15 Best Prank Links to Send to Friends

15 Best Prank Links to Send to Friends

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Engaging in playful pranks brings joy, reminiscent of the days when we shared jokes for hearty laughter. Today, I’ll unveil a collection of the 15 most entertaining, clever, mischievous, jumpscare, and humorous prank links, perfect for sharing with your friends.

In this fast-paced life, driven by intense market competition, we toil relentlessly to secure profits. Amidst the hustle and bustle, we often neglect to set aside time for pure enjoyment. Particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us bear the weight of loss and continue to grapple with the ongoing threat of this deadly virus. Strengthening our immune system is paramount in these challenging times, and a key component of this is ensuring our own happiness and adopting a healthy lifestyle. While I may not offer a comprehensive solution, I can certainly contribute to your enjoyment. Yes, fun! It’s a powerful force that brings happiness and elicits hearty laughter, which in turn bolsters our immune system.

Within this blog post, I present a curated list of the best websites and links for funny, mischievous, cool pranks, and jump scares. You can easily share these with your friends to share some laughter and provide them with the opportunity to spread mirth to others. Pranking stands as one of the finest ways to have a delightful time with friends and family. However, it’s vital to note that pranks should be played exclusively with those who possess a lighthearted attitude. Avoid pranking individuals who may not take it in good spirits or handle it well.

If you find yourself short on time to venture out, fret not – you can prank your friends right from your laptop. Indeed, there exists a plethora of prank links that can easily fool your friends. These links are hosted online and can be shared via email, or you can even find prank links suitable for platforms like WhatsApp.

True friends are those who embrace humor without taking offense, so let your mischievous side shine with your closest pals. Always exercise caution and ensure that your pranks do not hurt anyone’s feelings or cross any boundaries. With that, let’s dive into the world of the 15 Prank Links to Send to Friends.

15 Prank Links to Send to Friends to Fool Them


I’ve explored numerous prank websites, and among them, I’ve discovered the ultimate prank link to share with your friends and have them fooled. This particular link stands out as the best choice. Simply head over to Shadyurl.com, input any website link, and hit the Submit button.

This tool transforms your link into one that appears quite suspicious, leaving your friends pondering whether or not to click on it. It essentially functions as a URL shortener, but with a twist – it adds an element of shadiness. Experiment with it alongside your friends and observe their reactions; you’re bound to find it quite amusing.


FakeWhats.com is a platform that allows you to generate fabricated conversations complete with settings that closely resemble genuine WhatsApp chats. You can craft these mock WhatsApp conversations using the names of your friends or anyone else, providing you with a fun tool for pranking your friends.

There are so many options, use all of them to customize the conversation to make that look even more authentic one.

Hacker Typer {The Geeky Funny Prank Link}

You’ve probably witnessed those captivating movie scenes where hackers type away on a black screen with green text. If you want to impress someone with your “hacking” skills, Hacker Typer is the perfect tool. Start typing, and it will give the illusion of a hacker at work. Share this with your friends and have some fun playfully teasing them.

Have a great time tricking your pals!

Geek Typer 

Geek Typer bears a resemblance to Hacker Typer, but it offers customization options, allowing you to pick a theme for your typing screen. With a wide array of themes available, simply select the one that suits your taste and begin typing.

For an added touch, you can further personalize the background and text colors, enhancing the illusion of a genuine hacking experience. Adopting this approach and typing in such a manner in front of your friends might just leave them with the impression that you’re a skilled hacker. It’s a clever and enjoyable way to playfully prank your friends.

Love Calculator

The Love Calculator is a website that offers a fun prank feature. After registering, you can obtain a prank link to send to your friends, making them believe they’re using a love calculator. However, when they enter their and their partner’s names, all the details will be sent to your email address. When they click ‘submit,’ they’ll receive a message revealing that it was all a prank and that your and your partner’s names have been emailed to <email address>.

This is one of the funniest ways to prank your friends as with the fun, you get to know your friends’ lovers’ names as well.

Shit Express (Dirty, smelly Funny Prank Link)

Shit Express is a website that offers a unique service – you can have the excrement of a specific animal sent to anyone you choose. It’s an entertaining prank link to share with your friends, enabling them to playfully trick their acquaintances by sending animal poop as a comical and rather unconventional gift. The joy lies in sending a slightly malodorous surprise to someone special.

News of Future (Futuristic Prank Link)

News of Future is a trolling website that exclusively features news articles from the distant future. Share this prank link with your friends, and watch as they are taken aback by the futuristic content presented on the website, adding a touch of playful deception to your interactions.


Greatbigstuff is a playful website where you can purchase everyday items in hilariously oversized proportions. Imagine getting an enormous pen! You can order these comically large items as a lighthearted way to prank your friends. Alternatively, share the website with your friends, allowing them to spread the fun and playfully deceive others. It’s a top choice among prank links for adding laughter to your interactions.

Fart Attack:

This prank is both embarrassing and incredibly entertaining. It’s particularly suited for people working in office environments. To pull off this prank, patiently wait for your friend to temporarily vacate their seat. Then, discreetly install the Chrome extension called “Fart Attack” on their computer. Once it’s in place, do nothing more. When your friend returns and starts using their computer, every click on a link or button will trigger a comical fart sound. For maximum effect, ensure the volume on their PC is turned up. The ensuing hilarity is sure to be a memorable experience. I remember playing this prank during my office days, and the amusement we shared when my colleague’s reaction ranged from shock to laughter was priceless.

Facebook Status Prank:

The Facebook Status Prank is another delightful prank link, perfect for sending to your friends for some good-natured mischief. Alternatively, you can use it to playfully trick your own Facebook friends by generating a fake status. As an example, here’s one I created:

Ship Your Enemies Glitter

This website offers a diverse array of glitter and amusing items that you can send to your friends or even playfully share with those who might be less fond of you. It’s essential to emphasize that you should approach this prank with a light-hearted spirit, ensuring that no one’s feelings are genuinely hurt.

Cat Facts

Even though Cat Facts comes at a cost, it’s an excellent tool for teasing your friends by anonymously sending them a barrage of cat facts. You can keep your identity concealed while inundating your friend’s phone number with a flurry of feline trivia, adding a mischievous touch to your interactions.

In conclusion

these prank links stand out as some of the finest choices to share with your friends, enabling them to enjoy a laugh and share the mirth with others. The internet boasts a plethora of websites designed for pranks, but it’s crucial to bear in mind that the primary goal is to amuse, not hurt anyone’s feelings.

One personal favorite of mine is Hacker Typer. As a fan of hacking movies, there’s an inherent thrill in witnessing code being elegantly typed on a black and blue screen. It’s an experience that remains both entertaining and refreshing.

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