How To Fix LinkedIn Active Status Not Working

How To Fix LinkedIn Active Status Not Working

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✎ Key Takes:

» Visibility concerns on LinkedIn’s active status arise when a user hides it, operates on an outdated app, or ceases activity on the platform.
» Take the initiative to review and modify your LinkedIn status visibility through the Settings page. Additionally, explore settings that indicate you’re not actively seeking job opportunities.

LinkedIn Active Status Not Working:

These are the reasons for which you can’t see someone’s LinkedIn active status:

1. Person Made it Hidden from Settings

If LinkedIn’s active status isn’t visible, it’s likely the person has chosen to hide it on their profile. This feature can be concealed based on the user’s preference. If someone decides not to display their active status, it won’t be visible to others.

To hide your active status on LinkedIn, access your Settings. Log in to your account, click on your Profile icon, and select Settings. Within the Settings page, navigate to Visibility, locate the “Manage active status” option, and set it to “No One” to keep it hidden from your profile.

2. Not Available on LinkedIn

If the active status isn’t visible, it might be due to using an outdated application; this feature might not be accessible on outdated LinkedIn apps.

Additionally, server problems such as server downtime or network issues can also lead to the unavailability of this feature.

3. Account no Longer in Use

If the active status of someone isn’t visible on LinkedIn, it’s possible they’ve stopped using the LinkedIn application.

If the person has deleted their LinkedIn account entirely, you won’t find their account at all. However, if they haven’t deleted the account but have chosen not to use it, the active status feature might disappear.

Whether the app remains on their phone or not, if they’ve ceased using it altogether, the active status feature won’t function.

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