How To Check When Instagram Account Was Made

How To Check When Instagram Account Was Made

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To determine the creation date of an Instagram account, begin by following the user to gain full access to their profile. By examining their first post, you can discern when the account was established or became active.

If you’re looking to find the creation date of your own or a friend’s Instagram account, navigate to the settings option on Instagram and check the ‘Date Joined’ feature. This allows you to ascertain the account’s inception date.

This method proves beneficial in gauging the authenticity of an Instagram account, particularly when assessing whether it might be a recently created fake profile.

How To Check When Instagram Account Was Made:

1. Becoming a Follower of the Person:

  • For Public Profiles:
    • View all posted content, including old posts.
  • For private profiles, follow the user to access the following list.
  • Follow these steps:
    1. Open Instagram.
    2. Search for the person.
    3. If private, follow and wait for acceptance.
    4. Visit the profile, tap three dots.
    5. Tap “Account” to see the joined date.

2. Check Instagram Account Age:

  • Learn the account creation date easily.
  • Follow these quick steps:
    1. Open Instagram.
    2. Visit User’s Profile.
    3. Tap Three dots “Top Right Corner.”
    4. See the Exact Date under “About this account.”

3. Profile’s First Post:

  • Scroll down and check the first post’s date.
  • Steps:
    1. Scroll to the first post.
    2. Click to view the date.
  • Note: Deletions may affect accuracy.

How To See When A Private Instagram Account Was Created:

1. Using the Page Source:

  • Discover the creation date with this method.
  • Follow these steps:
    1. Open Instagram, log in.
    2. Go to the private account.
    3. Right-click on any post, choose ‘View page source.’
    4. Search for ‘date_created’ to find the creation date.

2. Using the Instagram Website:

  • Another method for private accounts.
  • Follow these steps:
    1. Go to the Instagram website, log in.
    2. Visit the private account.
    3. Click on three dots, select ‘Copy profile URL.’
    4. Open a new tab, paste URL + ‘/?__a=1’, press ‘Enter.’
    5. See the creation date under the ‘graphql’ tag.

How To Find Out When An Instagram Profile Was Created:

1. On Mobile:

  • Accessing the date joined is a few clicks away:
    1. Open Instagram and log in.
    2. Tap your profile picture.
    3. Tap the three horizontal lines in the top right.
    4. Go to “Settings” > “Security.”
    5. Tap “Access Data” under “History and Data.”
    6. Find “Date joined” under “Account Info.”

2. On PC:

  • Follow these steps:
    1. Open on your PC and log in.
    2. Click on Profile > Privacy and Security.
    3. Navigate to Data Download > Request Download.
    4. Download and Extract File.
    5. Find the Date in signup_information.html.


  1. What to do if Account info on Instagram is not showing?
    • Download a copy of your Instagram account data to check account information, including sign-up details.
  2. How to see when a private Instagram account was created?
    • Follow the private account, get accepted, go to the profile, scroll down to the first post, and check the date below the post.

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