How To Fix If Your Twitter Account Is Locked

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✎ Key Points:

» If your Twitter account is locked, you have options for resolution: appeal the decision via the link in the email notification or access the appeal form in the Twitter Help Center.
» Complete the appeal form with required information for account recovery, or regain access by changing your account password.

» In case of a temporary restriction, wait for an hour after the restriction is lifted due to multiple login failures.

How To Fix If Your Twitter Account Is Locked:

Try the following methods:

1. Appeal the decision

When your Twitter account is locked, you’ll receive an email detailing the reasons for suspension and the duration of the lock, assuring you of its imminent unlocking.

Within the email, you’ll find a link. To appeal the decision, click on this link and complete the attached form thoughtfully. This form allows you to articulate your needs clearly to the authorities.

Your appeal aims to recover your account for future use. If accepted, your Twitter account will be reinstated, allowing you to log in once again.

2. From Twitter Help Section

Visit the Twitter Help Center to access the appeal form and inform Twitter authorities about your issue, requesting account recovery.

Complete the Appeal form provided in the Help Center and await review. Once submitted, Twitter authorities will investigate the suspension reason.

If your account was suspended unjustly, it will be promptly restored, granting you access once again.

🔴 Steps to fill up the appeal form from the help center of Twitter:

Step 1: Click on the link below to open the appeal form: https://help.twitter.com/en/forms/account-access/regain-access.

Step 2: Select “I’m trying to reactivate my account.”

Step 3: Next, choose “I need help reactivating my account.”

Step 4: Enter your Twitter username in the text box.

Step 5: Then enter your email address.

Step 6: Describe the issue you’re facing.

Step 7: Click on “Submit.”

3. Change your Twitter Account Password

If your Twitter account has been locked, it may be due to security concerns, such as compromise. To regain access, you’ll need to reset the password safeguarding your account.

💡 Note: Ensure you have access to your phone or email before proceeding to reset your password.

🔴 Steps to Change Password:

Step 1: Start by visiting: https://twitter.com/account/begin_password_reset.

Step 2: Enter the email or phone number associated with your Twitter account.

Step 3: Request a verification code to be sent to your email or phone.

Step 4: Enter the received code and set a new password.

Now you’re unlocked and can log in to your account again.

🔯 An Account is temporarily Restricted on Twitter – Mean:

When you’re locked out of your Twitter account, you’ll encounter a message stating ‘Your Account Has Been Temporarily Restricted.’

This occurs when you attempt to log in with incorrect credentials. The restriction typically lasts for one hour, after which you can use the correct login credentials to access your Twitter account.

Why Is My Twitter Account Locked:

You have the following reasons:

1. Have violated rules

When you breach Twitter’s rules and guidelines, it may suspend your account temporarily as a warning. During this period, you won’t be able to log in or post content.

Posting material that violates community guidelines or engaging in harassment can lead to your account being locked or suspended.

If you promote misinformation that could mislead users, Twitter may suspend or eventually ban your account after repeated warnings.

2. For suspicious activities

If Twitter detects unusual activity on your account, it may temporarily suspend it as a warning. Suspicious behaviors like mass following or unfollowing many users at once can also result in suspension.

If your account is suspended due to suspicious activity, it will typically be unlocked after a few hours since it’s a temporary measure. However, repeatedly posting content that causes confusion or negativity among users can escalate to a permanent ban. It’s important to exercise caution in how you use your Twitter account to prevent suspension.

3. Because of age

Twitter requires users to be at least 13 years old to create an account. If you’re underage or provide incorrect information during the account creation process, your account may be suspended. It’s important to carefully review the guidelines before signing up to ensure compliance with all requirements.

Users who are under 13 are not permitted to have their own Twitter accounts. Instead, such accounts must be managed by a parent or guardian to ensure proper use. If you’re not yet 13 and wish to have a Twitter account, you’ll need to wait until you reach the appropriate age or seek assistance from a guardian to manage the account.

How To Avoid Getting Locked On Twitter:

You maintain the following things:

1. Don’t post anything that goes against the law

To prevent suspension on Twitter, adhere to these straightforward guidelines. Ensure your posts are respectful and do not offend others.

Avoid promoting illegal activities or violating any laws with your content. Twitter may suspend or ban your account if it violates legal standards.

2. Add mobile

Including a mobile number in your account settings facilitates swift account recovery. Additionally, enabling two-factor authentication enhances security by adding an extra layer of protection against hacking attempts.

With two-factor authentication, a verification code is sent to your mobile number whenever someone attempts to log into your account. This provides an alert in case of unauthorized access attempts.

3. Enter your correct age

Ensure you meet all the necessary requirements when creating your Twitter account. Confirm that you enter your correct age and are older than 13 years.

Carefully review the guidelines before signing up for your account. Handle your account responsibly to avoid suspension.

4. Set limits for following or Posting

You’re permitted to follow 400 accounts per day on Twitter. Exceeding this limit may raise suspicion and lead to account suspension or restricted activities.

Consistent posting is also important. Verified accounts have a higher daily follow limit of up to 1,000 accounts.


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