Sage Dental Follows Different Techniques to Repair Your Smile

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Would you love to repair your smile? Are you concerned that your smile should be better? Thankfully, if you are from Langley, Sage Dental can help improve your smile. This dental clinic follows different techniques to repair the smile of patients. The purpose of this post is to help you know about the techniques that this clinic follows to repair your smile:

Importance of Healthy Smile

Are you thinking that a healthy smile is all about aesthetic appeal? If so, you should change your perspective. It is all about improving your communication, self-esteem, and even overall health. If you do not get your oral issues attended, it can lead to severe complications like stroke., diabetes, and even heart disease.

What Issue Affects Your Smile?

Oral health issues are common, unfortunately. Some issues that denote that you need a smile repair include:


Discoloration happens due to different reasons:

  • Poor dental hygiene
  • Consumption of certain food and drinks
  • Smoking

Loss of Tooth

Tooth loss in some patients can happen due to the following reasons

  • Injury
  • Gum diseases
  • Decay

Gum Diseases

Chronic infection in the gums can lead to receding gums. It can even lead to loss of tooth if left untreated.

Decay of Tooth

Otherwise called cavities, the decay of teeth happens due to bacteria buildup. This can, in turn, lead to holes in teeth.

Techniques Followed By Sage Dental to Repair Your Smile

As mentioned earlier, Sage Dental follows different techniques to repair your smile. They are:

Gum Grafting

The purpose of this technique is to address receding gums. With gum grafting, dentists in Sage Dental will prevent bone loss. This is done by covering the exposed root. This treatment also helps improve your smile.

Root Canals

When approaching the term Root Canal, most think it is a painful and complex procedure.  However, this is a common and straightforward treatment in dental care. When there is infection or inflammation in the roots of your tooth, the root canal is used by dentists in Sage Dental.


In case, you have a misalignment in your dental line, dentists in this clinic will suggest you go for Invisalign. These transparent dental braces will gradually correct your misalignment discreetly.

Teeth Whitening

You know that to brighten your smile and also to get rid of plaques, teeth whitening is a popular technique. Dentists in Sage Dental use this technique to repair your smile.


This is a popular dental technique, where thin layers of porcelain are placed. Dentists do this on the frontal portion of your teeth. In turn, the aesthetic appeal of your smile will improve. Also, this technique will provide a covering to safeguard your tooth.

Dental Implants

Dental implants provide a permanent solution to the loss of teeth. They work from the root of the tooth to the crown.

Dentists at Sage Dental will carry out a complete evaluation of your dental health before they decide on the right technique to repair your smile.

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