Does Content Not Available On Facebook Mean I’m Blocked?

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✎ Key Takes:

» Encountering the ‘This content isn’t available right now’ error on Facebook often signifies reasons such as deleted posts, incorrect URLs, or restricted access to private content.
» Ensure the link used is accurate and points to a public post, especially if you’re not friends with the uploader. Double-check for any potential URL typos to prevent encountering this error.
» Consistent appearances of the ‘This content isn’t available’ message might indicate that the person has blocked you or the content has been deleted. Consider reaching out to the individual or exploring alternative methods to access the information.

Does Content Not Available On Facebook Mean I’m Blocked:

In certain circumstances, yes, that could be the case. Encountering the ‘content isn’t available’ error on Facebook might result from someone blocking you, restricting access to their profile or posts. Blocking can limit various actions on that particular profile.

However, if you’re experiencing this ‘content isn’t available right now’ error, several reasons could contribute to it:

  • The post link you received may not be public or shared with you.
  • The URL you’re trying to access might be invalid.
  • The post or video URL has been deleted by the uploader.
  • The content has been reported on Facebook and subsequently removed.

These factors contribute to the error, including the possibility of being blocked by the uploader or the Facebook user.

What Does It Mean By Content Not Found:

When encountering the “content not found” message on Facebook, several reasons could contribute to this situation:

1. That could mean that you’re Blocked

Encountering the “content not found” message could indicate that you’ve been blocked on Facebook. When someone blocks you and you attempt to access their content or posts, you’ll see an error message stating the content isn’t available or couldn’t be found.

While this is a common reason for facing such an error, it’s not the only one. There are various other possible causes for this issue.

2. Content is Deleted

This error message may appear when the content is deleted, either by the post uploader or due to reports made to Facebook. Whether you’re attempting to view content from notifications or using a link, if you encounter an error like “content was not found” or “this is not available right now,” it suggests that the content has been deleted.

To differentiate between the post being deleted and being blocked by the person, try opening the link in an incognito window. If you still receive the same error message, it indicates that the content has been deleted.

3. The post content has changed privacy

This is a rather clever tactic employed by some individuals: adjusting a post’s privacy settings to ‘Friends’ or ‘Only Me.’ By doing so, they limit the post’s visibility to others, effectively preventing it from being seen by anyone else. This adjustment can be made at any time by simply editing the audience settings of the post.

Why Does Facebook Show This Content Is Not Available:

You can face this error for many reasons below:

1. The Content is Removed

If a post has been removed from Facebook, you’ll encounter the “content not available” message. For instance, if you attempt to access a link to a story or post that has expired or been deleted from Facebook, it will display as “content isn’t available.”

Similarly, if you click on an old notification and encounter this error, it indicates the content has been deleted from Facebook. The same error message will appear if Facebook removes that specific content.

2. The link to a group that no longer exists

When attempting to open a link from a group that someone shared or when trying to join a group that no longer exists, you’ll encounter the error message “content isn’t available.”

If the group you’re attempting to join has been removed, this error may appear. Additionally, if the link to a post that someone sent you has been deleted, you’ll also receive this error message.

3. Privacy for that post has been changed

If a post you had previously viewed was public and the person changed its privacy settings to a more restricted option like ‘Friends’ or ‘Only Me’ without deleting the post, you might encounter the error message “content isn’t available.”

When the privacy settings are adjusted to limit the post’s visibility, it prevents others from viewing it. Thus, if you were previously able to access the post but now encounter the “The content isn’t available right now” error, it likely indicates a change in privacy settings by the poster.

How To Fix Content Is Not Available Error On Facebook:

There are several solutions you can attempt to resolve Facebook issues when the content is not visible:

1. If you’re Blocked, Get Unblocked First

The content you’re attempting to view might have been posted by someone who recently blocked you on Facebook. Being blocked by someone on Facebook restricts your access to their posts, images, or videos, and you won’t be able to locate their profile on the platform until they unblock you.

Facebook typically doesn’t send separate notifications when someone blocks you, making it challenging to ascertain the cause of the “Sorry, this content isn’t available on Facebook” error. To confirm, search for the person’s profile on Facebook. If you can view all other posts from the profile but not the specific content, it’s likely not a block but another error causing the issue.

However, if you cannot find the profile on Facebook, it suggests that the user has blocked you. Consequently, the content posted by that profile won’t be accessible to you.

2. Restore Person’s Deleted Facebook Profile

If it’s your account, simply reactivate it. For someone else’s account, they can restore their deleted Facebook profile.

When a user permanently deletes their Facebook profile, all associated posts are automatically erased from Facebook. Consequently, if you’re attempting to view content posted by a deleted profile, it won’t be accessible anymore. This isn’t something you can resolve on your own, as it’s due to the account owner’s action.

Permanently deleting a Facebook profile erases all related data, including old posts, pictures, and videos. Even if the user attempts to retrieve this data after opening a new account, it’s impossible as the content has been permanently removed from Facebook.

Account deactivation, unlike deletion, is reversible. While an account is deactivated, you won’t be able to view content previously posted by the owner. However, once reactivated, all posts become visible again.

3. Update your Birth Date

Certain content on Facebook might not be visible unless you’re 18 years or older. Age restrictions apply to various content, limiting visibility based on the permitted age. If you’re below the required age, updating your date of birth can grant access to such content.

Specific pages on Facebook restrict content visibility to adults only. When creating a page, owners set an age requirement for their audience. Users below the specified age cannot view posts from these pages, primarily for content deemed inappropriate for younger audiences.

Changing your date of birth in Settings is the simplest solution. Here are the steps:

  • Open the Facebook app.
  • Tap the three horizontal lines icon on the right side.
  • Scroll down and select “Settings.”
  • Choose “Settings & Privacy.”
  • Under Profile Information, select “Edit” next to Basic info.
  • Access the About page, then click “Edit” beside Birth Date and Birth Year.
  • Modify the year to make your age 18 or older and confirm.
  • Click “Save.”

4. Report Facebook

An error message like “Sorry, this content isn’t available on Facebook” might occur if Facebook itself removed the content. Often, Facebook removes videos or posts suspected as spam.

However, there’s a method to potentially retrieve the content by reporting the issue to Facebook. Convincing Facebook that the removed posts or content were not spam or inappropriate could prompt a review to restore the post.

The user who sent the link or owns the post can Report a Problem on Facebook, detailing the issue and requesting the restoration of the content. Facebook’s Community will address the report.

If deemed appropriate and not spam, the content may be restored. Additionally, the user may receive an email from Facebook confirming the content’s restoration.

Once the content is restored, it will become accessible for search and viewing again.

5. Try logging in again

If encountering this issue, a simple page refresh might not resolve it. Instead, manually log out of your account and then log back in using your correct login details.

To check if the issue is resolved, search for the video or user whose content wasn’t previously visible. Typically, logging in again automatically resolves this issue, making the content accessible.

Sometimes, this problem arises due to glitches in the Facebook application. When the app faces glitches, it may fail to load specific content for users. In such cases, refreshing the page or waiting for Facebook to fix the glitch is necessary.

Here are the steps to log out and log back into your account:

  • Access the Facebook application and tap the three horizontal lines icon.
  • Scroll down to find the “Log out” option and tap it.
  • Once logged out, enter your Phone Number/Email Address and Password to log back in.

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