How To Hide Your Follower List On TikTok

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✎ Key Points:

» To control your TikTok privacy settings, access the Me tab, then select the three dots icon and navigate to the Privacy section.
» Within this section, click on “Following list” and opt for the ‘Only me’ setting to conceal your followers from others.
» Ensure your follower list is set to ‘Only me’ through the Privacy section steps, allowing you to manage who can view your TikTok connections.

How To Hide Your Follower List On TikTok:

You can follow the below steps:

Step 1: Open TikTok & Tap on the Me tab 

To begin hiding your “Following list” on TikTok, start by launching the TikTok app on your phone. This action will lead you to the main interface, where you can explore videos of your interest. At the bottom of the screen, you’ll find a tab with multiple icons.

Look for the “Me” icon situated at the bottom right corner and tap on it. This will direct you to your TikTok profile, where you can access your videos, followers, those you follow, and other essential profile details.

Step 2: Three dots icon>Privacy 

Upon reaching the Me section, you’ll spot an icon in the top right corner featuring three dots. Tap on this icon to access the “Settings and privacy” section of TikTok.

Here, you’ll encounter numerous options related to account adjustments, including features like “QR code” and “Security and login.” However, your next step will involve selecting the second option labeled “Privacy.”

This selection will guide you to the Privacy tab, housing various options like comments and liked videos, dedicated to enhancing the overall safety and privacy settings for users.

Step 3: Under Privacy Tab > Tap on ‘Following List’ 

Within the “Privacy” tab, you’ll find the option labeled “Following list.” Select this option to proceed. When tapping on this choice, you’ll encounter the query, “Who can see your following list?” Please be aware that the following list option is exclusively available in the latest TikTok app version.

If you’re using an older version, this option might not be accessible anywhere within the app. If you’re experiencing this issue, read on to learn how to address the problem of not being able to view the “Following list” option.

Step 4: ‘Who can see your following list?’ > Only me

Upon selecting the “Following list” option, you’ll encounter the query “Who can see your following list?” Below this question, you’ll find two options: “Everyone” and “Only me,” with “Everyone” usually set as the default choice.

To conceal your following list, tap on the “Only me” option. This selection ensures that only you will have access to view your following list. Once you choose “Only me,” the alternative option (“Everyone”) will automatically be deselected.

Step 5: Now, all the following list is hidden

By following the outlined steps, your following list is now exclusively visible to you, enhancing your privacy, which can be beneficial for those concerned about their personal information. Your issue should be resolved.

Note: To confirm the success of these changes, consider asking a friend if they can view your following list. If the setting hasn’t taken effect and you’re certain, check your network connection, exit the app, and retry the process. This should resolve the issue.

How To Fix If You Can’t See The Following List Option:

If the “Following list” option isn’t visible to you, it’s likely because you’re using an older version of the TikTok app. In the older version, this option wasn’t available, leading to safety concerns. However, TikTok has released a newer version where this feature is now included. Below, you’ll discover how to resolve this issue and gain access to the “Following list” option.

Step 1: Open App Store > Reinstall TikTok to Update

As mentioned, if you’re unable to see the “Following list” option due to using an older TikTok version, reinstalling the app can resolve this. Start by uninstalling the app: on your home screen, long-press the TikTok icon until it shakes. Next, select the “Remove App” option in the upper left corner and then choose “Delete App.” Confirm by tapping “Delete.”

Afterward, head to the app store, search for TikTok, and tap “Get” next to the app’s name and icon to install the latest version.

Step 2: Login and Go to Privacy Section

With the latest TikTok version installed, proceed by logging into your account using your account details and associated password.

Once logged in, locate and tap the “Me” icon positioned at the bottom right corner of your screen.

Look for three dots at the top right corner; tapping on them will direct you to the “Settings and Privacy” tab.

Select the second option labeled “Privacy.” This action will lead you to the Privacy tab.

Step 3: Now you will see the ‘Following List’ option

Upon reaching the Privacy tab, you’ll now have access to the ‘Following list’ option, confirming you’re on the updated app version. To proceed, tap on the “Following list” option. When prompted with the question “Who can see my following list?” continue.

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