How Does Instagram ‘Suggested For You’ Work

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✎ Key Takes:

» When a user uses the same hashtags as you, their account may appear on the suggestion list. Additionally, Instagram may suggest your account to others who share mutual followers with you.
» By linking your Facebook account to Instagram, you can discover users who are your Facebook friends and have Instagram accounts. Consequently, your profile may be recommended to these friends who are also on Instagram.

What Does Suggested For You Mean On Instagram:

You’ll notice this while browsing your Instagram feed, where the platform suggests posts and accounts it believes align with your interests and preferences.

Instagram meticulously examines your activities on the platform, including the accounts you follow, the posts you engage with, and the content you interact with, to tailor personalized recommendations specifically for you.

How Does Instagram ‘Suggested For You’ Work:

If you’ve spent time on Instagram, you’ve likely encountered the “Suggested for You” feature. This feature appears on your feed, presenting posts and accounts that Instagram believes match your interests and preferences.

Instagram carefully evaluates your interactions, including the accounts you follow, the posts you engage with, and the content you enjoy, to recommend similar content that resonates with you.

If you find that the suggested posts aren’t relevant or interesting, you can take steps to address it.

What Are Instagram Suggestions Based On:

Below you’ll be able to find the various ways using which Instagram decides and displays suggestions.

1. Based on Recent Activity

Instagram provides profile suggestions based on your recent activities within the app. If you’ve liked a post or commented on a picture of someone you don’t follow, Instagram may suggest that account to you.

The platform monitors your actions to determine whom to recommend. Consequently, profiles you visit or frequently view may also appear in the suggestions section.

Moreover, if your recent activities involve searching for someone on Instagram or spending significant time viewing their profile, Instagram might suggest those profiles as well.

In essence, Instagram’s suggestions also consider your recent search activities. If you regularly search for and view profiles you don’t follow, Instagram may recommend those accounts to follow. The algorithm takes into account factors such as the duration of time spent viewing a profile, posts liked or commented on, and more to generate suggestions.

2. Added phone contacts

Instagram suggests accounts linked to phone contacts uploaded to the platform. Users can upload their phone book contacts to Instagram, a feature available within the app.

Upon uploading contacts, Instagram searches for accounts associated with those numbers. If any uploaded phone number corresponds to an Instagram account, those accounts are presented as suggestions.

Instagram periodically syncs contacts, resulting in new suggestions whenever new contacts are uploaded. Following the addition of a new phone number, Instagram displays the associated account as a suggestion.

As Instagram utilizes phone contacts for suggestions, when a user links their account with their phone number and another user uploads their device contacts, the linked account may appear as a potential follower suggestion.

To upload contacts, navigate to the Discover People section within the app by tapping the three horizontal lines icon on your Instagram profile page. From there, click on “Connect” next to the “Connect Contacts” option to upload your contacts.

3. Hashtag You Use

Instagram utilizes hashtags to determine which profiles to suggest. Over the years, the use of hashtags in posts and stories has grown in popularity.

However, many users may not realize that Instagram monitors their actions when repeatedly using specific hashtags. Subsequently, Instagram suggests accounts that also use these hashtags.

Hashtags are commonly employed on Instagram to enhance post engagement. Instagram identifies accounts that frequently use the same hashtags and are highly active with them, later suggesting these accounts for you to follow.

Users often utilize the same hashtags suggested on each other’s profiles. While Instagram employs various methods to determine suggestions, hashtag usage remains one of the most effective approaches.

4. From New Following

Another effective method Instagram employs is by analyzing the “Following” section. If you’ve recently followed a specific account, Instagram will identify the accounts followed by that user and suggest them to you.

Instagram suggests various accounts to follow, particularly those with whom you share mutual followers. For instance, if there’s a user you don’t follow but have mutual followers with, Instagram will feature that account in your suggestions, along with the names of the mutual followers.

You can navigate to the Discover People section to find Instagram’s suggestions displayed sequentially. Suggestions based on mutual followers will include the names of those shared followers.

However, you often don’t need to visit the Discover People section. Even while scrolling through your homepage news feed, Instagram may display different accounts as suggestions to follow.

5. Connected to Social media

Instagram offers the option to link your Facebook profile with your Instagram profile, providing another method for the platform to suggest potential followers.

By connecting your Facebook account to your Instagram profile, Instagram gains access to your Facebook friends. Those friends who also have Instagram profiles may then be suggested to you on Instagram.

Once you’ve linked both your Facebook and Instagram accounts, you’ll notice that Instagram suggests accounts primarily from your Facebook friend list in the suggestions section.

You can connect your Facebook account to follow your Facebook friends on Instagram by accessing your profile page on Instagram.

🔴 Steps to Follow:

Step 1: Tap on the three horizontal lines icon on the top right of the screen.

Step 2: On the next page, locate the Discover People option and tap on it.

Step 3: Find the Connect option next to “Connect to Facebook.”

Tap on it, and as the accounts are linked, Instagram will suggest accounts with whom you’re friends on Facebook.

Connecting the two accounts will allow Instagram to identify users with whom you’re friends on Facebook and subsequently check for their Instagram profiles. Once Instagram finds someone’s Instagram profile with whom you’re friends on Facebook, it’s placed on the suggestions list.

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