How To See Someone’s Facebook Profile Who Blocked You

How To See Someone’s Facebook Profile Who Blocked You

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To access a Facebook profile, even if you’ve been blocked, you’ll need to find the profile link of that specific account.

Retrieve the profile link through Facebook Messenger or the chat inbox, available on both mobile and desktop versions. Once you have the link, open an incognito window and paste the URL to view the profile.

Alternatively, searching for the person on Facebook or seeking assistance from mutual friends might help access the locked profile content. While Facebook’s profile lock feature hides certain content from non-friends, it doesn’t conceal the display picture or the complete profile.

How To See Someone’s Facebook Profile Who Blocked You:

To achieve this, you can view the person’s profile by signing out of your Facebook account and accessing the link to their profile obtained from Messenger or your Facebook messages section.

1. Find Link From Messenger & View Profile

While in your Facebook message section, obtain the profile link from Messenger on your desktop. Alternatively, directly access the profile from Messenger by tapping on the profile icon, which opens up the person’s profile.

If you encounter an error message, copy the URL (if on desktop), log out of Facebook, then reopen the profile URL. Alternatively, use an incognito window while logged out to access the profile.

Upon successful access, you’ll view the profile picture and all content uploaded by the person who blocked you.

2. Find Profile with Tagged Photos

Another approach involves viewing the tagged photos of the person to uncover their profile link with the latest username. By searching for their photos, all tagged photos will appear in the search results.

However, it’s important to note that the profile of the person who blocked you won’t show up on your own profile. Instead, you can attempt this method using a friend’s mobile.

This method allows you to discover the person’s profile link directly from the Facebook app or desktop version you’re using. It provides access to the profile picture alongside the active profile link, enabling viewing of all unlocked photos.

3. Through FB Search [Logged in & Not]

The most effective method to identify if someone has blocked you on Facebook involves viewing their profile to access their shared pictures and timeline content.

Begin by searching for the person’s name on Facebook. Facebook will generate search results for individuals with similar names. Your task is to pinpoint the exact person from the search results to view their profile. This method applies for accessing profile pictures and posted content.

If you are not blocked, searching for the person while logged into your Facebook account allows you to view their profile. Alternatively, while logged out, copy the profile URL and open it to access the profile and its content.

As a note, you can attempt a similar approach for your own profile. If possible, send a request to unblock yourself and add yourself as a friend. Apologizing and explaining the situation might prompt the person to re-add you.

4. From Google Search

Even if someone has blocked you on Facebook, there are some workarounds to view their profile. One method involves finding their profile link on Google, which allows access to the cached version of their profile via the Chrome browser.

Alternatively, using the incognito mode in your browser, search for their profile on Google by entering their profile name. This search might yield the link to their Facebook profile in the search results.

How To Tell If Someone Blocked You On Facebook:

You will notice a few things:

1. Profile Picture if the person blocked you

If you’re curious about viewing the profile of someone who has blocked you, it’s possible through another account. Their profile picture appears as a blank image that cannot be replaced until unblocking occurs. Accessing their profile through a different account or a friend’s mobile grants visibility to the current profile picture and entire profile information. Tagged and posted images are also visible if your friend is on their Facebook friend list. Additionally, using Facebook search helps open the profile either from the app or a desktop browser.

2. You no longer can tag the person

Being unable to tag someone in your Facebook posts is a sign of being blocked. When attempting to tag them in pictures, their name won’t appear in the search results if they’ve blocked you.

3. You can’t invite or add him to any groups

Blocked users cannot be added or invited to Facebook groups. Searching for their name in the group invite section without finding them indicates that the user has blocked you.

4. You Would Not Find Him in Friends List

Check your friend list for their presence. If their name doesn’t show up in the search results within your friend list, it indicates that the user has blocked you.

5. You would not be able to send messages

Blocked users lose the ability to send messages on Messenger. Previous chats disappear, and searching for the user on Messenger yields no results.

6. Can’t find him on Search

Being blocked prevents you from finding the user’s account via Facebook search. If their profile doesn’t appear in the search results, it implies that you’ve been blocked by the user.

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