6 Best Social Media Platforms for Musicians

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If you are somebody who wants to become a professional musician like the greats of Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Bon Iver, Kendriek Lamar and Tyler the Creator in today’s music scene. There are going to be a lot of factors for this level of success which may not be in your control but one thing which would directly be yours is your social media. You can use it to self-sabotage like Kanye West and Doja Cat or develop a community of loyal fans like Taylor Swift who would support you in your wildest dreams. 

In this blog, we will look at the best social media platforms which can help you succeed as a musician, expand your fan base and grow as a musician along with them. How to manage this social media madness? How many platforms to be on? So, let’s dive in;

Six Best Social Media Platforms for Musicians

  1. YouTube

If I could suggest only one platform to a musician it would be YouTube, YouTube gives you the platform to share your music directly to a vast amount of audience just with the help of one link. Artists like Shawn Mendes and Sabrina Carpenter started their careers as covering other artists’ songs on YouTube. 

To succeed on YouTube, you need to be consistent in uploading a video at least once a week, interacting with fans via comments, adding all your links (other social media profiles + where people can consume your music) in the description, and showing them the background process of your music.  If you want to get an initial boost on your channel you can buy quality subscribers and likes for your account from quality sources.  

  1. Facebook

You might be thinking who even uses this platform today but believe it or not it’s the world’s largest platform. Artists often consider whether to have a profile or an official page, the best idea is to have both. A profile would make people feel closer and more intimate to you. Share your music on both profile and page.

To succeed on Facebook, make sure to post multiple times a day, interact with the community, share their fan made content on your official page, upload content on Facebook and do Facebook lives, join groups where people are interested in discovering music or a community of music lovers exist.

To boost your better performing videos and content you can buy likes, shares and followers for your page from quality sources.  

  1. Instagram

Instagram the world of aesthetics might be a great way to showcase your music to an audience. Many artists today prefer this platform due its better privacy protection than other platforms. You can use Instagram to showcase a part of your personal life. You can keep your account private and give access only to the fans to whom you trust like Lana Del Rey on her private account by the name of honeymoon, which she opens and closes to the public whenever she likes.

To succeed or get Instagram famous, post several stories, do Livestreams and Q&As with fans, tease your upcoming project, share famous reels with your music, make reels and encourage your fans to make reels in a challenge like Taylor Swift did with her song anti-hero.

  1. Twitter

As a musician, it might seem like the last place you might want to be in due to all its noise but a lot of cultural and political discourse still happens on this app. Where in the past artists were shunned for political opinions today fans do not want their artists to be apolitical but rather use their platform and raise voice for issues concerning their fanbase. 

Many artists like Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga use their platforms to raise voice against Trump in elections, for the support of LGBTQ community and against abortion. You can succeed on Twitter by interacting with fans on twitter spaces, giving your take on trending topics and things you care about. Avoid controversies by minding your own business. 

To make your profile more visible and gain premium access, you can subscribe to Twitter Blue. To further boost your tweets you can buy likes, retweets and followers from quality sources

  1. TikTok

If you had to believe TikTok’s success, you can see the way it has changed its other social media apps including, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to change their outlook and incorporate videos with shorter spans on their platforms. Musicians can use TikTok to make short videos set to their music to promote their music. Many artists got their first entry on Billboard Hot 100 or even release due to virality of their music on TikTok videos.

To succeed on TikTok, reply to your fans, create videos using viral sounds and music, tease your unreleased music and do duets with fans and other creators.    

  1. SoundCloud

SoundCloud may feel like something that belongs in your attic or basement with things from early 2010s but then why would SZA release her music there last year. Sound cloud is still a great app to build music based social networking. Now whether or not you believe in releasing your music for free depends on you entirely. To succeed on SoundCloud, release something every now and then, pin the recent song on your profile and ask your fans to do the same. Give your feedback on other people’s music and interact with your fans through blogs.

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Things to Consider When Choosing Social Media Platforms

Several factors to consider while choosing to prioritize the social media platforms are as follows;

  1. Identify Your Target Audience: Know where the audience for your music might be. If your music is classical and academic in nature Facebook would be best. If Your music is Pop, Hip-Hop or Rap platforms like Twitter, TikTok and Instagram could be of use.  
  2. Platform Purpose and Features: Don’t rush to new platforms and stretch yourself thin just cause its trendy. Go to a platform it if accomplishes a purpose or offers a new feature.
  3. Cross-Promotion and Integration: Use apps which are integrated and allow you to cross promote your music like Facebook and Instagram. Instagram reels are also visible to people only on Facebook.
  4. Consistency and Engagement: Make sure to prioritize the platform which you use consistently and also offers the highest engagement. 
  5. Protect Copyright and Intellectual Property: Make sure that use those apps where your music copy and intellectual rights would be protected.
  6. Utilize Analytics and Insights: Analyze the data from your fans to learn which app would be more suitable for marketing your music to wider audience and your fan base. 
  7. Stay Updated with Platform Trends: Make sure you participate in the platforms trend to stay relevant and in the attention of others. Share your music using trending sounds and hashtags.


Q: What social media do artists use most?

A: Most artists use Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and YouTube. You can also utilize Spotify, especially for musicians, and then share it on different social media platforms to further increase the reach of your Spotify profile. You can also buy Spotify followers and plays as social proof and to give an initial boost.

Q: Is TikTok a good platform for musicians?

A: Yes, it is a good platform for musicians to market their music to a wider range of audience.

Q: What is the most used social media?

A: Facebook is the most used social media app.

Q: Is Twitter or Instagram better for musicians?

A: Twitter isn’t really that great for musicians, as it can put you in the midst of drama and controversies unprovoked compared to Instagram where you can be intimate with your fans. Visual platforms like Instagram and TikTok are better for musicians than Twitter.

Summing Up

To sum up, artists can use social media as a tool to market their music and create their own fandoms. Top 6 social media apps artists use nowadays are YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and SoundCloud. Choose the app for your music knowing your target audience. Engage with the audience and stay updated on trends to stay relevant and promote your music. You can buy followers, likes, subscribers and followers from quality sources to boost your profile. So, good luck and thanks for reading!