How To Fix Sound Removed On TikTok

How To Fix Sound Removed On TikTok

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✎ Key Takes:

» If your videos are suddenly muted, it could be due to copyright concerns or detection problems.
» Attempt uploading the music separately, mark it as private in your favorites, and then create a video using that sound from the sound section. This might help resolve the issue of sound removal.
» Contact TikTok support and explain the situation. If there are no violations, they might restore your videos to their original state, rectifying any copyright or detection errors.

How To Fix Sound Removed On TikTok:

If the media owner hasn’t made it available in your country or for free use, you can try these steps to see if it’s a fixable issue or a bug.

Step 1: Re-upload your video on TikTok.

Step 2: Open your TikTok app and tap on ‘Add.’

Step 3: Select ‘Upload.’

Step 4: If needed, crop the video to your desired length.

Step 5: Set the video to ‘Private.’

Step 6: Add it to your favorites.

Step 7: Find your video in the ‘Sound’ section.

Step 8: Use that music by tapping ‘Shoot with this sound.’

Finally, set the volume of your video to zero before uploading to avoid copyright errors.

Why Did TikTok Remove Your Sound?

There are several reasons why TikTok videos might get muted, such as violations of community guidelines and various other factors, several of which are outlined below:

1. Exceeds Maximum Duration Allowed

TikTok mutes videos solely for valid reasons. One prevalent cause is when the video’s music surpasses the maximum duration of 180 seconds.

2. Don’t Use for Commercial Purposes (i.e. Ads)

If you’re using commercial songs in your TikTok videos without a personal account, they might end up muted. Business accounts on TikTok aren’t permitted to utilize commercial sounds. Some sounds are restricted, resulting in an error message stating, “This song isn’t licensed for commercial use.”

Personal accounts can freely access TikTok’s music library, but commercial or business accounts face limitations when using certain sounds for promotional content. If you wish to incorporate commercial sounds, consider switching your business account to a personal one, if feasible.

3. Due to Copyright Content

TikTok muted your video likely due to copyright content, which the app takes seriously. Content with copyright restrictions can’t be posted because the owner might not have made it available for your country or region.

TikTok automatically detects copyrighted content, leading to muting or prevention of posting.

For business-related TikTok accounts, commercially available songs and sounds are not permitted, which could be another reason for the mute.

To use commercial audio, consider switching your account settings from business to personal.

4. Not available in Region

Another possible reason for your TikTok videos being muted could be that the video isn’t available in your country or region. This occurs when the uploader hasn’t made the video accessible in your area.

5. Could be a Technical Error

One potential cause might stem from a temporary technical glitch within the TikTok app, which could resolve itself over time. Restarting your device or reinstalling the app might help fix this issue.

Additionally, using an outdated version of the TikTok app could be another reason. Head to your App Store and update your TikTok application to ensure it’s the latest version available.

TikTok Muted My Video: Community Guidelines

TikTok holds the authority to mute videos featuring copyrighted music. Using someone else’s audio without permission can lead to copyright strikes upon uploading your content on TikTok.

Once TikTok identifies copyrighted content, your video may be muted. Providing proof of permission from the music owner is necessary to unmute the video.

Repeated copyright strikes might result in a temporary account suspension as a warning. Continued use of copyrighted sounds even after warnings could lead to a permanent ban.

Adhering to TikTok’s guidelines on content violation and copyright policies is crucial. Content that harasses, insults, spreads hate, fake news, or contains nudity can be permanently removed by TikTok.

🏷 If you receive the error message stating, “Your video has been muted because it contains music that exceeds the allowed maximum duration,” it means you’ve used music surpassing the duration limit.

To keep videos within the limit, consider using music for up to 30 seconds. The maximum allowed duration for music is 180 seconds; exceeding this will prompt TikTok to mute your video.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How to keep video sound on TikTok?

To retain the sound in your TikTok video, ensure that you’ve selected the “Keep Original Sound” option. When recording a video, its sound becomes your original sound. To replace this original sound, add music and deselect the “Keep Original Sound” option.

Should you wish to incorporate your voice, TikTok offers a voiceover feature allowing you to record your voice for the video.

It’s important to note that when using the original sound in your video, others can click on it and utilize it for their own videos after you’ve posted it.

2. Why & How long Am I muted on TikTok live?

If you’re muted during a TikTok live session, the duration can vary from a few seconds to minutes, or it could last for the entire session. Muting typically occurs for viewers who make unkind or harassing comments during the live broadcast.

When the host mutes a viewer, all their comments are deleted from the live session. This feature aids hosts in preventing unkind or harassing users from posting negative or harsh comments.

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