22 Best Ways To Increase Snapchat Streak

22 Best Ways To Increase Snapchat Streak

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✎ Key Takes:

Boosting your Snapchat streak is easy—just keep those snaps flowing! Keep the interaction going by sending and receiving snaps daily. Get creative with your snaps by adding filters, stickers, and fun captions to keep the excitement alive.

And if you see your streak fading, shoot a quick message to your friend to reignite the fire. Remember, keeping the communication going is crucial to maintaining that streak!

Ways To Increase Snapchat Streak:

Let’s follow some direct ways to keep your streak and let it go up:

1. Establish a Daily Snap Routine

To rapidly boost your Snapchat score, make sending snaps a daily habit. Capture a moment with your camera and share it simultaneously with all your friends. Ensure you don’t skip anyone to maximize your streak. Feel free to edit your snaps to add a personal touch.

2. Strike a Snap Back-and-Forth Deal

Increase your Snapchat streak by engaging in reciprocal snapping with friends. This involves sending and receiving snaps, as well as adding them to your My Story. Make agreements with friends to exchange snaps consistently and accumulate more streak records.

3. Key Methods for Snap Streak Growth

There are two primary ways to boost your snap streak: sending and receiving snap photos, or sending and receiving snap videos. It’s crucial to send and receive snaps every day within a 24-hour period to keep the streak alive. Ensure that only snaps, not gallery pictures, are exchanged.

4. Daily Snap Exchange Ritual

Consistently send snaps to a friend every day and ensure you both exchange snaps within 24 hours to increase your snap streak by one each day. Sustain this routine to steadily elevate your streak count.

5. Snap Streak Numbers Exchange

After three consecutive days of snap exchanges, a number appears next to your friend’s name. This signifies an ongoing streak. Maintain this streak through daily Snapchat interactions to see the number grow.

6. Timely Responses for Snap Streak Growth

Choose friends who are likely to respond promptly to your snaps, as the streak only increases when you receive snaps in return within 24 hours. Prompt communication is essential for Snap Streak progression.

7. Consistency Is Key

Maintain a consistent daily routine to build and sustain your Snap Streak. Missing a day resets your progress, and emojis next to the name serve as indicators of a potentially endangered streak.

8. Significance of the First Day

The first day of initiating the streak is crucial. Begin on a day with high response likelihood or during special events. Clearly establish the daily snap exchange routine with your partner.

9. Focus on the Initial Weeks

Invest more attention during the initial weeks to establish a habit. Once the routine is ingrained, maintaining a high snap streak becomes easier.

10. Partner Selection Matters

Choose a friend who interacts frequently for easy communication reminders. Selecting an engaged friend ensures mutual commitment to sustaining the streak.

11. Finding Willing Participants

Identify friends willing to engage in snap streaks. Approach them with a snap, gauging their interest before committing to a streak.

12. Pride in Snap Streak Achievement

Snapchat streaks, while insignificant in the real world, serve as a source of pride. Embrace the streak emojis as symbols of your live streak.

13. Avoiding Unproductive Activities

Snap streaks solely rely on daily snap exchanges. Avoid engaging in other Snapchat activities like posting stories or group chats, as they don’t contribute to streak growth.

14. Utilizing Blank Snaps

Maintain your streak by sending and receiving snaps daily, regardless of content quality. Blank snaps are acceptable, ensuring continuity in streak progression.

15. Adhering to a Specific Time

Consistently send snaps at a designated time to ensure they are within the 24-hour limit. Maintaining a specific schedule is crucial for streak continuity.

16. Set Alarms for Snap Reminders

Ease your routine by setting alarms to remind you to send snaps, particularly in the morning. This ensures consistent daily participation.

17. Humorous Partner Renaming

Make the process enjoyable by renaming your snap partner with a humorous or memorable nickname. This adds a fun element to the streak maintenance.

18. Quality Over Quantity in Friends

A single committed friend is sufficient for maintaining a streak. Focus on consistent snap exchanges with one friend to sustain the streak.

19. Hourglass Emoji Alerts

The hourglass emoji signals a looming streak expiration. Promptly communicate with your friend through calls or messages to prevent the streak from breaking.

20. Recovering Lost Streaks

If you lose a streak, report the issue to Snapchat support. Provide accurate details to recover your lost streaks.

21. Snap Content Irrelevance

Don’t stress about snap content. Any daily snap suffices, even if it’s a simple object or captioned as “Streak.”

22. Snap Streak Filter Usage

Use the Snapchat Streak filter to view streak details without accessing your friend list. Swipe through filters to find and track your streak status effortlessly.


Consistency in daily snap exchanges with the same friend is the key to increasing and maintaining a high Snapchat streak. Follow these guidelines to elevate your streak count over time.

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