How to Install Webuzo on CentOS VPS

How to Install Webuzo on CentOS VPS

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How to Install Webuzo on CentOS VPS – It’s different when you use shared hosting, so various applications, features, and so on are installed inside that you can use as needed, just click everything and everything’s done. You should know that 40% of business holders prefering best vps hosting france from all over the world to get premium customer support and services.

DedicatedCore and DomainRacer vps hosting is available with a hosting platform with LiteSpeed Technology, which hosts unlimited domains and provides unmetered NVME SSD space with 300% Faster Speed.

So unfortunately when you switch to using a VPS (Virtual Private Server) you have to build your own VPS. If shared hosting is compared to buying housing where all you have to do is fill in the furniture.

VPS is like buying vacant land, it’s up to you what you want to build on that vacant land, but you have to build and prepare everything. The shared hosting package also has a control panel installed, namely cPanel.

How to Install Webuzo on CentOS VPS

For ordinary users, managing VPS is easier to do by using control panels, one of which is Webuzo. With big business-class data centers and frameworks, the best vps hosting usa provider gives a 99.9% uptime assurance to our servers and organizations. Then why not just cPanel? because cPanel license prices are expensive (+- 200 thousand / month).

While Webuzo is only 30 thousand per month or $ 2.5, you can pay using PayPal. So, first, make sure you have bought a VPS DedicatedCore and DomainRacer, Virtual Private Servers are built from the ground using all SSD storage.

Enjoy increased power, and flexibility, and get full control of your Business. and are using PuTTY to log in to VPS via SSH.

Step 1: Using PuTTY

  • please download PuTTY  and run it
  • so that the connection is not disconnected ( inactive ) during installation, please enter  Connection then enter  20  (seconds) in  Seconds between keepalives
  • return to  Session, enter your IP, Port 2, SSH then click Open

Now, please log in to your VPS, and enter your username and password. You get the username and password when you buy a DedicatedCore and DomainRacer VPS, usually,y the username I root.

Step 2 : Install Webuzo

  • After logging in to the VPS
  • Run the command  yum -y install wget
  • Then wget -N
  • Run the command chmod 0755 install. sh
  • Then  ./

Wait until the process is complete, how long it usually takes depends on the speed and stability of the internet connection. The installation is complete if it says ‘ Thank You for Choosing Webuzo! ‘.

  • If the installation process is complete, please log in to Webuzo via the link shown at the end of the installation as shown above (
  • please fill in the data correctly, for the Nameserver section please fill in at will or you can adjust the Nameservers of your hosting provider, you can adjust them later.
  • You can leave the License Key blank  because later we can enter the license ourselves, you can buy a Webuzo license on the official website

You can access Webuzo via or also xxx., now for 2002, go directly to the Enduser Panel, the section that is often used to manage VPS.

So, until here, you have successfully installed the Webuzo control panel. So, if you want to use a VPS to host a website/blog like WordPress, you can visit at DedicatedCore and DomainRacer page.web server, PHP, MySQL, or MariaDB. You can see more about how to set up a VPS for a webserver via Webuzo here.

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