How To Find Who Is Behind A Fake TikTok Account

How To Find Who Is Behind A Fake TikTok Account

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To spot a fake TikTok account, consider several factors like account activity, handling patterns, and a low follower count combined with a recent account creation date. These signs often indicate a fake profile.

Typically, individuals with fake TikTok accounts engage in spam-related activities like promoting suspicious links or subscriptions, resulting in an abnormal follower count.

Authorities can track TikTok accounts if they’re suspected of being fraudulent or involved in illegal activities.

Moreover, online location tracing tools such as “” can assist in tracing the origins of a fake account. These tools help in investigating the source of suspicious online activity.

How To Find Who Is Behind A Fake TikTok Account:

If you want to find out about a fake TikTok account then you can look up a few things.

Let’s check out the below points:

1. Analytics Module

Use’s Analytics module to investigate TikTok account authenticity and ownership.

  1. Visit Go to to access the Analytics module.
  2. Access Analytics Features: Start with the Analytics module, sign in or create an account if needed.
  3. Analyze TikTok Accounts: Utilize’s features to track engagement, follower growth, and demographics. Examine these metrics to assess account authenticity and ownership.
  4. Dashboard Features: Explore various sections on the dashboard for your analysis.

2. Profile Content

Genuine accounts post about their lives, backgrounds, and experiences with consistent style and captions. Fake accounts often exhibit randomness, posting content from multiple users without a coherent trend.

3. Spam Promotion

Fake accounts usually promote spam activities, such as offering low-cost subscriptions to streaming platforms or selling products under false pretenses.

4. Follower Count

Fake accounts typically have abnormally low follower counts, targeting users with public accounts or new teens aspiring for more followers. Genuine celebrity or business accounts tend to have larger followings.

How To Tell If A TikTok Account Is Fake:

You have to look at these things:

1. Other Social Media Handles

To spot a fake or genuine TikTok account, search for linked social media handles. Legitimate users often link their TikTok profile to other platforms like Instagram or Twitter. Look for matching usernames across these platforms to confirm authenticity.

2. Real People Use Real Faces

Authentic accounts tend to use genuine profile pictures and share real-life content. Check if the user has a genuine profile picture and posts authentic videos, not just song clips or random content. A lack of a real profile picture or random video content could indicate a fake account.

3. Significant Followers with Real Faces

Real TikTok profiles usually boast substantial followers, and those followers have authentic profiles with real display pictures and posts. Verify the account’s authenticity by reviewing the followers’ list. Suspicious accounts often follow numerous random profiles with few genuine followers.

4. Look for a Verified Badge

TikTok verifies accounts to confirm authenticity, primarily for brands, companies, celebrities, and influencers. Genuine accounts are often adorned with a blue verified badge. This badge signifies the account has undergone verification and is used by a real person. Verification doesn’t rely solely on views or follower counts, ensuring genuine identities.

If you spot the blue verified badge on a TikTok account, you can be confident it’s genuine.

How To Trace Location Of Fake TikTok User:

Let’s now learn to trace a fake TikTok user using his location:

1. Finding Country

Spotting a fake TikTok account often involves scrutinizing posted content. A user might depict a specific country by consistently posting content relevant to a particular place or using country-specific references. Genuine emotions are challenging to convey solely by collecting information from the internet.

2. Location Tracker App (For iPhone)

To trace the location of a TikTok user on an iPhone:

◘ Install and set up a location tracker tool.

◘ Activate location sharing and begin tracking.

3. Tool

Grabify is an IP tracker offering insights into a user’s IP address:

◘ Shorten lengthy links and share them with the user you want to track.

◘ Obtain the user’s IP address when they click your shortened link.

This tool provides detailed statistical data and metadata, helping identify fake TikTok users by their IP address and location (country, city). It’s a user-friendly open-source solution.

🔴 Steps to Track an IP Address using

Step 1: Visit the official site.

Step 2: Input the TikTok account’s URL in the search bar and click “Create URL.”

Step 3: After a brief moment, a new URL with “Tracking & Logs” – Link Information will be generated.

Step 4: Copy the “Tracking code,” return to the homepage, and paste it.

Step 5: Enter the tracking code in the search bar and click “Tracking Code” to access the captured information.

How Can You Tell if Someone Has a Fake TikTok?

By assessing certain signs and behaviors, it’s possible to discern the authenticity of an account on TikTok.

Let’s review some telltale activities and signs:

☛ Default profile photos, not personal or identical to other accounts, often showcasing random internet images or, in some cases, no photo at all, are often found in fake accounts.

☛ Misspelled names are commonly used in fake accounts as a tactic to deceive. Incorrectly written usernames or names are frequently employed to create fake profiles on TikTok.

☛ Lack of genuine friends or contacts in the followers’ list is a red flag. Fake accounts typically have only targeted accounts in their list without any authentic friends or contacts.

☛ Profile descriptions often use exaggerated or promising words, resembling those of trending business accounts. Upon reading the bio, one can sense the lack of authenticity.

☛ The uploads and posts may mimic other accounts or lack consistency in style or design, indicating potential fakeness.

In addition to these signs, low follower counts, recent join dates, and the incorporation of special characters are also common indicators of a fake account.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Why couldn’t I find a TikTok account associated with this username?

If you’re unable to locate a TikTok account using the username you know, it’s possible that the user changed their TikTok username, resulting in their profile being inaccessible under the previous username. To find their updated username, consider reaching out to them via phone calls or other social media platforms and inquire about their latest TikTok username to conduct a more accurate search.

2. Why can’t I find someone on TikTok?

If you’re unable to find someone on TikTok, it’s possible they’ve changed their username or that there’s been a block between both accounts. Check your TikTok block list to confirm if the user is listed there. If you discover their profile in the block list, consider unblocking them to re-establish connection on TikTok.

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