What to Know Before Using a Credit Card’s “Buy Now, Pay Later” Option

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E-commerce and financial technology, have brought in new methods of buying products and services through ecommerce platform. An example of innovation is the BNPL policy that enables shoppers to pay for their purchases in installments. In fact, many credit card issuers are packaging up BNPL features in their product as an added advantage to cardholders. The BNPL feature of your credit card is a helpful tool to consider, but there are consequences and obligations that accompany its use.

In this article, we will explore what you need to know before utilizing a credit card’s BNPL option and the potential advantages and pitfalls it can present.

How Buy Now, Pay Later Works?

When you use the BNPL feature on your credit card, it allows you to make a purchase without paying the full amount immediately. Instead, the cost of your purchase is divided into equal or predetermined installment payments, which you will need to pay over a specified period, often ranging from a few months to a year or more.


Not all credit cardholders may have access to the BNPL feature. Some credit cards require you to meet specific criteria, such as having a minimum credit limit or a good credit score, to use this option. A best credit card comes with easier eligibility criteria that you can meet effectively to get a card with BNPL feature.

Interest and Fees

Note that BNPL does not mean “interest- free” it is important to recognise this. That will depend on what kind of terms and condition the credit card issuer sets up with the particular provider in question, concerning the payment interest and charges. There are such offers, which provide you with an opportunity to pay no interests during certain promo terms, and there are ones that apply floating levels from day one.

Advantages of Using BNPL

Financial Flexibility

BNPL provides you with financial flexibility. It enables you to make larger purchases without the immediate financial burden, making it easier to manage your budget and other financial commitments.

Interest-Free Promotions

Some BNPL offers feature promotional periods where no interest is charged on your balance. If you can pay off your entire balance within this interest-free period, you effectively get an interest-free loan.


BNPL simplifies the payment process, as the BNPL provider manages the installment schedule. You don’t have to carry a balance on your credit card or worry about the compounding interest that comes with it.

Deferred Payments

BNPL can help you manage unexpected expenses or take advantage of limited-time offers, as you can spread the cost over time, making it easier to cope with your financial responsibilities.

Pitfalls to Watch Out For

Accumulating Debt

While BNPL can offer flexibility, it can also lead to debt accumulation if used carelessly. It’s tempting to make multiple BNPL purchases, each with its own set of installment payments, which can become challenging to manage.

Interest and Fees

Not paying off your BNPL balance within the promotional period or incurring interest and fees from the outset can increase the overall cost of your purchase.

Credit Score Impact

BNPL can impact your credit score negatively if you consistently struggle with payments or carry high balances on your credit card. Late payments or high credit card utilization can harm your creditworthiness.


The ease of using BNPL can lead to overspending. It’s essential to differentiate between necessary and discretionary expenses to avoid financial strain.

Hidden Costs

BNPL providers may impose additional charges, such as late fees or early repayment fees. Reading the terms and conditions carefully is vital to understanding the full cost of using BNPL.

Tips for Responsible Use of BNPL

Read the Fine Print

Always carefully read and understand the terms and conditions associated with BNPL on your credit card, including interest rates, fees, and the duration of interest-free promotional periods.

Create a Budget

Include your BNPL payments in your monthly budget to ensure that you can comfortably manage them alongside other financial obligations.

Plan Your Purchases

Reserve BNPL for planned, essential purchases rather than frivolous or discretionary spending. Avoid using BNPL for items you can’t afford in the long run.

Pay on Time

Ensure you make your BNPL payments on time to avoid late fees and to protect your credit score from damage.

Monitor Your Credit Card Balance

Keep an eye on your credit card balance and the total amount you owe through the BNPL feature. Avoid accumulating too much debt that you can’t manage.

Comparison Shop

Different credit card issuers and BNPL providers may offer varying terms and fees. Compare these options to find the most favorable choice for your specific needs.

Consider Alternatives

Before using BNPL, explore other options, such as saving up for a purchase or using traditional credit card payments, to determine which is the most cost-effective and suitable for your situation.

Pay Off Balances Quickly

If your BNPL offer has an interest-free promotional period, try to pay off your balance as quickly as possible within that timeframe to avoid incurring interest charges. This will help you get the most out of Buy Now, Pay Later option provided by your credit card issuer.

Ending Note

The Buy Now, Pay Later feature on credit cards can be a helpful tool for managing finances and making larger purchases more manageable. However, it should be used with care and a clear understanding of the terms, potential costs, and the impact on your credit. By approaching BNPL responsibly, you can enjoy its benefits while avoiding common pitfalls that can lead to financial trouble.

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