How To Activate Cash App Card

How To Activate Cash App Card

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“» To acquire a Cash Card via Cash App on an iPhone, start by downloading the app from the App Store. Locate the Cash Card icon and select ‘GET FREE CASH CARD.’ » Personalize your Cash Card by selecting a color, adjusting display settings such as showing or concealing the Cashtag, and adding your signature. Provide necessary personal details and your email for card delivery.

» Once you’ve received the Cash Card, activate it on your iPhone. Access the Cash Card icon within the Cash App, tap ‘Activate Cash Card,’ and complete the activation process by scanning the QR code or manually inputting the CVV and expiry date.”

How To Activate Cash App Card:

Here are the steps to activate the Cash Card after you receive it:

Step 1: Open Cash App & Tap Cash Card icon

To initiate the activation of a Cash Card, begin by launching the Cash App on your iPhone’s home screen. Once the app is open, you’ll notice a bottom menu bar presenting five options.

Choose the second option from the left, represented by a rectangle, which is the Cash Card icon. Accessing this icon will direct you to the Cash Card tab, displaying the received Cash Card.

Step 2: Tap on ‘Activate Cash Card’

Upon entering the Cash Card tab, you’ll find a notification at the bottom of your screen offering five options regarding your Cash Card. The third option will be labeled “Activate Cash Card.”

Select this option to proceed. Upon clicking “Activate Cash Card,” you’ll be directed to a new section displaying the QR code screen. Your task here is to scan the QR code located on your Cash Card.

Step 3: Scan the QR Code 

Once you’ve selected the “Activate Cash Card” option and arrived at the QR code screen, scan the QR code on your Cash Card to activate it. If you can’t locate the QR code on your Cash Card, tap the option labeled “MISSING QR CODE” at the bottom of the screen.

You’ll then be prompted to input the CVV and expiry date linked to your card. After entering the correct details, your Cash Card will be activated and available for use.

How To Get Cash App Card:

Follow the below steps:

Step 1: Install Cash App & Open

To acquire a Cash Card, begin by accessing the App Store. Search for “Cash App” in the search bar at the screen’s top. Once you locate the Cash App in the search results, download and install it.

Once installed, return to your phone’s home screen and wait for the app icon to appear. Once it’s visible, click on the icon to open the Cash App.

Note: You can directly install the Cash App via this link:

Step 2: Tap on Cash Card icon from Bottom

After launching the Cash App, you’ll arrive at the main page. Direct your attention to the row of options displayed at the screen’s bottom. Among these, there will be five icons available.

The second icon from the left resembles a rectangle, representing the cash card. Click on this icon. Upon clicking the Cash Card icon, you’ll transition to the Cash Card tab, the subsequent page.


Within the Cash Card section, you’ll encounter several elements: coupons for diverse services that can be navigated through, an account option positioned at the top right corner, and a row of icons at the bottom.

Additionally, you’ll spot an orange option beneath the coupons section labeled “GET FREE CASH CARD.” Clicking on this option directs you to a new tab, initiating the customization process.

Step 4: Choose Card & Customize

Upon selecting the “GET FREE CASH CARD” option, you’ll enter the customization phase. Here, you’ll be prompted to select a color for your card.

After choosing a color, proceed by clicking on “Continue.” Additionally, there’s a Cashtag displayed on the card, which can be either shown or hidden. To manage this, navigate to the bottom section where you’ll find the option labeled “Show $Cashtag.” Enable this option and then tap on “Next” to proceed further.

Step 5: Add Signature & Send to Email

After selecting your preferred color and enabling the Cashtag, the next step is adding your signature. A blank white space will appear on the screen where you’ll draw your signature.

Feel free to undo or redo until you’re satisfied. Once done, tap on the “Done” option located at the screen’s bottom. You’ll then be prompted to enter your email address—tap “Next”—followed by entering your first and last name, then tap “Next” again.

To conclude, review the guidelines and tap on “Continue” to proceed.

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