How To Become Verified On TikTok

How To Become Verified On TikTok

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✎ Key Points:

» To attain verification on TikTok, start by emailing TikTok officials to request verification. Include your account username and relevant details in your request.
» You can locate the email address through TikTok’s official profiles on Twitter and Instagram, or directly message them there.

» Additionally, there are specific criteria you should fulfill to qualify for a verified badge.

How To Become Verified On TikTok:

You have the following ways only to get verified on TikTok, let’s dive in:

1. Email to TikTok Team

The initial step in securing verification on TikTok involves accessing the TikTok handle on Twitter or Instagram to find the contact details, such as the “Email address,” necessary for obtaining a verified badge on your TikTok account.

Unlike other social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok offers an opportunity to engage directly with the official TikTok community to request a verified badge for your account.

Naturally, TikTok officials will evaluate specific criteria, including consistent account growth, original content, post engagement (such as likes and comments), and follower count, before granting a Verified Badge to your TikTok account.

The official handles for contacting TikTok (via email) are:

🏷 @TikTokSupport (Twitter):

🏷 @TikTokCreators (Twitter):

🏷 @TikTokCreators (Instagram):

While the process might seem formal, it’s a secure and assured procedure.

2. Provide your account info/username

When composing the email, ensure you include essential account details. The officials require information like your username and profile picture for the verification process.

It’s crucial not to share your account password; verification only necessitates your general account information.

Be precise yet comprehensive in providing your username and an accurate description of your profile. Doing so will take you halfway toward acquiring the verified badge.

3. Ask for a verified Badge

Finally, conclude with a brief, courteous request for the verified badge. Include a compelling reason that highlights why verification is important to you and your intentions once verified. Essentially, aim to impress the officials with the content of this email.

What Are The Standards For Getting Verified:

To secure this, ensure you adhere to the following:

Here are the criteria that TikTok officials examine during the verification process, which you must also take into account:

1. Continue Growth of the Followers List

Initially, focus on ongoing follower growth. While there’s no set number for daily gains, a consistent increase in followers is key.

Create engaging interactions with your audience to attract a steady influx of followers. This involves posting interactive stories, relatable content, and understanding your audience’s expectations to meet them regularly.

2. Posts as per Guidelines on TikTok or Unique Content

Standing out in a crowd requires doing something notably different, and the same holds true for TikTok.

To earn a ‘Verified badge,’ your content must impress. It should be engaging, relatable to daily life, motivational, and notably distinct from competitors.

However, it’s crucial to align this uniqueness with TikTok’s guidelines. Ensure your content complies with TikTok’s rules—avoiding violations and copyright issues.

How To Get Verified On TikTok Automatically:

You can get verified automatically following these things:

1. Pick a Niche & Be the Best

To establish your credibility, strive for excellence. Consistently deliver entertaining videos, useful resources, and increasingly distinctive content within a specific niche.

Uniqueness doesn’t necessarily mean being radically different or entirely diverging from trending topics. It involves honing your distinctive style—be it in your communication, video editing, daily posts, stories, and more. Find your unique approach within the popular trends.

2. TikTok Values High Engagement Levels

A high engagement level implies increasing interactions on your TikTok content—more views, likes, and ultimately, active engagement with your audience.

Strategize to create at least one viral video that propels your TikTok account forward. Plan a consistent, unique content strategy for one to two months to attract and engage your audience effectively.

3. Focus on Growing Followers

It’s been reported multiple times that users with over a certain hundred thousand followers may automatically receive a verified badge. However, this isn’t an overnight occurrence but a result of consistent growth over several months.

Therefore, it’s crucial to ensure your follower count keeps growing. Produce engaging videos, share content related to trends, connect with your audience, select a specific niche, and take action.

In just a few days, you’ll learn how to captivate an audience, refine your video crafting skills, and more.

4. Get Verified on other social media

Possessing a verified badge on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn significantly influences the likelihood of obtaining verification on TikTok.

It’s recommended that if you’re verified on other social media platforms, your TikTok verification request stands a better chance of approval.

Thus, prioritize obtaining verification on platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter if you already have a substantial follower count and steady growth there.

Subsequently, acquiring a verified badge on TikTok will become more attainable.

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