How To Know If Someone Is Online On LinkedIn

How To Know If Someone Is Online On LinkedIn

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✎ Key Points:

» Identifying if someone is online on LinkedIn is simple: keep an eye out for a solid green circle on their profile, indicating their active status. However, you can also gather clues by observing the timing of their profile engagements or noting their responsiveness to comments on recent posts to gauge their online presence.

» Additionally, look for indicators like an available phone status, symbolized by a green circle with a white dot, or a black dot denoting push notifications are enabled. These signs offer valuable insights into a user’s availability on LinkedIn.

How To Know If Someone Is Online On LinkedIn:

Look at these things below to know if someone is online on LinkedIn:

1. Check Solid Green Circle on Profile

To detect someone’s presence on LinkedIn, look for the solid green circle encircling their profile, signaling their active status. This indicates the user is actively using the platform at that moment.

When someone is online on LinkedIn, it’s an opportune moment to engage with them, whether it’s to discuss your queries or reach out for a conversation. There’s a high likelihood of receiving an instant reply.

Simply send a message to the user; they’ll promptly receive a notification about it.

2. Check His Activity

Another method to determine a user’s online status is by reviewing their profile activities, specifically the timing of their posts.

Upon visiting someone’s LinkedIn profile, you’ll find a timeline displaying all their uploaded posts, arranged from the most recent to the oldest.

Focus on the latest posts listed under “All Activity” and note their timestamps. If a post was made just a few minutes ago, it’s highly probable that the user is currently online.

However, if the post dates back several days, it becomes less certain whether the user is presently active on LinkedIn. Only when the most recent activity is extremely recent do you have a strong indication of the user’s current online presence.

3. Comments & Reply on Posts

Monitoring the comments or responses on posts can be another way to ascertain someone’s online presence on LinkedIn.

The timestamps on comments made on LinkedIn articles or activities indicate when they were posted, allowing you to deduce the user’s last seen time or determine if they are presently online.

Navigate to the latest post and proceed to its comments section. Once there, focus on the user’s comments within the posts or their replies to others.

If their replies are recent, it indicates their current online activity.

How to Manage Active Status on LinkedIn:

To manage your active status on LinkedIn, understanding how to enable or disable it is crucial. Here are the steps to do so:

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Click on the “Me” icon located at the top right corner of the homepage.

Step 2: Access “Settings and Privacy.”

Step 3: Navigate to “Visibility” in the left sidebar.

Step 4: Click on “Change” beside “Manage active status.”

Step 5: Choose who can view your active status: Your Connections only, All LinkedIn members, or No one.

Step 6: Opt for visibility to All LinkedIn members if you wish to make it visible to everyone.

Step 7: Select “No one” to turn off the active status entirely.

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