Choosing the Right Animation Style for Your Brand’s Video Content

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Do you know? 

Evidence with a growing body indicates that animated video content is the most actual win-win for web pages, landing pages, product introductory, and explainer videos. Not only do animated videos are inexpensive and easier to produce, but they also allow you to represent complex ideas and topics in an engaging, simple, and elaborative way.

Despite the fact that most of you probably think of your beloved Disney movie when it comes to animation you can try this. However, let us tell you that there are a lot of animation styles with a lot more diversity with dedicated strengths, and unique properties. 

And not every animation style is right for your brand’s video marketing, it’s really important to understand how to choose the right animation style for your video marketing and how each style can affect your brand messaging strategy.

The Most Popular Animation Styles

You must have contacted lots of 3D animation services for your business promotion. But there are lot of animation styles. So, let’s dive deep into the animation realm to explore the animated video styles used for marketing most commonly.

  1. Screencasts

Screencasts are videos that show the target audience some specific instructions. These instructions may consist of how to use a product or anything with actual images. Screencasts are ideally best for explainer videos. 

You can use screencast animated videos for tech-heavy products like software, applications, or any electronic products that need to be assembled. There is no any extra effort required to produce screencast videos. Although screencasts are easier and inexpensive to produce, they are not as engaging and captivating as another methods of animated videos as they are simple and straightforward.

  1. Whiteboard

Whiteboard videos are omnipresent, and there are a lot of good reasons for it. Whiteboard videos are comprised of illustrations and texts only and black & white usually. They are humble, engaging, and captivating with voice-over narrating the visuals. You can easily convert complex ideas into simple messages using whiteboard-animated videos. 

These kinds of videos are usually produced to deliver social messages and NGOs usually use this type of animated video to create awareness. However, it is also used for educational purposes in schools and colleges as it can create a strong bond with the viewer. 

  1. Typography

Typography is actually a text but with a twist. Typography animation videos are a combination of text, font art, music, colors, graphics, and other design elements. These kinds of videos are best to evoke the audience’s emotions, stress important ideas, and persuade your viewer to act. 

Typographical animation videos work well to tell a story. You can also use typography as a separate element in your marketing videos to highlight important messages.

  1. Motion Graphics

Motion graphics take whiteboards and typography to the next level and fill in new life in graphic images and texts. For example, you can practice motion graphics to enlighten in what way the product/service works or to reveal a process. 

Motion graphics are preferably suitable for the elucidation of intricate products or procedures, as they need you to refine the info into unpretentious graphics, but still, let you pay attention to details that might or else get lost. You can find them in most of the 3D animation styles and the videos are just amazing.

You can always customize the colors, fonts, and illustrations in motion graphics, and that is why you have endless possibilities for the complete appearance and impression of the video.

  1. Stop Motion Animation

Stop-motion animation… the technique has been used for 100 years. It is called stop frame sometimes. It is a technique for animation that filmmakers realized early. It is the creation of astonishing impressions by stop and start camera work. Different objects, people and even clay puppets can really be animated through this technique. 

The same principles are always applied. Just place some object in front of a camera to take a picture. Now move the object slightly to take one more picture. Repeat the process and combine these images together to make the object appear like it is moving. 

Typically, one second of stop-motion is created by 12 frames. You can make the object appear move faster or more slower.

Stop motion is:

  • An animation form that is further time consuming.
  • It is difficult to make and required a lot of effort.
  • The results are often underwhelming.
  • It is a little less captivating and engaging as compared to other animation forms. 
  1. Cartoons

Well, the most complex animation form, cartoons are the most engaging. They can be animated in 2D and 3D forms and are ideal for conveying compelling stories. Companies and businesses now are explaining complex products and concepts using cartoon animation in the best way possible. That is why it is widely used for video marketing and advertising. The only drawback to cartoon-animated video marketing is that it takes time to produce well-through and compelling content. 

Which Animation Style Is Best For You?

There are lots of factors that play a vital role in selecting the correct style of animation for your brand’s video marketing. They are as follows:

  1. Industry standards for animation video marketing 

When competitors use animated videos, it’s important to choose a popular style that aligns with industry norms. Avoid selecting a unique style just to stand out, as it could show the incorrect message. Opt for an animation style that allows you to convey a unique story while staying within the boundaries of industry standards.

  1. Your topic’s complexity

When explaining a simple and straightforward concept, an effective choice will be a whiteboard video. However, if your brand’s product is complex or novel, opting for a cartoon or motion graphic style allows for more detailed explanations. It’s crucial to keep your animated videos crisp and short, so selecting a style that enables you to convey the important facts speedily and briefly is essential.

  1. Your main message 

When it comes to conveying your message, what works better: an abundance of visuals or a few impactful ones? If you aim to highlight specific key points, a meeker style is often more effective.

In The End…..

We have discussed lots of styles of animation for your brand’s video marketing. They have their own pros and cons. But you just have to try and experiment with them to see what is best suitable for your brand language and what resonates with your audience well. The best you can do is to measure the results constantly until you discover the right animation style.

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