Robotic & Automation Safety Innovations for the Workplace

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With the advent of robotics and automation, workplaces are becoming safer for workers and many tasks that could lead to chronic injuries or illnesses are now being done by robots or automated equipment to help keep everyone safe. With that, though, there are safety concerns for those who work with this equipment. There is still the potential for injuries, especially if workers get too close to robots or equipment. However, there are numerous Robotic & Automation Safety Innovations being implemented today that can help those who work around robots or automated equipment.

Barrier Guards Around Equipment

Barrier guards can include fences or other types of barriers that keep workers out of the area where robotics or equipment is being used. Some of the barriers are interlocked, allowing them to detect when someone passes through them, to help turn off the equipment and keep the workers safe. It is important to make sure the barriers are going to keep people out of the area completely and that workers are trained to never go in the area while the equipment or robots are turned on, even if something seems to be stopped or malfunctioning.

Sensors to Detect Human Workers

Sensors around equipment can be implemented to help detect when a human walks into the area. Robots and equipment do not have the ability to detect when something in their area changes, so they continue working even if someone walks near them. This can be incredibly dangerous for the worker, so it is important to implement sensors that can help detect when someone is there. With these sensors, if someone is detected in the area, the equipment can shut off until the worker has left the area.

Emergency Stop Buttons

Sometimes, a person will need to enter the area to handle equipment that isn’t working properly. When entry into the area is necessary, emergency stop buttons can enable the person to immediately stop the equipment from working and make sure the area is safe to enter. This helps reduce the potential for someone to be injured by the equipment. Since anything can malfunction, this can also help if someone is able to get into the area, as the equipment can be halted immediately, before they are injured.

Safety Policies and Training

While not an item designed to help improve safety, workplaces will need to have safety policies and training in place for all workers to help reduce the potential for injuries. As new innovations are being implemented in the workplace, policies must be updated and training must be done to ensure workers know how to stay safe while they do their job.

Robots in the workplace are becoming more common, and though they’re intended to reduce the risk to human workers on the job, they can be dangerous on their own. New innovations are working on reducing the risk of injuries, and it is important to know what is being changed and how it can help. When using robots and automation in the workplace, always follow the latest safety policies and increase training for workers to keep everyone safe.

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