10 Best Prank Websites Like Love Calculator

10 Best Prank Websites Like Love Calculator

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“Our dear friends hold a special place in our hearts, and playing pranks on them is a shared source of enjoyment among us. In the age of modern technology, pranks have also evolved into the digital realm. Numerous websites and apps now exist for the sole purpose of amusing your closest friends.

One such platform is the Love Calculator website. It ranks among the finest prank websites for sending a dose of fun to your pals. This particular site excels at pretending to reveal the name of your friend’s secret crush. All you need to do is log in and share the URL with your friend. When your friend opens the link, they’ll encounter what appears to be a standard love calculator. However, the moment they enter their crush’s name, that name will mysteriously appear on your login page!”

10 Best Prank Websites Like Love Calculator


“The Love Calculator Prank website stands as one of the premier online prank platforms, akin to Love Calculator. Imagine the sheer surprise your friend will experience when they discover that you’ve unveiled the identity of their hidden crush! Take advantage of this website to uncover your friend’s romantic interests. Simply input your name, create an account, and share the unique link with your friend, where they can enter both their name and their crush’s name. These confidential details will then become accessible to you! Utilize this website for some playful amusement by playfully revealing their crush’s name. When it comes to prank websites designed for friends, this platform unquestionably takes the top spot.”


“Deceptively lead your friends to think that the link you’ve just shared with them is a love percentage calculator, but prepare for a delightful surprise! The moment they click the link and input both their own name and their crush’s name, you’ll gain access to this information! Voilà! Their well-guarded secret is now exposed! Isn’t that quite entertaining?”


“Similar to Love Calculator, this prank website excels at exposing your friend’s secret crush. The process is simple: input your name, set up a password, and send the unique link to a friend. Allow them to believe it’s a legitimate love calculator. Once they input their crush’s name, it will instantly appear on your dashboard, revealing their hidden affection. This knowledge can then be used for some light-hearted teasing and a lot of fun!”

Love Calculator Prank – Gafla Quiz

“While we’re often brutally honest with our friends, there are some who prefer to keep certain aspects of their lives, especially their love lives, under wraps. It’s a delightful idea to playfully trick and prank such friends. If you’re keen on discovering the name of their secret crush, this prank website is an ideal choice for sending to friends. When you share the link, they’ll believe it’s a love calculator designed to reveal the percentage of love and compatibility. However, they’ll be in for a shock and a surprise when they realize it’s all just a clever prank! All you need to do is enter your name and generate a link to share with them. The moment they enter their love interest’s name, it will pop up on your webpage.”


“At some point in our lives, we all harbor secret crushes. While most of us eventually confide in our friends about them, there are those who keep their secret loves hidden. For such friends, there’s this website, akin to a love calculator, designed with them in mind! You can playfully deceive them by sharing a link to what appears to be a fake love calculator, and, in doing so, unveil the identity of the person they hold a secret affection for. All it takes is creating a unique link and sending it their way, and voila! Their well-kept secret is no longer concealed!”

The Scare

“Ever dreamt of preserving those priceless moments when you spook your friends and witness their reactions? Look no further than The Scare app, your ideal companion for this thrill! Simply activate the app, engage your friend in a game, and pass them the phone. Out of the blue, a terrifying image will pop up amidst the fun, sending shivers down their spine. What’s even cooler is that the front camera remains active, capturing every moment of their spine-tingling reaction. How awesome is that?”

FartScroll: Funny Pranks

“This website ranks among the most renowned prank websites, much like the Love Calculator. It offers a unique opportunity to playfully embarrass your friends while they’re engrossed in your blog. With the ability to generate comical fart noises, it’s sure to add a touch of hilarity and amusement to the moment.”

Do Not Press The Red Button

“Much like the curiosity stirred by Pandora’s box, this prank taps into the innate human urge to explore forbidden territories. It operates along similar lines. The prank’s description tantalizingly states, ‘Whatever you do, do not press the red button.’ This website stands out as one of the most amusing prank platforms to share with friends, with the victim facing uproarious consequences once they defy the warning and press that button.”

Secret Codes From Google

“Google is undeniably one of the most frequently accessed websites. It not only serves as a vast repository of information but also provides ample opportunities to play light-hearted pranks on your friends and family. These pranks may include simulating a snowfall, causing web browsers to mysteriously shut down, or playfully disrupting search results.”


“Interested in pulling off a prank that will give your friends a playful fright, such as presenting them with an altered image of their car featuring burn marks or dents? This app makes it a simple task. Just snap a picture of your friend’s car, and with this app, you can customize it to your preferences. Add dents, scratches, or even flames to create a humorous and surprising reaction!”

“These websites provide an excellent means to digitally prank your friends, regardless of the physical distance between you. You can discover their secret crush or playfully lead them to believe their car is on fire! These websites stand out as some of the finest platforms for sending pranks to friends and enjoying some lighthearted moments together!”

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