How To Find Someone’s Google Reviews By Name

How To Find Someone’s Google Reviews By Name

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To discover a Google user review, begin by identifying the commenter’s name within the user’s review. Afterward, perform a Google search using the full name, and select the “Images” option to view images of the user, allowing you to gain insight into their appearance.

To ascertain the location of the reviewer, click on the user’s name within the review. This action will promptly open Google Maps, displaying the location from which the user posted the review on Google.

For tracking and managing your company’s online reviews, consider utilizing tools like Birdeye, Yext, and Podium. These platforms can assist in the efficient management of your company’s online reputation.

Finding Someone’s Google Reviews

1. Search Name on Social Media

After spotting the name in the Google review, initiate the search for the user’s social media presence across different platforms. Begin with Facebook, using the full name seen in the Google review. Explore the user’s profile for insights. If the profile is private, consider sending a friend request to gain access to their posted pictures. Use the same name as the username to search for Instagram and Twitter profiles, enabling a deeper understanding by examining previous posts.

2. Utilize Birdeye Tool

Birdeye serves as a review tracking tool for monitoring Google reviews and managing online business reputation at an affordable rate.

? Steps:

  • Open the Birdeye tool.
  • Create your profile.
  • Enter your company name and the number of locations.
  • Input your full name and mobile number.
  • Provide your email address.
  • Click on “SEE PRICING” and select a suitable plan.
  • Access your account and click on “Reviews” in the sidebar to manage your company’s reviews.

3. Explore Yext

Yext is another tool for tracking and managing Google reviews, offering a demo plan for a limited free trial period.

? Steps:

  • Open the Yext tool.
  • Click on “Get Started.”
  • Create your account and select a pricing plan.
  • Access the Yext dashboard and click on the “Reviews” section to view ratings, reviews, and responses.
  • Remove unwanted reviews by selecting them and deleting.

4. Google Name & Find Images

Upon identifying the reviewer’s name, use Google’s search engine to look up the user by their full name. Click on the “Images” tab to view related pictures and linked profiles such as Facebook or Twitter. This method provides a quick and easy way to discover the user’s appearance.

5. Click on Name & Find Location

Upon identifying the user’s name in the review, search for the place being reviewed on Google. Access the Reviews section, then click on “More” to see all reviews. Click on the commenter’s name to prompt Google Maps, revealing the location from which the review was made.

Each of these methods provides various means to track, manage, and understand Google reviews, from discovering appearance to pinpointing locations.

How To Find email address from Google review:

If you’re seeking to discover the email address of a Google review user, it’s important to note that Google’s policies prohibit direct access to their email addresses through reviews. However, there is an alternative method you can employ.

You can initiate contact with the user by responding to their Google review and kindly request them to provide their email address. It’s essential to clearly explain your reason for needing their email address in your reply. Should the reviewer consent to share their email address with you, you can obtain it through their response.

Another approach is to post your own email address as a response to the reviewer’s comment and encourage them to get in touch with you. This way, you can eventually obtain the user’s email address.

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