How To Get Twitter Username From Inactive Account

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✎ Key Takes:

» To identify an inactive Twitter username, assess the account’s activity, particularly the absence of recent posts and tweets, suggesting inactivity.
» Should you encounter an inactive account with your desired username, utilize Twitter’s Help Centre to report the issue, citing misuse or impersonation.

How To Get Twitter Username From Inactive Account:

You can try the following methods below to get the Twitter username:

1. Requesting the Username

You can employ this method to attempt requesting the desired username from Twitter.

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Now, proceed with the following steps:

Step 1: Start by navigating to the Twitter website.

Step 2: Next, search for the inactive account with the desired username.

Step 3: After locating the account, check if there is an option to contact Twitter support or submit a username request form.

Step 4: Finally, provide the required information along with reasons explaining why you would like to obtain the username. Twitter will review your request and notify you of its approval status.

2. Contacting the Account Owner

You should consider using this method if you can identify the owner of the inactive Twitter account and are open to negotiating for the username.

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Simply follow these steps:

Step 1: Begin by attempting to reach out to the account owner through any available means, such as direct messaging or email.

Step 2: Politely explain your interest in acquiring the username and propose a potential arrangement or incentive.

Step 3: Engage in a discussion with the account owner to determine if they are willing to transfer the username to you.

Step 4: If an agreement is reached, proceed to complete the username transfer process.

How To Get A Twitter Handle That Is Inactive:

You can secure an inactive Twitter username by adhering to the methods outlined below with precision:

1. Lookup handle & Contact Twitter

Reporting the issue to the Twitter community can facilitate the retrieval of an inactive username. If you own a brand’s username that is being used by another user, you can report it to Twitter and reclaim it.

If you’re the rightful owner of a brand username and it’s being utilized by someone else, you can reach out to the Twitter Help Center community to report the matter.

The following steps will assist you in reporting the issue to Twitter to reclaim your brand username:

Step 1:
Visit the Help Center website of Twitter to report the matter to Twitter.

Step 2: Log into your Twitter account using the correct information and then fill out the form.

Step 3: Select the option “An account is impersonating me or somebody else” to fill in the first question.

Step 4: In the “Please tell us more” column, choose the option “I am being impersonated.”

Step 5: You’ll be directed to a new form where you need to enter all the required details. Provide a short description of the entire issue.

Step 6: To confirm your identity, upload a valid government-issued ID photo and then click on “Submit.”

Twitter will respond to you via email within twenty-four hours.

2. Request Deletion of Inactive Twitter

If you desire to use the username of an inactive Twitter account, you can request the deletion of that account. This process allows you to reclaim the username for use on your new or secondary account.

Twitter’s policy dictates that each username can only be associated with one user at a time. Thus, if you encounter a desirable username held by an inactive Twitter account, you can report it to Twitter for deletion. Once the account is deleted, you’ll be able to use the username on your account.

Similarly, if your brand’s username is tied to your first account, which you no longer use, you can reclaim it by requesting Twitter to delete your inactive account. This action will free up the username for use on your new account.

3. Connect to the User

You can contact the user who owns the inactive Twitter account and request them to change the username to something else. Utilize the contact details of the inactive account to communicate with its owner.

Politely and comprehensively explain the situation, appealing to the owner to change the username so that it becomes available for use on your account.

You can secure an inactive Twitter username without involving the Twitter community by directly reaching out to the owner of the inactive account. Obtain the contact details by investigating the inactive account.

Email the owner, requesting them to change the username of the inactive account to make it available for your brand. Persuade the owner to make the change to facilitate its use by you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How To Report Inactive Twitter Accounts?

If you suspect there are fake accounts using your name, you can report the individual for impersonation. Reporting the issue can result in Instagram deleting the account.

2. Does Twitter delete deactivated accounts?

You can delete the account by requesting it through the settings. However, it takes 30 days for the account to be fully deleted, so refrain from accessing the account during this period.

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