[FIXED] Textra Not Sending MMS

[FIXED] Textra Not Sending MMS

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Why is Textra failing to send MMS? To begin, the perpetrator is not Textra alone. If you are connected to the internet and using Messenger, WeChat, or WhatsApp, you can instantly send pictures.

However, Textra is an SMS application that also supports MMS, or multimedia messaging service. It can be frustrating if your favorite messaging app all of a sudden stops sending MMS. The methods below will guide you through troubleshooting the issue.

On the Phone’s Settings

If you’re sending MMS for the first time, you won’t be able to do so unless you make a few changes to the settings on your phone. However, even if you are working with Textra, you won’t be able to send MMS until the network settings are changed.

Always keep in mind that the Access Point Name (APN) for MMS is distinct from the APN you use for your internet service. APNs vary from network provider to network provider, therefore it’s best to do a quick Google search on how to send MMS with your particular network. If your network settings are incorrect, you will never be able to send an MMS message successfully unless you give the correct information.

Following are the procedures for a Samsung device; however, there is just a little difference between models and manufacturers. Differences in operating system versions must also be taken into account.

  • Select Settings>Mobile Networks>Access Point Names from the drop-down menu. Alternatively, you may simply perform a quick search on the Settings, Access Point Names, and Networking tabs (APNs).
  • Select the Access Point Names and then select the three dots (or More).
  • Select Reset to default from the drop-down menu, followed by the Reset button.
  • Then, select Add and fill out the MMS Information form, including the Name, APN, MMSC, MMS Proxy, and other details. (For more information, contact your network service provider.)
  • Make a note of the specifics. Once you’ve completed the setup, try restarting your Android device to ensure that the modifications take effect.

Check Network

MMS is transmitted using a cellular connection rather than a Wi-Fi connection. To send MMS messages, you must have a data plan. Unless your network provider permits you to send MMS via Wi-Fi, in which case select the Prefer Wi-Fi option, disable anything connected to sending MMS over Wi-Fi and enable mobile data.

Check Carrier Limit

If you send a large picture using MMS, it will most likely take a long time to upload and will fail if it exceeds the carrier limit. Go to Settings>MMS>Carrier Sending Limit in Textra. The default is 300 KB, however you can increase this to up to 2M. However, setting the carrier limit to ‘No limit’ is also ideal. The only disadvantage is that if the MMS file is too huge, you will be charged extra bucks if Textra successfully sends the MMS file.


Messages Settings

You should also check the Settings section of your stock messaging app. Depending on the model and manufacturer of the phone, you may be able to access the MMS limit and other settings.

Open your default SMS app and navigate to Settings>Advanced. If you see extra MMS options, check to determine if they are troublesome while sending MMS.

Send an MMS message using your default messaging programme. If you are able to transmit and receive images, the issue is with Textra. However, if you are unable to transmit images using your default messaging app, it is possible that you require more configuration in your Settings or with your network provider.


Textra Settings

Check your Textra settings to ensure that the file limit is set right and the picture you are trying to send does not exceed this limit.


[FIXED] Textra MMS No Mobile Data

If you’re looking for a better experience when it comes to sending and receiving SMS and MMS messages, Textra is a great app to download from the Play Store.

In order to get the most out of Textra’s additional capabilities, you can make it your default messaging app. Textra users who are unable to receive MMS because they lack mobile data will need to take the following steps.

Check Permissions

Textra, like many other communication apps, requires access to mobile data in order to function effectively. Android OS gives you the ability to choose which apps have access to what data on your device. Make sure that your Textra App has mobile data access, and you’ll be all set.

Go to Settings and look for Textra under the Applications tab. It’s a rather straightforward remedy. Once you enter Textra’s options, you will need to click on the permissions and provide Textra access to Wi-Fi and mobile data. After that, you may simply restart the application to fix the issue.

Reset Network Settings

Network settings are another area where you’ll need to pay attention to detail. Mobile Data issues can arise if you have installed an app that requires access to your network settings.

It’s important to restart your phone after resetting network settings and resetting the network settings back to default. You won’t have any more issues with mobile data, and you’ll be able to use MMS on your phone once more.

Check Mobile Data Allowance

The mobile data allotment from your carrier is also necessary to access the mobile data over your network. As a result, you’ll need to contact your wireless provider to double-check your available resources and subscriptions.

Your mobile data allowance will be confirmed by them. Textra will not be able to receive any MMS if you do not have sufficient Mobile Data allotment from your carrier to transport such data over their network.

Get Rid of VPN

The Textra app might be having trouble connecting to your VPN server because some carriers don’t work well with VPN. So, if you have a VPN app installed on your phone, you’ll need to disable it and then restart your mobile data. Please follow these instructions and your Textra account can receive MMS messages without any issues.


[FIXED] No Notifications / Notifications stopped working / Notifications disappear

  • Verify that Notifications are enabled in Android Settings > Apps > Textra SMS > Notifications.
  • Also, make sure that no app is interfering with the Textra SMS notification.
  • Go to Android Settings > Sound & notification > Advanced settings and make sure Less frequent notification sounds is set to Default Behavior.
  • If another app is interfering, check the list of programmes in Android Settings > Apps > Cog icon > Special access > Notification access (try turning each one off until you locate the culprit). Some users have reported that DU Speed Booster also causes problems with Textra.
  • Finally, if you recently upgraded from Google Play, an issue with internal Android code may arise, preventing notifications from working until you restart your phone. Please give this a shot as well.

How to Export or Save All Pictures from MMS Text Messages on Android?

Trying to remember who sent you a picture a while back, but you have no idea who it was. Instead than sorting through all your text conversations, why not extract all photographs from your text messages instead?

“Save MMS” is a free app which performs precisely what you want. Install the “Save MMS” app from the Play store, then open the app in your App Drawer.

Attachments (photos, audio, and video files, for example) from your MMS text messages can be retrieved with this programme. Tap on the image you want to save after scrolling through the gallery.

It appears in the “Choose a filename” dialogue box with a pre-assigned filename. Tap “Save” in the “Filename” edit box to save the new name.

In your device’s storage, the picture is kept in a folder called “SavedMMS.” Screenshot of file manager programme, “My Files,” in use. Tap on the filename to open the image.

To view your image, select an image viewer from the available options.

It’s now possible to quickly and effortlessly move your images from your phone to your PC via a cloud service or a USB cable. Use a remote device manager such as AirDroid if you don’t have a local copy of the images.

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