques and checks available to ascertain whether a PayPal account is active or inactive.

1. Try Signing In With Email & Password

To verify the status of an old PayPal account, accessing it through login is the primary method, provided the account belongs to you.

Retrieve the accurate login credentials for the PayPal account. Then, utilize the PayPal app or open the PayPal website via Chrome to log in.

Ensure precise entry of the login details on the page. Successful login confirms the account’s active status. However, encountering an ‘incorrect details’ message may indicate inactivity or inaccuracies in the entered information.

2. Try Forgot Password

An alternative method to verify the status of a PayPal account—whether it’s active or closed—is through the “Forgot Password” option. If you’ve lost access to your PayPal account due to forgotten information, accessing this option becomes crucial.

Select the “Forgot Password” feature on the login page. Provide the email address linked to your PayPal account. Accurately input the Gmail address associated with the account. Upon submission, a password reset link will be sent to this email address, enabling you to reset the PayPal account’s password and regain access.

This action indicates that the PayPal account is associated with the specified email address but remains inactive. Resetting the password and subsequent login will reactivate the account.

3. Try Sending Money If It Goes

Another method to assess the functionality of your old PayPal account involves attempting to transfer money to it. If you possess another PayPal account on a separate device, utilize this account to transfer funds to the old PayPal account. A successful transfer confirms the account’s activity.

Alternatively, seek assistance from a friend to send money to the specified PayPal account. Monitoring the transaction’s success or failure provides insight into the account’s active or inactive status. Transaction failures indicate the account is no longer active.

4. Request Money by Sending Invoice Using Email

To verify the activity of a PayPal account, try sending an invoice. Create an invoice within your PayPal account and attempt to send it to the specific PayPal account in question.

If the invoice is successfully sent to the PayPal ID, it indicates an active status. However, encountering issues or failures in sending the invoice might suggest the account is inactive.

🔴 Steps to Proceed:

  • Open the PayPal app.
  • Log in with accurate login credentials.
  • Access “Tools” and select “Invoicing.”
  • Click on “Create.”
  • Enter the recipient’s email address, along with their name and address in the provided fields.
  • Proceed by adding customer details in the subsequent section.
  • Finally, click on the “Send” button to dispatch the invoice.

Why don’t I have a PayPal account but I got an email:

PayPal regularly communicates with its customers via emails and online messages. However, if you’ve received an email from PayPal without having an account, verifying its authenticity is essential.

If the email requests sensitive information like your address, bank details, or credit card information, it’s likely a fraudulent email. PayPal never solicits such confidential data.

In the case of an email notifying you about receiving a PayPal payment, signing up for a PayPal account is necessary to receive the funds. If uncertain about creating an account, the money will be returned to the sender.

How Long do PayPal Accounts Stay Active:

If your PayPal account remains dormant for an extended period, PayPal typically closes accounts that haven’t been logged into for a maximum of three years. Even if the account hasn’t received any payments during this time, it’s considered inactive by PayPal.

If you haven’t initiated a PayPal payment or logged into your account for nearly three years, there’s a likelihood that your account is approaching closure. Before the closure, PayPal notifies you via your registered email about the intent to close the account due to inactivity exceeding three years.

How to check if a PayPal account is verified:

To confirm your PayPal account’s verification status, access the following link and log in:

Upon logging in, it will display whether your account is verified. If verified, you’ll see the message “Your member status is Verified,” confirming your verified account status on PayPal.

However, if this link doesn’t work for you and instead shows your PayPal account balance without the verified badge, it indicates your account is not verified. In such a case, access your account settings on the official PayPal website to verify it by adding and confirming your bank details. Alternatively, you can add credit or debit card information to achieve verification.

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