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Make Your Own Ice Cream World With Ibaco

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Are you a sweet tooth enthusiast who loves to explore something new each day in the sweet world? Then Ibaco is the online platform meant wholly and solely for you. It will truly satiate your soul with an exciting menu like never before. And the best part! You not only get to order it, but you also get to make it for yourself. This online platform houses some of the best in the sweet tapestry, along with giving you the choice to customise your own sweet savory. Let’s begin with the drooling menu of ice creams and everything that you can do with it. 

Grab An Exclusive Ice Cream Flavour

Are you bored of the regular vanilla and chocolate ice creams and want to try something new? Then Ibaco has to be your pick. Here, you will get to explore everything rare to find. 

Tangy And Sweet

This menu range includes some sweet with tangy twists. Bubble gum, cotton candy, peach and strawberry duet, white choco raspberry, red velvet, and electric blackcurrant are among some examples. 

Chocolate World

The chocolate world at Ibaco is a haven for all those chocolate lovers out there. This includes dark chocolate Secrets, black forest, Caribbean almond fudge, Swiss chocolate, Belgian chocolate, mocha fudge, etc., which are among some of the prominent chocolate flavors to try out. 

The Best Of Exotics 

This exotic world holds off-season ice creams on any season you want. Tender coconut terrain, bean vanilla, blueberry cheesecake, mango kingdom, etc., are among some of the examples of the same. 

Secret Sauces 

Explore the culinary sauces at Ibaco to create one-of-a-kind ice creams that only you know about. 

Chocolate Sauces

To add more chocolatiness to your ice creams, you must try chocolate sauces and chocolate fudge sauce. This is a treat for all the chocolate lovers out there. 

Fruit Essences

The sauces of fruits are an equally drooling range with options of strawberry, mango ripple, and blackcurrant. The sweet and tangy flavor is worth it. 

The Added Sweetness

Add honey and salted caramel sauces to your ice cream to turn around the flavor of your ice cream and add a unique touch to it.


Last but not least, to sum up your perfect creation of ice cream, you can handpick your choice of toppings. For this, you get to explore several options like almonds, assorted nuts, blueberry, chocolate sprinklers, dried cranberry, fig, cream sticks, rainbow buttons, and a lot more. Make your own kinda ice cream bucket with all these available online. 

Ice Cream Cakes

Are you finding it difficult to decide between ice cream or a cake? What if you get to savor both ice cream and cakes at once? For this, Ibaco brings you a range of ice cream cakes itself. Explore a wide variety of options like Fruit ‘N’ Blackcurrant Drizzle Ice Cream Cake, Swiss Chocolate Ice Cream Cake, Chocolate Over Load Ice Cream Cake, Almond Pistachio Ice Cream Cake, and more. If you are in love with desserts then this range can give you all the happening sweet dish options to enjoy to the fullest. This genre is surely a king in itself. Find the one that fits your taste buds the most. 

The Fruits World

Don’t you like eating fruits? Don’t worry. The range of fruit ice cream cakes will make you fall in love with the wholesomeness. The tender flavors and addition of fresh fruits make this range a favorite of all. Blackcurrant cake, fruit, and blackcurrant drizzle, mango kingdom gala are some of the pioneering examples of the same. 

The Pleasure Of Dry Fruits

The pleasure of nuts and dry fruits is all yours.

For this, you can explore a culinary range of ice cream cakes at Ibaco, like pistachio almond ecstasy cake, butterscotch almond amore, etc. The addition of crunchiness and sweetness is a treat.

Don’t Forget Chocolate

Chocolate overload, Swiss choco symphony, double choco bliss, etc., are among some of the must-tries here. 

The Kid’s Favorite

If your kid also likes it colorful and sweet, then cotton candy, black currant rich cream, etc. are among some of the options to rely on. 

Ice Cream Shakes

Fulfill your hunger cravings with something healthy and tasty at the same time. For this, nothing can be a better option than shakes. Rich in nutrients, tasty, and in your comfort zone for hours, shakes can always be your go-to. To live up to the authenticity of it, you can order shakes from Ibaco, offering you a rich, delicious, and healthy treat for your hours of hunger. Ice Cream Shakes here is one such example of the same. This delicacy includes original ibaco ice creams, toppings, and flavored milk. Choose your favorite and get surprisingly amazing toppings to curate a shake you must have never thought of before. 

The Baking Stuff

Ibaco does not disappoint you in any sense. Whether you want to have a full-fledged meal to satisfy your sweet tooth or you want to make it on your own, It gets you everything. So, if you are looking for baking stuff, then you will find it here online. 

Havia Chocolates

The havia chocolates give you all the kinds you need for preparing your sweet feast. Here you get:

Bon Bon

The bon bon range includes Blackcurrant Exotica, Dark Ganache With Fruit Preparation, and Dark Choco Fantasy.


Barks scream out loud for the flavors. Almond Barks, Blackcurrant Pista & Cashew, Classic Milk Chocolate, Hazelnut Barks, Waffle Barks, and Almond & Cashew, are examples of the same. 


Cookies majorly Cookies With Ganache and Cookies With Cashew Marzipan will give you a symphony of flavors. 


Don’t melt it. Melt with it using squares like Milk Squares, Dark Squares, Caramel Pecan Chiplet, etc.

Bottom Line

You will not find any place better than Ibaco to dive into the world of ice creams, cakes, and more such sweetness. To relish these to the fullest, you can order online from Swiggy, a leading food delivery platform in Bangalore. This online platform will serve you everything you like in a matter of minutes. Plan your weekend with something special with Ibaco and Swiggy, and enjoy the convenience of food delivery in Bangalore.

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