Why and Where Ultrasound Speakers are Useful?

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Chances are, you’ve come across ultrasound speakers without realizing it. These speakers differ from traditional ones in that they can focus sound to a specific location, allowing only one person or a small group to hear it. Here’s what you should know about their practicality and function.

Why use Ultrasound Speakers?

What makes ultrasound speakers a popular choice today? The most significant reason is their unique method of distributing sound. Unlike traditional speakers which spread sound throughout a room, ultrasound speakers deliver it to specific points using a focused beam. This allows for precise and targeted sound delivery while keeping the rest of the space silent. The technology behind these speakers involves emitting sound at a shorter wavelength, making it easier to control and direct. For more information on the functionality of ultrasound speakers, see Focusonics website, experts in this field.

Where are Ultrasound Speakers Used?

Nowadays, ultrasound speakers can be found in a multitude of places, each with their own specific target audience. Below, we will outline some of these locations and their intended purpose.

Public Places

Some of the most frequently encountered spots for ultrasound speakers are public areas designed to accommodate large crowds. This is especially true in various exhibition spaces, like galleries and museums. As you stroll through their corridors, you may want to gain a deeper understanding of a particular painting or sculpture. A written description may not suffice, but ultrasound speakers for museums can provide additional information without disturbing other visitors in the same location.

Work Environments

In a work setting, such as individuals in command centers may need to receive urgent and vital information at any moment. To avoid disrupting others, the most effective solution is using an ultrasound speaker placed in front of them and directed towards their head at their desk. This allows everyone to continue their tasks without disturbing colleagues.

Commercial World

In the commercial world, what was once considered science-fiction is now a part of our daily lives. This includes using ultrasound speakers in retail settings. Previously, the concept of delivering a message to a single individual within a store seemed like a fantasy, but today it is a possibility. As someone walks past a specific product, a focused sound beam can be directed towards them to draw their attention.


The versatility of ultrasound speakers has made them a valuable tool in many different environments. With their capability to target an individual or a small group with a focused beam of sound, while maintaining silence for others in the room, they have transformed the way sound is utilized and will likely continue to do so in the upcoming years.

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